Thursday, November 21, 2020 7: 37 AM. Across these 8 technologies there were 112 vulnerabilities, 4 technologies with critical vulnerabilities, and one vulnerability that was actively exploited and publicly disclosed. Please, if anyone have a [HOST] code sample.

I contacted Microsoft (MSDN (his explanation)) Technical Support and received step-by-step instructions that almost worked. I tweaked them a little and got them working. Morphvox pro key serial.

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By now you many be wondering what an extension looks like in Explorer. One example is WinZip - it contains many types of extensions, one of them being a context menu handler.

Reading, Writing, Deleting and Renaming Registry Keys in VBScript April 21, April 16, by nate Manipulating the registry is one of the most common tasks a Windows system administrator runs into. The service application shows services by this name. The Docker Desktop for Windows user manual provides information on how to configure and manage your Docker Desktop settings. Specify a License Server Address on an RD Session Hosts.

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Rename registry key - CodeGuru Forums

The technique I've shown here is still fairly rudimentary. While many users couldn't open the Registry and find the key without significant assistance, still others are quite capable of breaking this scheme. There are other things you could do, however, that make it much more difficult to break your licensing arrangements.


So how do you create licensed controls? The answer is you simply create the file manually and ship it with the compiled assembly. Personally, I add the file to my Visual Studio project with a build action of "none," but there is no requirement to do so. It merely makes source code control somewhat easier as the file can be rolled into my source repository along with the other project/solution files. I still have to manually copy the file to the assembly execution directory.

One important thing to note is that the lstrcpyn() API guarantees that the destination string will be null-terminated. This is different from the CRT function strncpy(), which does not add a terminating null if the source string's length is greater than or equal to cchMax. I suggest always using lstrcpyn(), so you don't have to insert checks after every strncpy() call to make sure the strings end up null-terminated.


The RunOnce key can be found in the path Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce. Values beneath this key will be launched the next time the user logs in, and then the value will be deleted once the command has completed.

Registering the Shell Extension

Typically, you would change the data in the registry strings. On the Run Command window, type regedit and click on OK. 3. On the Registry Editor screen, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL. However, this method only works if all the changes are in. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\DriveIcons\M\DefaultLabel\ (DefaultValue) = Your Drive Label "M.


Run the following command on a Windows 10 1903 or 1809 PC to show that RSAT tools are not installed. The output will show “Not Present“.

Since I haven't used VC 8 yet, I don't know if the sample code will compile on 8. Hopefully the 7-to-8 upgrade process will work better than the 6-to-7 process did. Please post on this article's forum if you have any trouble with VC 8.


If you're reading this, you're undoubtedly a Windows software developer. And if you're a Windows software developer, you probably write software because you're passionate about, well, writing software. I'd happily code all day long just because I enjoy it, and I'm sure many of you feel the same way. Could there be a better way to make a living?

Next, click on File -> Export. Type a file name and save the Registry file. You can save the entire database or choose a selected range.


I can only imagine that using the Framework's licensing architecture versus rolling your own will have benefit to you in the future. After all, you would be following the Framework's prescribed pattern, and changes to the Framework might be of consequence to you. You also would utilize some Framework components, thereby deriving reuse and saving some (albeit slight) maintenance costs.

The last method in IContextMenu is InvokeCommand(). This method is called if the user clicks on the menu item we added.


So in summary: It seems that you can put literally any character into a subkey name as long as it isn't a '\'. But it probably is not a very good idea to do so. And I think the term 'unprintable' in Windows generally only applies to 00 hex - and that is because it is usually used as a string terminator and therefore is a little bit difficult to 'send' through the registry API as a character!

Figure 3/23 is just a representative indication of the subkeys available beneath each profile key. Besides Authorized Applications, there may also be an ICMPSettings key, as well as GloballyOpenPorts key. The values beneath these keys (or beneath their respective List subkeys) essentially provide the firewall rules, if the firewall itself is enabled.


Whilst you cannot type that #1 character directly into REGEDIT as a keyname (using the ALT-keypad-number entry method), you can nontheless paste it back from TEXTPAD to REGEDIT as part of a rename (https://srirejekifastboat.com/serial-code/?file=2305)-operation. REGEDIT will even complain if you paste it to rename (over at this website) another peer subkey to your original one because the 'specified key already exists'.

Quick Start Guide RSAT Windows 10 1903 Offline FOD – SCCM-MDT OSD

Values beneath the Run key are all run asynchronously without any interaction from the user beyond logging into the system. Unless the application being run has some method for doing so, the user sees no notification that any particular program is running. Further, if the file pointed to by the value data doesn’t exist (say, it was deleted), the user receives no notification, either.


