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Pluto in 12th house

My solar return has Jupiter in th 12 house (sag 23°). My Natal Jupiter would be in the 1st house (Capricorn 10°). I will have a Capricorn Asc 1° (Natal 5th House near 6th house cusp 4°) Conjunct both my natal Neptune 1°and Capricorn 10° this year for my solar return.

Generational trauma runs in my family. My parents weren’t from happy families. My abusive father probably has depression but never wants to consult a professional. My mother (Scorpio sun, Pisces moon) has self sacrificing tendencies. She lets my father make her very unhappy. When I was a child she’d leash out on me, whom she thought resemble her husband the most. She’d threaten me saying “if you don’t do this you don’t love me”. She’s still emotionally manipulative. Growing up, I internalized the message that loving means to give, give, and give yourself completely to the person you love and never taking up any place yourself. It’s a toxic belief that I am learning to unlearn.


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Colombia, MO: Rainbow House offering free childcare for essential workers. For more information contact Rainbow House director of development Richie Vanskike at [email protected] or call 573-694-3391.

Hi Oana, it really depends on how you’re utilizing the 12th house energies. For example if both of you’re strongly spiritual or artistic, maybe this emphasis will continue to deepen.


But now I m about to have enough of it. I wanna get out of this twelfth house that feels so restraining. Because I believe now that I deserve better.

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The text used for the transits are taken mainly from Robert Hand's 'Planets in Transit'. If You have Guru in the Vrishabh Rashi at Birth then Then the Transit Rahu is a going to be a Curse for You. Two of these clearly showing your face as well as the other 3 showing you away enjoying your passions.

This 12th house stellium is throwing me for a loop, though. I feel I am going down, down, down a rabbit hole. I have always felt like a very old soul and feel connections to past lives. I feel compelled to do something spiritual with my life and help people, but fear holds me back.


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Small Worlds by roryteller

So it seems like I must finally work through my 12th House issues, Pluto-style, one planet at a time. Try to release my Mercury-busy-brain ego and access the collective unconscious.


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There are 40 spots currently available. Those who qualify can enroll like any other daycare, call (313) 871-2000.

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In my Placidus astro chart, I only have one planet in the 12th house (Virgo), which is Saturn. But in Equal House chart Jupiter and Mars are also there, and in conjunction (in Placidus, they are in the 11th house, also in conjunction, and already in Virgo, not Leo). Which house system should I choose?

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I have 6 planets currently traveling through my 12th house great for doing research. I am wanting to spend more time alone, just don’t want to be with other people unless i have to. I feel as though my life is being suspended, as though i can’t move forward yet, and it is v frustrating time, things will change and improve i just have to be v patient and wait.


If your style is more old-school than trendy, channel your inner Marilyn Monroe with a lace-up top (that also happens to be in style this season). Distressed shorts pair perfectly to balance out the retro style, and cat-eye sunglasses are icing on the cake.

By letting go of the self-limiting patterns from your past, you begin to transform yourself into someone new

Hi Sonia, “unseen” can be in a sense of accessing your hidden internal resources like creativity or realms of dreams (or Jung’s Collective Unconscious). In other cases the “hidden” realms can include the secret workings within a large institutions or even governments.


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Hi Lisa, thank you for sharing your experience. If you observe a negative pattern within all of your relationships but don’t know why they occur, then it may be best to seek help from a coach or a therapist that may be able to give you an outside perspective.


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FREE copy of @gnsleepsite baby sleep book for babies 4-12 months of age to all healthcare and essential workers. Please send a comment and tell us your occupation and we can email you a copy.

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Speeko membership to healthcare and public health professionals on the frontline. They have a list of resources for guidance on patient-centered communication during this time.

Nashville, TN: Through a grant from the Buckingham Foundation, the Kimpton Aertson Hotel is opening their doors free of charge to medical workers as some of them don’t want to bring COVID-19 back home to their families. If you are a healthcare worker, you can make a hotel room reservation by emailing [email protected]


Yes, and i’ve read that saturn in the 12th almost always points to some hidden abuse, and a real or sense of imprisonment (or feeling imprisoned, and the need to break free somehow). Every chart reading i’ve given where a stranger had 12th house saturn, the person was abused in childhood.

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I have worked hard in my life pursuing my creative passion alone and now stand on the threshold of entering into a long term partnership / marriage! I have a feeling this relationship could be a catalyst for the healing that needs to take place yet I feel anxious and edgy about what I may or may not be able to contribute in a healthy way. I feel unsettled in ways I have never felt before.

