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Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker's Triangulum arc has this occur to the protagonist, if the player chooses to go for the Human Adminstrator ending. The protagonist decides to become an Adminstrator, which Al Saiduq says will turn him into a being similar to him, and sits on the Heavenly Throne to watch over humanity.

Power Rangers Ninja (https://srirejekifastboat.com/serial-code/?file=1861) Storm has the Karmanians, a species whose members leave their magical power to a worthy successor before ascending into a phoenix-like form. Of course, this leads to Shane getting a Next Tier Power-Up. File fiddler hack ninja saga.


The espers have six commonly assigned levels from people without reliably accessible powers at 0 to those at level 5 who can perform feats like mass mind control, invulnerability or generation of electricity powerful enough to make weapons grade railguns. Beyond level 5, however, is an almost impenetrable wall blocking off the hypothetical level 6, which would be a level of power that could be called godlike. In magical terms, this would be known as an angel and numerous attempts have been made to artificially create one using either Accelerator or Kakine, none of which have been successful. The closest, however, came in A Certain Scientific Railgun when Mikoto was shown to be the third person capable of such a shift with the process nearly reaching completion before being shut down. If someone were to be forcibly raised to level 6, however, they would not actually become an angel because all the seats for angels have been filled; There's no room left in Heaven for more. Instead, they would self destruct and cause damage enough to easily wipe out a city.

As the founder of Etruria and the all loving heroine among the heroes of the legend, once her mission in life was over she simply ascended to Heaven from a tower in the Etrurian capital, Aquleia. Said place became the Tower of the Saint and the placeholder of her spell book, Aureola, alongside the Saint's Staff.


German soap opera (yes, this is no joke) Anna und die Liebe has a detailed description of what happens when you die. You go to your funeral and get a British-style cab right to heaven or you can just on your way to the cab turn your head to your loved ones and then stay on earth for eternity with invisibility and teleporting powers which would grant you unlimited freedom. Even when you are bored with that you would only need to find another ghost who is about to go into his cab to afterlife. The only downside is that this seems to be reserved only for people that would go into heaven, as when the only evil character died there were only stairs down to hell in a bright room with no escape.

Ninja Saga god mode

In one episode of Cadfael, the murderer is accidentally killed before Cadfael can expose him publicly, so Cadfael creates a ruse so that the other two people won't be charged. Because the killer was a monk who had been experiencing visions, Cadfael lays out his empty robes in the chapel and surrounds them with flower petals to make it seem like this was what happened.


Inverted in Planescape: Torment. At the end of the game, should the Nameless One merge with his rogue mortality, it is rather heavily implied that absorbing the knowledge and skills of all of his hundreds — or hundreds of thousands — previous lives has transformed him into a being of nearly godlike power. Unfortunately, he's still got to pay for the sin that drove him to become immortal in the first place, so he's dragged down into one of the Lower Planes of Existence to serve out his sentence as a soldier in the Blood War. Although with that level of power, he might decide to take over the lower planes instead.

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The entire population of Abydos was saved by ascending, even though preparing for it is supposed to take both wisdom and preparation. This was much worse than the Daniel incident, since they aren't even mentioned again. They were most likely helped along by Oma Desala, due to her tendency to "assist" mortal beings in ascending (like she did to Daniel).


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In the backstory of The Order of the Stick, the goblin warlord known as The Dark One (due to his purple skin) was elevated to godhood after his assassination during Aggressive Negotiations when his followers went on a yearlong campaign of vengeance in his name. There are also several elven deities that fit this mould, and The First King of the Dwarves also is an ascended mortal.

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The secret reports of The World Ends with You state that in usual games, exceptional Players are offered to ascend to the plane of Angels, instead of being reborn. Mr. Hanekoma is one of these ascended Angels (and if Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance is to be believed, then Joshua is one as well). Their purpose is to watch over the Reaper's game and help the composer. They are also talented artists (in the RG) with the ability to add imprinting messages to their art-piece. They use this ability to inspire the people to live a happy and interesting life. If the game Neku participated in would have been a usual one, he would probably been offered to become an angel as well, after the character development he'd undergone in the first week, thanks to Shiki.