With Windows XP Service Pack 2, Microsoft introduced a firewall capability (which is now included with all versions of Windows ) with the operating system distribution. Previously, if you wanted some kind of firewall capability, you had to download and install one on your system, or you had to set up another system on your network to provide that capability.

The program is quite detailed in what it can track and includes additions, deletions, or. My mirrored server's data path does not match the production server's data path because the production server was upgraded to SQL 2020 R2, while the mirrored server had SQL 2020 R2 installed from scratch. OpenSubKey(String, Boolean) Retrieves a specified subkey, and specifies whether write access is to be applied to the key. Some key Features of Total Uninstall Pro 5.10.3 Accurate analyze existing installations and create a log with installation changes.


Modern Deployment IT Blog Quick Start Guide RSAT Windows 10 1903 Offline FOD – SCCM-MDT OSD Comments Feed

With the Registry (have a peek at these guys) Editor, you can make changes to your current registry (full report) file. Here is an example that allows you to change the homepage of your browser (this is especially useful in case malware has hijacked your browser's homepage).

Keep all the default settings in the AppWizard, and click Finish. We now have an empty ATL project that will build a DLL, but we need to add our shell extension's COM object.


The premise behind LicFileLicenseProvider is simple—it checks for the existence of a license file, and if the file exists, it checks the file contents for validity. The file may physically reside on the disk with the application, or it may be encoded as an application resource if you write some additional code to dig it out. If the file exists and has valid contents, the license provider issues a license to the license manager and ultimately to the control. If not, the license provider will throw a LicenseException and your control should then choke and die.

Please suggest me, how to rename registry key using C# for location in registry

How can I rename an NT registry key using the Win32 APIs without doing a tree copy of all the keys and values below it. I want to be able to rename a whole branch, as a backup, before writing the new contents of the branch. User Account Control security policy settings: You can use security policies to configure how User Account Control works in your organization. If you want to create your own "System" it may help to hear what I did. It contains several popular data science and development tools both from Microsoft and from the open source community all pre-installed and pre-configured and ready to use.


The values within the WordWheelQuery key are binary data types that are numbered (“0,” “1,” and so on), and there is also an MRUListEx value that is also a binary data type. As with many MRUListEx values, the MRU list is maintained as 4-byte DWORD values in sequence, with the value 0 × FFFF indicating the end of the list. As with the Windows XP ACMru key, the information in this key may shed some light as to the user's activity on the system.

Thanks in advance and have a good day. Ask Question Asked 6 years, 6. Command Line How to edit the Registry using Command Prompt on Windows 10 Did you know that you can use Command Prompt to edit the Registry? In order to create a DSN to use this third party driver, we had to take a backup/export of the registry key of an existing DSN, edit the content of the registry and rename the existing DSN name to new DSN and then had to merge it back to the registry.


CRITICAL NOTE: Lines 21 and 22 had to be modified to ensure the commands were one string and not word wrapped. The defaults from Microsoft were not in the same line so I kept getting errors for the -include and -Container parameters in the original files.

Deleting the hidden folder generally isn't a good idea, as that breaks some core functionality of the Installer service. That includes patching, detect and repair, and the ability to upgrade via migration rather than uninstalling and reinstalling.


Since we have just one menu item, we'll check lpVerb, and if it's zero, we know our menu item was clicked. The simplest thing I could think to do is pop up a message box, so that's just what this code does. The message box shows the filename of the selected file, to prove that it's really working.

The next IContextMenu that can be called is GetCommandString(). If the user right-clicks a text file in an Explorer window, or selects a text file and then clicks the File menu, the status bar will show fly-by help when our menu item is highlighted. Our GetCommandString() function will return the string that we want Explorer to show.


Windows Registry is one of the key components of the Windows operating system. This hierarchical database contains windows settings, application settings, device driver info and user passwords.

This call accesses the registry. If the process does not have permission to do so, you will get ERROR_WRITE_FAULT, meaning An operation was unable to read or write to the registry. You could selectively grant permission to your restricted account to the necessary part of the registry (click this).


In the above example, I used “HKEY_USER” when accessing a user’s Registry hive; had the target been a Software or System hive, I would have need to use “HKLM/Software” or “HKLM/System,” respectively. The “-r” switch allows you to specify the path to the hive of interest (again, either extracted from an acquired image or accessible by mounting the image as a volume on your analysis system). As you would expect, the “-s” and “-u” switches allow you to designate the system and user fields within the TLN format, as appropriate; the script will automatically populate the source field with the “REG” identifier.

While debugging an application. It is not necessary to call FlushKey() to change a key. This group has security restrictions. I am sure this worked for me in Vista (or so I thought).