Hiroki Niizato Astrology 12th House Planets: Transform Self-Limiting Patterns Comments Feed

I have always found it difficult to express my anger and guilty for holding attention. Professionally, I seem to subconsciously incorporate my Leo leadership qualities with nurturing the confidence and skills of my subordinates. My staff always says that I know just how to say things to help them understand concepts or feel confident in their skills set.


In a separate effort for frontline healthcare workers, we have joined with a number of our hotel owners and franchisee partners to launch the Community Caregiver Program. This initiative, available in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean and Latin America, provides significantly discounted rates for first responders and healthcare professionals who want to book rooms at hotels in close proximity to the hospitals where they’re working.

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FREE confidential emotional support groups for nurses on the frontlines of COVID-19. Groups meet for an hour at a time and are places for nurses to connect with other nurses, share what's going on and blow off some steam, process difficult feelings, and learn some new mindfulness and emotional skills they can apply to work and personal lives. Trained facilitators (coaches, counselors, social workers and support group leaders) will lead these groups.

FREE PeerRxMed is a free, peer-to-peer program for physicians and others working in health care designed to provide support, connection, encouragement, resources and skill-building in order to help participants advance along the Burnout to Thriving Index toward optimal well-being, however you would define that state for yourself. This program provides regular reminders for weekly, monthly and quarterly check-ins with a peer. Reminders include exercises that provide structure for you to connect with a colleague or friend.


Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter all snug in my 12th house, currently facing off one-by-one with Uranus in Aries. Over the past two years or so I have gone from being gregarious, outgoing, competitive, and adventurous – despite this packed 12th house- to spending almost all my time alone at home. When Saturn was opposed in 2021-2021, following the rather uneventful but devastating collapse of my business, it was a very heavy, depressive alone state, but now I’m just very happy and content (for the most part) with my solitude.

I have both mercury and saturn in this house. I find it very difficult to communicate, especially when I was a kid. And I read somewhere, 12th house saturn is selfless, people with this placement often feel lonely. Basically, nothing good with saturn in 12th house they said. But, I kind of don’t believe it. Well, the selflessness is rare in this world.


Hi Zaa, Progressed or Solar Arc Sun crossing the Ascendant could suggest a major opportunity to be recognized. It’s a time where you can express yourself more fully. Going from Pisces to Aries also suggest similar transition.

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Hello Hiroki, great insight for 12th house, thank you! I have Sun and Mercury in Aquarius, venus in 10 (pisce), moon in 12th (0degrees in gemini), asc in cancer 5degrees. What can you say about uranus perfect opossition with moon in 12th? Venus is in oposition with mars & jupiter (conjunct in virgo, 4th), and saturn & lilith 24degrees in virgo.

I’m just learning about my Sun-Mercury-Uranus-Pluto planets all conjunct in Virgo in the 12th House: being Virgo/Virgo Ascendant along with my 12th House feels like my self-esteem is taking multiple hits! I’ve been an over-achiever who never feels good enough or worthy enough.


OYO Hotels are offering free stays for medical personnel. Call (+1) 628-213-7020 (code:OYO4FIRSTRESPONDERS) to get their reservation for the nearest OYO.

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More than 15,000 hotels have signed up for a new initiative called “Hospitality for Hope,” which matches emergency and healthcare workers with hotel properties that have offered to provide temporary housing as the COVID-19 public health crisis grows. Organized by the American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA), the program will primarily focus on housing for the healthcare community but some hotels could potentially be used as “Alternative Care Sites” such as an emergency hospital or place for those quarantined to stay if needed.


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The Quick Guide To Getting That Call Center Job What You Need To Know From The Application To The First Day! IDL command line prompt. MS is a disease of the central nervous system that is.


Pluto transiting Capricorn now (pluto natal eight house conjunct sun in Libra). What can I do to help my self- undoing?

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If there’s such a thing as the “it-sleeve” of the season, you know that a puffed sleeve would be the MVP. Fortunately for denim shorts (and our capsule wardrobe), the relaxed style of distressed denim pairs perfectly with the trendy look of a puffed sleeve.


Hi Ashley, thank you for sharing your experience with Mars, Pluto and Saturn in 12th house. From what you shared, there seems to be a spiritual nuance here that might be important.