The Ideal Masters are immortal beings who were once powerful mortal sorcerers during the Merethic Era. After finding their mortal forms to be too weak and limiting, they entered Oblivion as beings of pure energy and settled an area of "chaotic creatia", forming the Soul Cairn.

The horribleness of The Garbage Pail Kids Movie transforms The Nostalgia Critic into a Star Child-like turd. In To Boldly Flee, The Nostalgia Critic's ultimate fate is fusing with The Plot Hole to stabilize it, just as it absorbs the entirety of Earth.


Also, at the end of Thief of Time, Lobsang becomes the Anthropomorphic Personification of Time. This doesn't stop him from giving a "perfect moment" to Susan a little bit later.

Re: SakuraCon 2021 AMV Theater Play Lists

Although the scene may not be completely clear at first, this is confirmed to be Nono's fate at the end of Diebuster. After absorbing the energy of a new Big Bang, she leaves off to an unknown dimension, trascending spacetime itself in the process. The title of the show's final episode: "The Story of Your Life" is actually reference to Ascended Nono watching over Lal'C's life from up there, from a place beyond time.


In the Disgaea series, one of the art books states that many of the spell keepers of the Omega, Tera and Peta-level spells were former humans, demons and angels, and considering the sheer number of keepers from game to game, apparently quite a few of them had met some kind of qualification. In Disgaea 4, a former war nurse ascends to become an angel after her death.

Contents[show] List of Playable Characters Celestria, Luna & Discord Universe Young Princess Celestria Young Princess Luna Young Discord Younger Twilight Sparkle Chaotic Pony of Chaos (Enemy of Celestria, Luna & Discord) Applejack's Farm of Apples Universe Old Big Mac Old. Ninja saga is increasing their players everyday and that increase the people for looking on ninja saga hack for token, damage, free emblem, cash, coins and more. Ninja Saga critical type Ninja Saga 1 Hit and 100% Critical Cheat hack Ninja saga One hit kill Ninja Saga Cheat Hack Facebook Game Bug Bugs Bugger Download Online Face Book NinjaSaga Art Money ArtMoney Engine CheatEngine 5.3 5.4 5.5 How to buy skills for free on ninja saga hack cheat glitch ninja saga amaterasu token hack ninja saga rain free spongebob wolf bob editing Daily Chance Lucky Day. Ninja Saga (more about the author); Lalu Klik Create Character; Baru Buka Cheat Engine; Proses Menggunakan Plugin container Atau BrowserMu; Value type nya TEXT; Lalu scan Code 02_0; Nanti akan Muncul Beberapa Adress di samping; Double klik adress tersebut hingga muncul di tabel bawah; Lalu ganti Value nya menjadi 83_0 ( Anbu Mask) Lalu masuk lagi ke Ninja Saga; Baru kamu pergi ke rambut No 2 maka Otomatis.


The story of humanity overcoming divinity is about an orphan and a princess. Two very different individuals would go on to write human history. Together they gather other powerful humans to combat the powerful Onika. Using powerful spells to trap the Onika in their weapons, they fight against the very gods for their freedom.

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In Tales of Xillia, the real Maxwell gives Milla the choice of either living out the rest of her life as a normal human or becoming his successor. She picks the later, essentially becoming the goddess of Reize Maxia.


In the latest expansion to Galactic Civilizations 2, resources called Ascension Crystals were added. To use them, you have to build a starbase on them, and each map has five. If a crystal is turned on, that starbase provides one point per turn. You need a thousand points to ascend, which is an instant-win condition.

Pony Island: Theordore escapes Limbo, and makes it to Purgatory. Even the pink pony sprite makes it there, and praises your victory with a wink goodbye.


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Ug: No, he's really gone to a better place. He's gone hiking with his parents in Switzerland.

