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So you have come to this page to learn how to install WhatsApp on iPad, lets begin and let me also tell you this trick also works for iPod. The following tutorial is for Jailed iPad. Bakery story hack ifunbox classic. For those who have jailbroken iPad, you can start from STEP 5 and skip the rest.

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Everybody likes list, so I’m going to list the procedure as steps. Restaurant story hack ifunbox classic. Don’t worry, even I don’t like to read long boring steps either, so I’ll make it as simple as possible.


Again open iFunbox and click on the “iFunbox Classic“

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Free Download iOS 9 iFunBox 2020 English Version For iOS 9

Now, you finally have WhatsApp on iPad, but wait don’t get excited and open it, because we still have a bit of work left to do. If you try to open the app now, your iPad is going to get rough at you and through an error like this “Sorry your device is currently not supported“. If you already opened the app in excitement and got this error, you’ll have to delete Whatsapp from iPad and restart from STEP 4.

Even though you have whatsapp loaded on iPad, you cannot activate it since it is not a cellular device. So we’ll have to activate it from iPhone and then move the activated files to your iPad.