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Center tips or secrets may it help you. Deliverance and inner healing training manual for local churches. DC Shoes: 15% off for first responders.

Our new desktop experience was built to be your music destination. For Vrishabh - Taurus people this Guru Transit is Bhagyadoaya karaka, It will Activate your Fortune in this one year's Time. Dellinger, M; Allen, E. A unique public/private partnership of local, state, federal and corporate stakeholders are constructing the world`s first wastewater-to-electricity system at The Geysers.


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I was really looking forward in launching my business this year. I had a SR in the 6th with a moon in the 5H (4° apart conjunction between my the 5H/6H), just prior to a new moon 5H 🌙 /6H ☀️ so I worked really hard on my daily routines, health and family matters. Also, my creative endeavors dear to my heart.

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Our favorite go-to look for those cool summer nights is a comfy knit with denim shorts. Not only is it warmer than a T-shirt or sundress (while still being in-season), but it’s as relaxed and cozy as it is stylish.


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Hi Rajavel, I would come at this a little bit differently in your case, and consider government related institutions as an important career factor. This is more of a vocational statement rather than what the article focuses on, but I feel it’s valid.

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What if your Taurus Venus in the 12th conjunct your Taurus Saturn in the 12th. Any insight would be appreciated?

Hi Eva, Mars in 12th house can suggest hidden anger. Mercury in 12th house might make it more challenging to communicate it. The key might be in trying to understand what the emotions are about so that they don’t stagnate inside him.


I have 3 planets in the 12th house–Saturn/Mars conjunct with a 2 degree orb and they are also conjunct Neptune with a 8 and 6 degree orb respectively. I strongly feel the theme of self-undoing in my life of which you speak and also feel that I am a hidden enemy to my own self. I am trying to remedy this situation with meditation. I hope that is enough or at least a start that will make me aware of more things I can do to end this pattern of self undoing.

It is knowing that sooner or later, just before reaching any goal, any wish, a destructive force will destroy everything I have build and worked for. And this force is ME. It is as if you are opening a door leading to a corridor, hoping that your other Self is not standing behind the other door at the end of the corridor.


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The more I have read about having planets in the 12th house, the more sense things have started to make. I haven’t yet been able to find anything that discusses the influence of the 12th house when 4 personal planets are in it. I was wondering if you might have any advice or insight?

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Back to the point on Mars and Venus conjunct Pisces 12th house; love life seems like it’s been good when I remember it, miraculously with a partner most of my adult life, but for some reason, it doesn’t feel like it and I maintain delusions that I’m actually cursed in this arena, which simultaneously drivesdrivesDRIVES my self-belief, and isn’t true. Definitely respond to disollusionment and disappointment with a fantasy-prone addictive nature, and find my escape in art of all kinds which my chart seems to greatly bolster despite this difficult time with Mars and Venus simultaneously. But I would trade all my hard-won artistic talent, turn my back on my creative gifts in a heartbeat, for a more externally functional placement of Mars and Venus. Not to mention the Uranus square, it seems like my chart is hellbent on making me face these issues! Luckily my Venus is trine Pluto and trine Moon so that might help ease the pressure, but just the fact that I seem to be tied totally hard to Pisces and 12th house makes even the boons I see in my chart hard to fully experience.


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Activate me astr music

I have struggled all my life with low self esteem, shyness, feeling of loneliness, and not finishing any educations or projects I have started. I´ve always liked to paint, but it has never really been acknowledged in my family.


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The decision brought about total transformation, but it came with many hardships, failures and sacrifices for years to come (my pluto also close to the ascendant). This very trying transformaton came into full swing with a terrible experience, just when I had finished reading a book written by the Dalai Lama. It was my first acquaintance with his teachings. And it has made me realise later on, that even the best of spiritual teachings, can have a darker side to them.

Had the same issue with myself and my husband's game: we both have the same version of Asphalt 8 playing on windows10 laptops. But i must say that i was shocked when i receive a call from my lover and she apologies for leaving me and begged me to take her back. I will share with you my experience with my planets in the twelfth house.


I have Neptune, Sun, Mercury, and Mars in the 12th house Scorpio. Not able to interpret this combination. As mentioned so much imagination where it is not required and lack of self confidence most of the times.