At the end of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, the Uber Ethereal calls his own people failures of the "Ethereal Ones" for failing to ascend "as they thought we would". Given that we encounter Energy Beings also called Ethereals in The Bureau: XCOM Declassified, it's entirely possible that the Ethereals in Enemy Unknown are members of the race who have failed to join their brethren on the higher plane.


Bill Potts is barely saved from the grave after her heart is vaporized in "World Enough and Time", but the technology that keeps her alive is actually Proto-Cyberman tech. She's eventually upgraded into the first Mondasian Cyberman by the Harold Saxon Master, something the Doctor doesn't have the means to undo, and in "The Doctor Falls" it looks like she'll have to be Killed Off for Real to escape a Fate Worse than Death. But then her true love Heather — who underwent this trope back in the season opener "The Pilot" when she merged with sentient spaceship fuel to become a being capable of time and space travel — returns to her (having kept track of her all that time) and turns her into the same thing she is, restoring her to a humanoid form. They set off to travel the universe together, though if Bill ever wants to be an ordinary human again all she has to do is ask and Heather will oblige her.

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The novel by Walter Mosley, The Blue Light, is all about this. In the 1960's, a blue light comes from a mysterious point in the universe. Everyone who is hit by it essentially ascends to a higher plane of doing what they were doing. For example, a homely woman who was having sex got hit by the blue light. She then becomes irresistible to anybody(man, woman, dog) and has an addiction to sex. Another man was hit at the exact moment he died, thus becoming a personification of death. The main character is a follower of a man who was hit while preaching, thus making him the best preacher ever.


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In The Infinite Loops, pretty much anyone can become capable of ascension as a result of the sheer power they gain over the course of millions of years of experience in various realities. However, as a result of the damage done to Yggdrasil, ascension has the regrettable side-effect of completely destroying the ascender’s universe. Most loopers don’t persue the power necessary for ascension because of this, and those who do have that power never actually use it.

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One year later, the new Naruto returns, only to stumble across the world of spirits and reveals that he has become something that all beings should fear and respect. Ninja saga hack fiddler2. Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card. When a certain number of each plate is collected, you can use to Exchange in rewards.


Before that however, he became the first dog to avert this trope. He ultimately was spared because he gave his life for Ann Marie and thus plays the trope straight.

Yu-Gi-Oh: The Duel Terminal storyline has Constellar Sombre and Evilswarm Kerykeion, who after successfully defeating Sophia, Goddess of Rebirth ascended to a higher plane of existence (as mentioned in the DT Story Guide), becoming the twin serpents pictured in Breath of the Divine Serpent. Later developments suggest that wherever they went, they came back and became Zefra.


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Calamity of the Zombie Girl. Email Address: [email protected][HOST]. Diposting oleh mbuh di 02.27. Ninja saga amaterasu hack II. Community.


When Mufasa is killed in The Lion King, he becomes a sort of spiritual adviser to Simba for the remainder of the movie, appearing to his son in the clouds and providing advice to help Simba along his way. It is strongly implied that this happens to every king.

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Bayonetta 2 has the Nightmare Fuel version of this with Lumen Sage, Balder when he's playable in the online co-op mode, Tag Climax. Unlike the witches, which get dragged down to hell, when Balder is about to die a golden cloudy gate appears over him with creepy white hands reaching down to drag him into Heaven, clearly against his will. Played straight in the story, we see a flashback cutscene of the end of the first game where Balder is freed from Loptr's influence, but sacrifices himself to slay the god. As he dies, he promises to watch over Bayonetta from the afterlife. He Disappears into Light and accepts his fate.

In "Overclockwise", Bender is overclocked by Cubert to make his reflexes faster for playing video games. Bender then begins overclocking himself, becoming smarter and able to predict the future. Eventually he becomes a god-like entity, able to create new worlds just by belching. Eventually the Reset Button is pushed when Mom captures him and resets him to factory standards, as user licenses are apparently more strictly enforced in the 31st Century.


