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It wasn't that the formal officer's uniform was uncomfortable - he was used to wearing Cyberlife's perfectly tailored uniform, after all - but he was a fidgeter. He played with his cuffs out of habit.

Ever since CyberLife had gone bankrupt, however, their security was somewhat depleted. It would make sense for their cybersecurity to be suffering, as well.


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Vaguely, he noticed the red of his LED, which stained the white tub a shade of crimson. He heaved again and spat out a mouthful of cloudy, black liquid. He retched once more and expelled a little less liquid than the first time.

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Hank grumbled something, self-consciously running a hand through his hair. It was shorter now - the hospital had been required to cut it after Hank had sustained a serious head injury.

Speaking of another beverage, you also will find spot shortages of different types of craft beer. Michigan is home to Bell’s Brewery, and I heard friends remark that they couldn’t find this year’s shipment of Oberon when it debuted last month.


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Hank wasn't looking at Connor when he suggested it, his eyes focused on the reports in front of him. To anyone without the proper programming to scan others' vitals, he would have seemed unbothered. But Connor watched Hank's blood pressure rise slightly, his heartbeat increasing after voicing his suggestion.

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Dunn stepped forward, then sat on the edge of the tub and grabbed Connor by his face. Realizing what they were trying to do, Connor kept his mouth shut, resisting Dunn's attempts to pry open his jaw.

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As you can see from the sign, Busch’s is limited purchases of paper goods to one package of each type. On the day I visited, there were no paper towels or toilet paper, and only a stack of packages of paper napkins.

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Out of curiosity (and boredom), Connor began to look through his list of identified officers, checking their ages, ranks, and stations to see if he could identify any patterns. He reached the end of his list with two conclusions: he was the youngest person there, as well as the only android. This was not entirely surprising; he was the only android to be a detective, and Hank was the youngest man to make Lieutenant in Detroit's history. Only sergeants and those with higher ranks were invited - along with their "plus one”s, of course.

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Implication: he did it to save Connor, nothing more. The thought brought with it a blanket of contentment.


He choked, fighting to keep what was essentially poison from getting into his systems. Someone - likely Dunn - gripped his hair and pulled, jerking his head back. The movement caused some of the murky liquid to slide down his throat. He sputtered, but more of the contaminated Thirium followed. They forced him to sit still until the whole bottle was empty.

So, presumably, Mackey had hacked CyberLife, found Connor's file, and convinced Rita Wilson - who was likely connected to Luke Wilson somehow - to capture him. Whether this whole ordeal had been motivated by revenge or by profit was still unknown, but Connor would "bet money” (as Hank would say) on some combination of both.


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Not that it made much of a difference. Whatever virus (https://srirejekifastboat.com/serial-code/?file=8036) they had infected him with, it had caused him to lose all mobility in his arms and from the waist down. He wouldn't be leaving any time soon.


Something in Connor's chest lifted at hearing his surname. He had spent many weeks after the revolution agonizing over what to pick - after all, he couldn't apply to be a detective at the DPD again until he had a legal surname. He couldn't open a bank account nor could he register to vote, and his official records were a pain.

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Humans still would require a few minutes for their eyes to adjust, but Connor could see in seconds. His eyes fell on Mackey, who fired a second shot into the air at the opposite end of the room.

The next time Connor's systems came online, he was in some sort of bathroom, sitting in a clean, white tub. His formal jacket and tie were gone, leaving him in a simple white Oxford shirt and his black pants. His shoes had been left, as well. One hand was handcuffed to a metal rail and the other to a towel rack.


His biocomponents clenched, separating contaminant from Thirium at a speed and volume he had never had to before. He jerked, trying to find a position that would ease the feeling of churning Thirium in his system.