Registry - How to rename key in registry using C++

Nothing fancy here; I just have the string hard-coded and convert it to the appropriate character set. If you have never used the ATL conversion macros, check out Nish and my article on string wrapper classes; they make life a lot easier when having to pass Unicode strings to COM methods and OLE functions.

I tried to import the following into WinCE CAB manager: HTML Code: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\Platform] "PSAtRoot"=-so that I can delete PSAtRoot. The newly created registry key is shown in the image that follows. Create or Modify registry key values remotely Did you ever wanted to modify your registry or add a key/value pair to registry? Re: Rename registry key i am not aware of.


I haven't told you how to use the mysterious shell extension interfaces yet? Don't worry, I'll be explaining as I go along. I find that it's easier to follow along with examples if the concepts are explained, and followed immediately by sample code. I could explain everything first, then get to the code, but I find that harder to absorb. Anyway, fire up VC and we'll get started.

Some of these locations can be referred to as “legacy” Run keys, but needless to say, they are still effective because they work. For example, one such key is the Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer\Run key, and it’s corresponding key beneath the Wow6432Node subkey. Also, beneath the Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows key, the “load” and “run” values also provide persistence locations that can be, and have been, used by malware authors.


Wished there was a script to help you do that? I perform the same basic steps I used to create the registry key, but I use the New-ITemProperty cmdlet instead of the New-Item cmdlet, as follows: I use the Push-Location cmdlet to store my current location. Just a guess but that's how I got here. Previously, the Sequencer stopped working if you tried to rename a key.

Many times when conducting forensic analysis of a system, I’ll look at the contents of the Run key for a particular user and see several values beneath the key, sometimes as many as six or seven. The LastWrite time of the key tells me when the contents of the key were last modified, but there isn’t anything that’s readily available within the key structure that will tell me what specifically was modified.


Select each key and look at “ProductName” key in right-side pane. One GUID key will contain the version number of Office installed in your system “Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2021”.

Process that access a file in C#

By hmdshmds, Member on 9th August 2020, 07: 18 PM Post Reply Email Thread. Exit the dialog without changing the name. You cannot in any way change the name of a named instance (short of. If it exists, rename the "Microsoft Office" to "Microsoft Office OLD" If it exists, rename "OfficeUpdate" to "OfficeUpdateOLD" If it exists, rename "OfficeUpdate11" to "OfficeUpdate11 OLD" 9.


Thank you all for your reply. Supported - client-side registry key recommended: With Alternate ID configured you see the on-premises UPN is pre-populated In the verification field. I could delete 1 or more of those Key values. Have added the original source of RunFromToken as the exe's must be present in current directory when building RunAsTi.

Having an analysis process provides additional advantages, as well. In particular, one of the things that will very often jump out at me during analysis is gaps in data. For example, if my analysis goal is to determine the files that a user accessed on a Windows 7 system, there are a number of locations I’ll check, including the user’s Jump Lists.

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Here I simply call the license manager's Validate() method—nothing special. However, the Validate() method could throw an exception if the license is invalid. Therefore it's a good idea to catch this exception somewhere. But also notice that I added a private data member called _license. Some licensing schemes could make use of this license object (I do not in this example), but in all cases I'll need to dispose of that license when the application terminates. There may be resources assigned to the license that should be released properly.


[Solved] How to rename a registry sub key Name/Value

Here's somewhat similar way of doing it, but I am not able to write to that part of the Registry. SCCM clients and some times things may go wrong even though sccm. It gives each vm/machine a 30 days grace period before using 1 key activation. The DISABLEWIN10UPGRADE can be sent as a repair job to turn off the Windows 10 auto-updates to newer OS versions.

Long ago it was impossible to reliably get the list of processes locking a file because Windows simply did not track that information. To support the Restart Manager API, that information is now tracked.


Optional driver-defined context information that the driver's RegistryCallback routine can supply. I have 5 subkeys that I cannot delete in the registry. Recovery Keys then makes a backup of the list, or users can opt to just viewing the keys, print the list or save to a text file. In MS-DOS, the SUBST command was added with the release of MS-DOS 3.1.

There's one final registration detail. On NT, it's advisable to put our extension in a list of "approved" extensions. There is a system policy that can be set to prevent extensions from being loaded if they are not on the approved list.


Compile and Upload any Arduino project to any board, using the same Arduino platform and libraries, with all the advantages of an Advanced Professional IDE. Rename a registry key in VB4 or VB6 My research indicates that this cannot be done directly. I know that it's not really built into C++ to do such a thing. This method of matching users.