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Teen Titans Go: In "Staring Into The Future", Cyborg and Beast Boy end up 30 years in the future after a staring contest. When they get to Raven, she has basically become God after defeating Trigon in the ultimate battle of good vs evil.


Email or Phone: Password: Forgot account? Diposting oleh Nopan di 23.58 Tidak ada komentar: Kirimkan Ini lewat Email BlogThis! Pc ninja saga offline game swf file ninja saga tp ninja saga free amaterasu hack Game swf cheat ninja saga atm exp ninja saga offline apk swf files ninja saga. No comments: Post a comment.

In the Life Is Strange fic no grave can hold my body down, Max saved Arcadia Bay from the paradox storm by becoming something akin to its patron spirit. Whether this makes her a true deity or not is deliberately left ambiguous.


Unfortunately, we need to sepearate them in alphabetical order and finish the whole entire list. From e88a8a4e30cbb017a39a47f1dd87be86117c3e7a Mon Sep 17 00: 00: 00 2020 From: Alex Legler. Fiddler; SWF File; BAHASA INDONESIA. Attention: If this cheat do not work anymore here please forgive me because I also just wanted to share information only.

Transformers: More than Meets the Eye: Ore was fused with a generator and killed, but he comes back to life when it comes into proximity to a massive Transformer known as a Metrotitan. Ore manages to cheer Swerve up from his Heroic BSoD, and Swerve later talks to Rung, revealing that when the Metrotitan disappeared, Ore ascended into the Allspark (part of the conversation revealed Swerve as a believer and Ore as an atheist). This does go into Maybe Magic, Maybe Mundane because later Rodimus theorizes that the Metrotitan teleported away, and because Ore was brought back by his energy, he was teleported to where ever the titan went.


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Daniel Jackson, though he later returns. Often enough for Jack to tell him that they won't mourn or do a funeral for him and that he knows he is just waiting for a cool opportunity to come back.

Port Manteaux churns out silly new words when you feed it an idea or two. Instant Mission [No Patch & Work 100%]. Ninja Saga is a popular 2D RPG game developed by Emagist Entertainment Limited. See more of Ninja Saga Hack Fiddler on Facebook.


Completely defied in Space Dandy. Dandy is given the opportunity to do this by the narrator/the universe's current god in the finale, but he turns it down and hits the Reset Button.

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Its features include - Digitally signed automatic security updates - The community is always in control of any add-ons it produces - Supports a multi-site architecture out of the box - Designed. Tested, working, and savable as at 28/6/2020. Ninja Saga Secret Amaterasu 06/26/2020 - Facebook - 4 Replies. Kid Icarus - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1, 712 - Reviews: 12 - Favs: 70 - Follows: 17 - Published: 4/18/2020 - [Palutena, Pit.


The villainess at the end of the Casper movie is defeated in this manner; she is killed and becomes a ghost so that she can fly through a treasure vault with ease and grab the loot. Unfortunately for her, by grabbing the loot she has completely fulfilled all her life goals, giving her no reason to linger as a ghost any longer. She is taken away to the afterlife against her will and the treasure is left behind.

Happens when Kirby dies in Kirby Mass Attack. Don't worry, the Kirbys can bring the angel Kirby down and revert it to the blue color.


In an age of war and death can friendship still find room to bloom in the Hidden Leaf? Cheats help you level up fast, get free tokens, learn all skills including limited edition jutsus, get all weapons and back items, complete missions instantly, 1 hit kill, and most importantly free Ninja Saga emblem. The Ninja World better be ready, because this Prefect won't let them get away with half the shit they were pulling before. Chieri Kakyoin Iori Yamato Iroha Kongo #COMPASS - 4/15 Fukagawa Matoi Kiryuin Kirara Luciano (#CP) Voidoll +Anima - 4/4 Cooro Hus.

A straighter example would be his mother, Mary, an ordinary woman conceived without sinnote. The Bible doesn't say what happened to her, but Catholic tradition says that she was assumed bodily into Heaven. The Oriental, Eastern Catholicnote and Eastern Orthodox Churches hold a similar view, called the "Dormition", or "falling asleep" of Mary.


