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  • Fix: Create mount.ntfs-3g symlink always in /sbin where mount needs it
  • Ntfs-3g: deny mounting when fast restart mode of Windows 8 is detected
  • Ntfs-3g: fixed endless recursion when MFT extents are described by themselves
  • Ntfs-3g: fixed setting DOS names when defined with lower-case chars
  • Ntfs-3g: avoid unnecessary runlist update when appending data to a file
  • Ntfs-3g: fixed possible wrong hole size when overwriting compressed data
  • Ntfs-3g: fixed options parsing on OSes with no extended attributes
  • Ntfs-3g: improved Windows-type ACL inheritance, as needed by Windows
  • Ntfs-3g: force option ‘ro’ when mounting a read-only device
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You can try Stellar Data Recovery to recover data from NTFS (web) hard drives. It is powerful, yet easy-to-use DIY data recovery software. This software is efficient enough to extract data from all kinds of Windows devices and storage media devices such as Hard Disk Drives, SSDs, USB, and more. Whether you have formatted your drive accidentally or it got corrupted due to faulty or missing file system or virus attack etc, you can try using this tool to get back your data. The software scans the entire hard drive or a specific location/folder to restore your deleted data. It can even retrieve data from drives encrypted with Microsoft’s BitLocker utility.

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  • Ntfs-3g: added inheritance of the set-group-id flag
  • Fix: better consistency if NTFS wasn’t cleanly unmounted
  • Ntfs-3g: improved appending data to a long hole
  • Ntfs-3g: fixed partial mapping ahead of mapped runlist
  • Ntfs-3g: fixed listxattr to environments with extended attributes
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  • Ntfs-3g: fixed relatime as a default mount option

In case the hard drive gets formatted, the data gets divided into partitions or volumes within the drive. In every partition, the OS keeps a track of data stored in it and each file is scattered and stored on the drive in one or more clusters, or disk spaces of a predetermined size. The size of each cluster may range from 512 bytes to 64 kilobytes. Even the smallest file takes up one cluster and a 4/1 KB file may take up two clusters on a 4 KB cluster system. Generally, the larger the size of a hard disk, the larger would be the default cluster. And, all the clusters are invisible.


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Also, if we take the first digit in hex from this byte, it tells us how many bytes are we have to read to find the data run cluster, and the second number tells us how many bytes we have to read to find the lenght in clusters of this piece of data starting from this localization cluster. The bytes after the one standing for the data run lenght store the lenght of the file data piece and the following bytes stand for the cluster number.

Fix: mount was denied if the NTFS Master File Table copy had non-standard size

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So, the last value I obtain is the MFT Cluster. The mft cluster is the cluster where the MFT is stored.

Fix: Linux security exploit if ntfs-3g was setuid and the FUSE kernel driver wasn’t loaded yet during mount

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Once lаunched, the utility cаn scаn а selected sоurce drive. It mаy lоок fоr аll types оf files оr оnly fоr а certаin type оr extensiоn. A tаrget lоcаtiоn cаn be set fоr the recоvered file. A preview оf the items yоu wаnt tо get bаcк cаn be оbtаined with the help оf this tооl.

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How to Recover Data from Invalid external Drives

For example, lets suppose that, after the previous data run in the example, we have one more data run, and its structure is the same. In the second one, we have that its starting cluster is 191/998, so, we have to move 191/998 clusters after the previous one to find this new block of data, so the starting cluster for this block is (191998 + 191998), and so on, all the localization clusters are accumulative.

Advanced disk scan allows you to detect bad sectors on a disk's surface. The software can be launched automatically at Windows startup and monitor the system in the background. An icon in the System Tray can display the temperature for selected HDD(s).


It cаn bring bаcк the deleted files frоm the Recycle Bin оr thоse thаt were remоved by using bypаssing methоds, such аs the Shift+Delete кey cоmbinаtiоn. The аpp uses the SmаrtScаn technоlоgy thаt quicкly lоcаtes аnd restоres deleted files frоm bоth FAT аnd NTFS (click here for info) file systems.

So, how we know the localization is negative? Negative values are those ones that in little endian start with a value from 80 to FF. Positive ones are those starting with a value from 00 to 7F.


System’s internal drive as well as external storage drives support different file systems. Generally, the storage devices, which are bigger in terms of storage capacity, need NTFS. NTFS (https://srirejekifastboat.com/serial-code/?file=733) is the standard file system structure developed by Microsoft for Windows OS. It is the process to store and manage data on the hard drive. Without the support of a file system, the operating system can’t read the drive and help you retrieve lost data from it. But NTFS (https://srirejekifastboat.com/serial-code/?file=536) hard drives are prone to corruption, formatting, or even physical damage, which may lead you to data loss. Although, if you lose data, you may recover it easily with a NTFS hard drive recovery software. Before getting started with the data recovery process, let’s see how NTFS works; and the advantages of having a hard drive with this file system.

On the ‘Recover from’ screen, select the hard drive from which you lost data under Connected Drives

So, each attribute has particular information about something of the file. I won't explain all the attributes, just the ones I use in the app.


When the record would be removed from MFT for a deleted file

But why did I explain about data runs if the only thing I do in the app is listing file names, not it's content? That's because the data we read at the boot sector standing for the cluster number of mft tells us where the MFT begins. MFT is also a file, and, the first $FILE block is for the MFT itself, as I explained at the begining.

This attribute stores information about the file content. Some small files can have it's whole data stored in this attribue, but it has to be of a very small size, since an mft entry is 1024 bytes only. Most of the files have their information anywhere else on the disk, so, in this attribute is stored information about the place/s where the file is saved on the volume. So, the nineth byte tells us if the file data is resident (its data is all stored in the attribute) or not. When its not resident, its value is 1, else it's 0.