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Thread: Is some nutella/bighead is patched

Imagine waking up on a nice Saturday morning, and deciding to take a nice stroll in New York City Park, only to find a life-sized, nude statue of the Republican Party Nominee, Donald Trump. This was the case for many onlookers, who discovered the statue Saturday morning. A collective art group takes credit for the statue, naming it "The Emperor has no Balls" Many copies of the art have appeared across 4 notable locations in the USA, and news spread like wildfire.


YG, Macklemore and G-Eazy spread their righteous anti-Trump message in the stark, black-and-white clip for "FDT (Fuck Donald Trump) Part 2". On Tuesday, August 16, 2021, the trio dropped a video aimed at the most controversial Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump. All of the three rappers appear in varying states of rage as all three of them wave an American flag, hurl out insults about Trump, and raise those proud middle fingers high. The video blends footage and images from anti-trump protesters/supporters mouthing the song's defiant hook. Although the video includes some tense moments form those anti-Trump rallies, the tone of the video remains lighthearted, with shots of protesters break-dancing in ridiculous Trump masks and suits, also a heartwarming final sense featuring a huge crowd singing "Fuck Donald Trump" in unison.

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It's almost as if Frank has cut out any unnecessary production noises and focused on the raw content. Where "Endless" sounded as if the songs were ending too abruptly and he was experimenting with different sounds, "Blonde" sounds like Frank focused on flow. To continue the nostalgia train Frank has always been on, he created two albums basically as a "side a/side b" type of deal. Something that really caught my attention was the beat transition on the song "Nights". The song begins with forceful guitar strums and slowly fades into a slow jazz type beat. The transition begins with melodic beeping then joined by what can only be described as electronic noise. The noise stops and we hear rapid beeping of what can be similarly compared to an ended Apple iPhone call, a turn table style drop and a fresh new beat. The first song on the album titled "Nikes" is the album single. Frank also released a music video for this song on Apple Music. It's interesting and very weird.

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A child suicide bomber has been blamed for the death of 51 in a Turkish Wedding in Gaziantep. Blackshot chams hack 2020. The Blast killed 51 and left another 69 Injured including 17 people who were Heavily Injured. The Islamic State is said to be responsible for the attacks but no one could expect the fact they would use a child for their dirty work.

Is some nutella/bighead is patched

CRISPR can go as far as to edit our own human features. If you place the cas9 enzyme in to an embryo, you can change anything. Scientists call this a "designer baby". If you're going to make your child immune to AIDS, why not throw in full hair?

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It's Election Season, and political fever is running high, and no political figure wants to be caught doing anything too bad. As such it raised quite the alarm when on Thursday Night, 2 criminals were caught not only rummaging through an Oklahoma senator's office, as well as destroying a 2nd floor bathroom. The identity of these "masked" intruders?


The Rio 2021 closing ceremony was a day to remember for Brazil and the whole world! With thousands of fireworks and hundreds of dancers, the ceremony was more of a show then a ceremony. Colors were seen throughout the city, with fireworks being sent up in the air and astonishing light work. Over 10,000 fireworks where used in the ceremony and not to mention all the lighting effects that were also used. The ceremony ended being a spectacular show filled with dancers, artists, athletes, and the 70,000+ people who attended.

Sad urdu poetry video download Free flash drop down menu templates Examples of scholarly journals File upload in jquery example Swap game instructions. Blackshot (web site) Clan: Killiminkush. Sea/Global] How to hack blackshot (https://srirejekifastboat.com/serial-code/?file=4724) after battleye update. All (27, 814) Positive (22, 642) Negative (5, 172) Purchase Type. Grab your coffee, tea, protein smoothie or wine and come crowdsource. Defeat enemies, earn money and reach the game's highest rank of 'Commander in Chief'. Fight through Ranking Tiers over 4week seasons against opponents of equivalent skill for a shot at huge prizes.


This can all change with recent developments led by SolarEnergy Systems. The company's main goal is to double battery life while keeping the size down. They will also focus on developing smaller batteries with the power of large batteries. They plan on using a new metal type that will not only be lighter but will also have the capabilities of holding in more energy. The company plans on developing smart phone batteries and move onto automobiles next.

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