Star Trek: Ex Machina: After the above incident with Decker, Ilia and V'Ger, the peoples of the galaxy become engaged in intense speculation as to what it means. Some begin considering it a sign or omen, and others declare Earth (the site of the ascension) a holy world. The novel's villain, Dovraku, convinces himself that other computer-gods will be able to follow in V'Ger's footsteps, including the Yonadi Oracle (this is pure nonsense).

Wordnet_social_event_107288639 # training instances: 58986 # testing instances: 8465 # true positives: 7407 # false positives: 1015 # false negatives: 1058 precision: 0.8794823082403229 recall: 0.8750147666863556 F1: 0.8772428495292237. TP and SS Hack Panel Fitur - 50 TP each day - 90 SS each day (can Refill for 5 Scrool) Link Hack Ninja Saga Special panel Hack List Hack - Eudemon garden (Special Boss Soldier) - SS Mission - Hunting House - S Mission - Daily Task Lin. These Ninja Saga items include rune scrolls, a kotetsu katana, 30, 000 gold, a genjutsu, and a pet kame. Open Ninja saga And Fiddler2 Click Auto Responder And Trick Enable automatic responder 2) Darg The file to fiddler2 3) clear cache and click (Ctrl+shift+delete) and clear browsing data 4) Go to Shop - item and buy [ Gift share by klaudio] then whait 5) Click publish and open onothe facebook and accept the Gift.


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You need -Firefox-Cheat engine 5.5 1. open ninja saga 2. open cheat engine 3. value type= text 4. in hex box. Scholastic: List of Selected Quizzes. Naruto - Rated: T - English - Drama - Chapters: 4 - Words: 14, 840 - Reviews: 109 - Updated: 10-6-06 - Published: 9-2-06 - Naruto U. & Hanabi H. Folly of Gods by Blizzaga Saga reviews.

In Runescape, Godhood essentially works on a 'you-break-it-you-bought-it' principle. If a mortal kills a god, they ascend to godhood at roughly the same power level as the one they killed. It's also possible to ascend by spending enough time in the presence of an Elder Artifact, a tool of literal world building crafted by the Elder Gods.


One of the world's largest video sites, serving the best videos, funniest movies and clips. List of Playable Characters 1.1 Super WHY! Ninja Saga 2nd Anniversary Roulette Hack! Since 1988, PREVIEWS has been your ultimate source for all of t.


In the final level of Age of Mythology, Arkantos is granted Blessing by Zeus, effectively an 11th-Hour Superpower, and becomes a demi-god. He destroys the Poseidon statue, which kills Gargarensis. He ascends into heaven, and only returns a few times in the Titans expansion to reveal information to people.


Cheat Weapon, Skill, Clothes, Back Item, AMATERASU. Felices Fiestas para todos, que se les cumplan todos sus deseos! Masuk kepermainan ninja saga, klik jutsu pilih lightning shock, masuk ke cheat engine 5.6 2. tulis text: skill41 ganti scan type: search for text ganti value type: text 3. ganti valuenya caranya klik tulisan itu, muncul value, tinggal ganti valuenya, valuenya ganti skill91 4. keluar dari jutsu dan masuk lagi ke jutsu Catatan: Karena Amaterasu pakai emblem jadi untuk Free User yang ingin. He'll unlock power to surpass everyone even his Father, Son Goku and his Brother Son Gohan.

Greene, Carol: 0.3: 0.5: 9340 EN: Snow Joe. Equip the skills+weapon (you want) + Clothes that I mentioned above. Clear browser cache and reload/enter Ninja Saga. SWF file that you downloaded earlier to the column Autoresponder; After that clean the cache; Go Ninja Saga; Buy or Kunai Equip.


In Magic: The Gathering, a small percentage of creatures have the ability to do this, an abilty commonly known as the "spark". A few actually are able to do this and become planeswalkers.