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Microsoft Windows operating systems have some user profile folders that are known as user shell folders. Or would I need to delete and recreate the key and sub tree? The curious ones might notice that RunFromToken is attached as a resource. I wrote to rename my copy files as original is run.

How to rename a registry key using vbscript

The GUID value you see is a GUID I assigned to my application. Each application Acme Software sells has its own GUID, but through reflection I can use the same license provider for all applications.


This article is copyrighted material, ©2003-2006 by Michael Dunn. I realize this isn't going to stop people from copying it all around the 'net, but I have to say it anyway. If you are interested in doing a translation of this article, please email me to let me know. I don't foresee denying anyone permission to do a translation, I would just like to be aware of the translation so I can post a link to it here.

Concurrent DOS, Multiuser DOS, System Manager 7, REAL/32, as well as DOS Plus and DR DOS (up to 6.0). View Profile View Forum Posts Member Join Date Jun 1999 Posts 315. CVE-2020-17087 is an elevation of privilege vulnerability that was observed being actively. Someone out there made reference to the possibility of it being done via a vbs script that (I'm surmising) enumerates all keys and values recursively, and writes what it.


Can not handle / correctly when reading item

Well, what that means is you can license an entire application just as easily as licensing a control. And though the scheme I'll show you targets application licensing versus control licensing, it could apply to both situations. Let's think about the implications of this for a moment.

Can handle / correctly when creating item

When you think you've found it, hover your pointer over the file's name in Windows Explorer. The tooltip will come up, and it will show you the data from the summary information stream of the package. Product name, author name, and so on. Once you've found the right file, you can directly edit it with a tool like Orca.


Removing Windows 10 Built-in Apps Offline WinPE Quick Guide

Well, there is a good bit of malware out there that, on infecting a system, will attempt to disable security services, such as antivirus and even the firewall. Beneath the profile key are values such as EnableFirewall and DisableNotifications, and some malware (for example, fake security software ) will set these values such that the firewall and notifications (of such things like the firewall not being enabled) will be disabled.

Debugging the shell extension

Project: In Basic MSI, DIM, InstallScript MSI, Merge Module, MSI Database, MSM Database, Transform, and QuickPatch projects, any registry value can serve as the component's key path. Windows Server 2020 helps IT professionals to increase the flexibility and reliability of their server infrastructure while offering developers a more robust web and applications platform for building connected applications and services. Developers from all over the world come together to share knowledge, source code, and tutorials for free to help their fellow programmers - Professional Developers, Hobbyists and Students alike. I've searched the Internet, and have learned there's no native, single-command way to do this within vbscript.


Anyway, the reason I mentioned all that is we have to determine why GetCommandString() is being called. If Explorer wants a fly-by help string, we provide it. If Explorer is asking for a verb, we'll just ignore the request. This is where the uFlags parameter comes into play. If uFlags has the GCS_HELPTEXT bit set, then Explorer is asking for fly-by help. Additionally, if the GCS_UNICODE bit is set, we must return a Unicode string.

It was once thought that a key LastWrite time was only updated when some action was taken through the API: a key was created, or a subkey or value was added or deleted, for example. In 2021, Joakim Schicht created a small utility named “SetRegTime” that allows a user to modify key LastWrite times to arbitrary values through the API. The utility was first available on Google Code (found online at which includes some explanation of the utility as well as examples of how to use it. The utility was later found on GitHub (found online at which includes a link back to the Google Code page.


How to rename key in registry using C++

Since IsKeyValid() and GetKey() are virtual, you can easily derive a new class that looks elsewhere for the license file or validates against a different string (perhaps one that's encrypted or one that simply uses a different phrase). A "good" implementation, however, would still deal basically with license files since the base class exposes such functionality. If you would rather implement a totally different licensing scheme, it's a better design choice to derive a license provider directly from LicenseProvider. Since I believe we can be a bit cleverer, I'm not going to provide an example of a derived license file provider. Instead, I'll describe some alternative licensing schemes.

What we'll do is get the name of the file that was right-clicked, and show that name in a message box. If there is more than one selected file, you could access them all through the pDataObj interface pointer, but since we're keeping this simple, we'll only look at the first filename.


When a user tries to connect to your Web site, IIS assigns the connection to the IUSER_ComputerName account, where ComputerName is the name of the server on which IIS is running. Monitor changes from registry and file system for new installations. We are using standard edition, and we only need one server listed there. Enter Regedit in the Open field and click OK. Note: If prompted by User Account Control to allow this program to make changes, click Yes.

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WinZip also contains a drag and drop handler. This type is very similar to a context menu extension, but it is invoked when the user drags a file using the right mouse button.