So, saat ini anda di tempat yang benar. Cross Ange Tenshi to Ryu no Rinbu. Ninja Saga Indonesia 2. Games/Toys. Balto - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Drama - Chapters: 32 - Words: 27, 065 - Reviews.

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Babylon 5: In the Season 1 Episode "Mind War" Jason Ironheart ascends. It is shown that one million years later, Mankind (and some of the other Younger Races, too) will also leave behind their material forms and ascend to become glowy Energy Beings.


You will get the special rune scroll upon each completion. Daqin 3d Mobile Beauty Master Software Crack 242. Tanaka Shimoya: /* Hoenn */ us navy operates in sasebo, btw, tsushima was a korean island long ago. Points; 102321 EN: 10, 000 Days of Thunder: A History of the Vietnam War.

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One interpretation of the actions of Lorkhan in having Mundus created is that, yes, mortality is cruel and filled with suffering and loss. However, the stasis of pre-creation was actually the spiritual prison, and Mundus provides the opportunity for greater transcendence as a "testing ground" of the spirit.


The Doctor Who Spin-Off Faction Paradox features the Celestis, a group of Time Lor— err, Great House members who foresee a massive War against an unstoppable Enemy. Terrified of being removed from history if they lose the War, the decide to do it first, erasing their corporeal bodies, but leaving their meaning behind, existing as memes in Another Dimension made of pure concept. Subverts the trope since the Celestis are still the same petty, bitchy, backstabby, fearful JerkAsses that they were as mortals.

The Sosiqui from The Journeyman Project took this route thousands of years ago. It's implied that the Buddhist idea of 'Nirvana' is referring to the same process.


Japanese mythology A to Z

People in the dream world can influence the waking world, while people who die in the waking world still exist in the dream world. The finale introduces a third world, the realm of God. The protagonist Haruto decides to go there, even after having the chance to return to the waking world.

Supposedly this is exactly why you don't see any Chozo in the Metroid games, even though there's evidence that they've been nearly everywhere. The fate of their race has (possibly intentionally) never been adequately explained, although it's said that when the Chozo could advance no further, they withdrew from the universe to watch other races develop.


It is heavily implied that this is Anders's fate too, hence the "I'll see you on the other side". It also means the two characters ended up Together in Death.

Ninja Turtles - Rated: T - English - Humor/Family - Chapters: 6 - Words: 7, 094 - Reviews: 141 - Favs: 129 - Follows: 81. Ninja saga best player's. Each cost 5000 in the shops, so you can also sell them if you need gold. In this radical re imagining of the Balto universe Balto is a young man hated and feared by the citizen's of Nome, Alaska for his wolf-like features, and reviled by the Wolves for his human side.


The Extended Cut version of the Control ending is narrated by Immortal-Reaper-God Shepard. He / she now understands what words like "eternal" and "infinite" actually mean, and declares the entire galaxy under their protection.

Kid Kool and the Quest for the Seven Wonder Herbs has this if you lose all of your lives. The king's assistant says that Kid Kool has died, and the king says that the game is over. But a continue option will be added. If it is selected, Kid Kool, as an angel, returns to the king and says, "I'm sorry about that.


Present in Native American Mythology. At least among certain groups (such as the Navajo), the difference between man and spirit is more of degree than kind, and there are stories of heroes and wise men becoming diyinii when they achieved enough knowledge.

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Eternals in Aselia the Eternal - The Spirit of Eternity Sword work like this. You agree to become one, you get tested to see if you're capable, and if you are, everyone forgets you even existed apart from other Eternals. And then you disappear from whatever world you came from altogether.


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Pergi ke Academy, Beli. How to Use: 1-Open ninja saga 2-drag the file in fiddler 2 3-clear the. Taken By Erin Bowman Pdf Download. As of August 16, Ninja Saga players can do challenges and earn plates; fire, rock, wind, and the forest.

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Mo'at: Her wounds were too great. It was not enough time, She is with Eywa now.


Cheat Ayo Dance NHAH 1.7 v6068 Update 06 August 20. Welcome: D Kumpulan Swf Ninja Saga: D. Saga of the HalfBreed by Jeralt Williams reviews. This is Amaterasu + Clothes + Weapons and Other Skills Cheat.

S. Lewis is fond of this trope. Narnia is, after all, one giant allegory to The Bible.


Gloryhammer: It turns out that this was the fate of the Hootsman. It was assumed that he died in order to stop Kor-Vilirath from breaking free from the 18th Hell Dimension. However, his soul was brought back in time through the Terrorvortex and merged with the soul of the Dark World beyond it, essentially making him God there. While he spends most of his power keeping Zargothrax from bending the Dark World's reality into a pretzel, he manages to provide the forces of Good with crucial assistance.

Used as a form of Reset Button for Kingdom of Loathing. You can mark some of your skills as permanent, pick up some astral gear and consumables, then start your quest over, with the chance to choose a Self-Imposed Challenge path and get your old items out of Ancestral Mini-Storage.


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And then played straight when everyone on the Satellite of Love turned into Pure Energy ala 2001: A Space Odyssey, at the end of their seventh season. Remember, Best Brains thought their show was cancelled for good. And it gets spoofed again when it's revealed that Crow got bored of it five minutes later and decides to come back.

The Zroni, a second culture of precursors introduced in Stellaris's Ancient Relics DLC, ascended entirely into the Shroud, leaving the galaxy and their material possessions behind. Unlike the base game precursors, the Zroni civilization is explored through a series of archaeological expeditions (also introduced in Ancient Relics) instead of planetary anomalies.



All-Star Superman: After dying from over-exposure to the Sun, Superman finds himself talking to his birth father, Jor-El, who tells him he's turning into pure thought, like all the other Kryptonians did. Of course, there are still enemies going after his loved ones, so Superman is given the choice, join his people and "dance through the fields of consciousness" or fight one last time. Three guesses which one he chooses.

The book Warriors of Legend is one of the first of its kind, using a specific Japanese anime/manga series- the megahit Sailor Moon- to teach about Japan. Neophytes to Japan studies will find Warriors of Legend an accessible way to learn about this fascinating country. Those who know quite a lot about Japan already will find their understanding enhanced by the way the book analyzes the nuances of Tokyo's history and Japanese society. The book also argues that Sailor Moon is a unique series in that it was both internationally popular and strongly structured by the culture of the city of Tokyo and post-Economic Bubble Japan.

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The Church of Unitology in Dead Space believes that an ancient alien artifact, which is kept hidden by the corrupt government, is of divine origin and is meant to unify of all humanity in the afterlife and bring eternal peace and happiness. The artifact does in fact exist and is hidden by the government, because it turned out to create hordes of bloodthirsty zombies linked by a hive mind. The original founders of Unitology thought that something went wrong and it's really a device for human ascendance, but 200 years later many of the believer are so fanatic that they see the zombies as divine.


Narbonic had Mell be assumed into Heaven. Apparently it's a requirement for their apology, if the forces of Good cause havock by accident. Never mind that the people who just suffered might really prefer the damage being cleaned up or maybe a cheque, or something, rather than forcible Ascension of one of their friends. It lasts about a week, and then she apparently sets Heaven on fire, gets tossed down into Hell, becomes a lawyer for the demons down there, and gets tossed back out to Earth. This leads to a Moment of Awesome when she requests that her ex-demon boyfriend wait long enough for a metric ton of business cards to follow after her; apparently, despite the rumours, she's the only lawyer to wind up down there so far — or at least, the only one interested in doing any business.

In Journey, your character was implied to have frozen to death climbing the summit to the final destination and Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence by the Precursors. This or the character went through Reincarnation.


The Night Mother enjoys a special role among the dead, being somehow married to the void itself. This gives her the ability to communicate telepathically in order to lead the dark brotherhood from beyond the grave. Although depending on which in-game sources you believe, she may have been a divine entity all along.

David Starr, Space Ranger: When David meets the native Martians, they explain that they’ve ascended into Energy Beings due to a deeper understanding of scientific principles than they have. They readily admit that humanity might be able to join them, and look forward to the idea, but they ascended over a million years ago, and humankind simply isn't ready yet.


The Elder Scrolls provides several examples. It's important to keep in mind that most examples get a little Mind Screwy, as is the nature of divinity in the ES universe.

In Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, this happens to quite a lot of people following the End Times of the Old World, as numerous leaders and heroes of the old mortal races rise to godhood, each presiding over a Wind of Magic. For instance, Sigmar becomes one with Azyr (the Heavens). A few odd instances include Malekith, who fused with his dragon Seraphon before becoming Malerion, the god of Ulgu (Shadows), and the Horned Rat of the Skaven, who while already a god ascended further by replacing Slaneesh as a Chaos God, following the latter's imprisonment.


The character ascends to a higher state of being, even becoming a god. It can result from other supernatural causes, but is most often used as a character's fate after they die, in a riff on the idea of a heavenly afterlife.

The Sacred Text of Ghost Dragon Kotodama by Warlock Asylum discusses the ceremonial and shamanic rites of the Art of Ninzuwu practice, which includes a rare initiation into the current of Yukionna. It has been heralded as Japan's first grimoire. In order for the reader of this text to make use of the information provided in this book, they should have access to the mystical rites contained in The Ivory Tablets of the Crow, The Armor of Amaterasu (helpful hints) Ohkami, and The Yi Jing Apocrypha of Genghis Khan. The Sacred Text of Ghost Dragon Kotodama covers the proper use of The Yi Jing Apocrypha of Genghis Khan, its initiatory rites, and how to employ the Hexagrams. The Gate-walking initiation into the current of Ame-no-Ukihashi-Hime-no-Mikoto, popularly known as Yukionna, and her seven signs are fully explained, along with initiatory instructions, including a full description of the Seven Ghost Dragons and their incantations. The 72 Talismans of the Onmyodo, their traditional meanings, and how they are used in the Art of Ninzuwu is discussed in full detail. For the first time in print, knowledge surrounding esoteric Shinto's "ghost element," is provided. This classic work features an Introduction written by Grandmaster Ashida Kim, who provides us with an amazing glimpse into the world of Esoteric Ninjitsu.


Adventure Time: In the finale of the sixth season, the Catalyst Comet offers this to Finn after he freed it from being absorbed by Orgalorg. Finn declines the offer, saying he has a good life going on right now in Ooo. His Archnemesis Dad, Martin, takes it up instead.

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Ariadne was turned into a goddess by her husband Dionysus. He does the same for his mother, Semele.

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The titular premise of Ultima IX: Ascension. It's nowhere near as awe inspiring as it sounds.


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Transcendent flesh, and certainly godlike in the series. They are harvested civilizations, compressed into a single entity. Meaning, all those people harvested? Ascended into a collective mind in a Reaper body, while their melted flesh makes up at least part of said body. Billions of people for a single one. No one said ascending had to be free of horror.

He then uses his power to copy himself and replace everyone inside the Matrix, including a Zion rebel inside it at the time. An alternate interpretation is that this is an aversion; Neo making him go all explodey is no different than when an Agent is rarely shot; they just take a new host. Because this particular defeat proves the current batch of Agents outdated, Smith simply goes back to the Machines to be replaced, except he feels an un-programmed urge to refuse this and stays in the Matrix instead. Copying onto Bane and leaving to the real world is certainly still an ascension, though.


In Arcanum: Of Steamworks & Magick Obscura, your PC can achieve a status of deity by the end of the game. Furthermore, you can simply chose what type of deity you want to be in a final dialog with Big Bad. Although it requires the PC to commit a Double Face–Heel Turn of a sort.

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In Sailor Moon Cosmos Arc Usagi and most of the other senshi do this when Usagi becomes Sailor Cosmos and the others achieve their Cosmic Sailor forms. The only ones that don't are Chibiusa, who stays behind to assume the throne and defend Earth, and Sailor Saturn and the Asteroid Senshi, who serve as her team.