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I struggle with a 12th house Venus which is also square to my Neptune in the 3rd house. Fantasies and delusions plague me (especially regarding love and relationships). I really appreciate this article. However, I can’t seem to find anything that points to HOW to deal with 12th house things or even natal squares. I just keep reading “if you are willing to do the work”, but how do you change something so innate within you? How do you change your beliefs about love and relationships that inform all aspects of your life? You state that a 12th house Venus “might point to limiting beliefs about relationships.


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Hi Elizabeth, 12th house stellium or multiple 12th house planets emphasize the theme of hidden reality, which is many times related to spirituality, but in some cases behind-the-scenes work that goes on in a large institution. For a full analysis please consider scheduling a private session.

A cartographically well-designed map is a thing of great beauty. The Geysers pipeline project. An appointment with me is not an astrological reading in the traditional sense where I explain the chart to you, highlighting your weaknesses and strengths.


Posted On 01.11.2020 By laja. You haven't saved anything yet. Moving Ahead after Election.

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UCF RESTORES is providing free, one-on-one telehealth counseling sessions to frontline workers during the coronavirus pandemic. Appointments can be made by calling the UCF RESTORES Hotline from 9 until 5, Monday through Friday.


You’ve listed several planetary placements – to synthesize these, it’s best if I look at your entire chart and not just the ones that you’ve mentioned. For that, please consider scheduling a private consultation.

Activate me astr games

I have very responsible Parents who were in their early twenties, when they had Me! Always making Sure, I received the best education possible.


Hi Morgan, the 12th house symbolism does not mean you’re destined to end up in any of the institutions you mentioned. Nor does it suggest mental illness.

AT&T offers three free months of FirstNet service to nurses and doctors. Doctors or nurses already on a traditional AT&T plan can switch to a FirstNet plan, which runs $40 a month for individuals for one line of unlimited talk, text and data. Those who also want unlimited mobile hotspot will pay $45 a month.


Hi my name is Martin and I have this aspect it’s pretty intense and has been for a awhile. I’m not 100 percent sure If it’s this aspect doin the work I’m experiencing but my all about me is changing. Down to how I love, who my time was goin toward, living in a dream world and this world is very helpful. I been soul searching for years and I am starting to believe I found myself. I have a Pluto in 12th house trine chiron in 8th. It’s unbelievable I promise, and if I wasn’t wxperiencing what I am I couldn’t believe it. astrology changed my life.

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So, I have Sun and Mercury in Scorpio and my sun resides in the 12th house. I have a Capricorn moon with a Sagittarius rising and my mars is in Virgo. I understand that knowing this information will benefit me, if I chose for it to do so, but having found this out makes me feel very victimized which is what the 12th house suns are notorious for I know. I believe in some sense that ignorance is bliss because prior to reading this I developed a detailed mask that I was comfortable wearing. However, having gained this information it shattered that mask to pieces and weather or not that’s a good thing I haven’t quite figured out. I am a very disciplined person with goals and an obsession to achieve my dreams. Chasing this dream is done in private, I write constantly, plan constantly, and dream constantly. I have scheduled times throughout my day to imagine what my accomplished dream would feel like. In the pursuit of my dream, which is music, I have gotten in my way several times. My family, who was once a trusty alliance for myself, has now become somewhat of an enemy.


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Thank you for your excellent articles! I have Sun conjunct Venus in the 12th (Gemini), with both planets strongly opposing Neptune in the 6th (Sagittarius). I feel this is some kind of constant challenge for me, so at the risk of generalizing without reference to the rest of my chart, any thoughts on this?


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Trestle Health and Housing, LLC and Aimbridge Hospitality will deliver additional room capacity and in-place resources to blunt the anticipated COVID-19 surge over the next few weeks and months. The two companies will provide states with discounted room rates, meal options, leveraging resources and access to key property management staff, helping free up acute care capacity for critical COVID-19 patients. If you’re interested in getting your state involved, contact Alice Walsh of Aimbridge at [email protected] or by phone at 703-585-4786.

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Hi Rena, “the internalized anger morphing into depression” captures the danger of this measurement. Releasing the anger will change the expression of this pattern into something more inspired.


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Jupiter in 12th house is traditionally thought of as a good placement (they called it “guardian angel” because Jupiter can connect to the unseen realms represented by the 12th house). Although you seem to be leaning toward a negative interpretation (like “suppressed faith”) due to your personal experience, which is certainly one possible outcome of this placement, probably the heavy feeling you describe isn’t due to this 12th house Jupiter placement. Rather, it’s most likely the case that rediscovering your lost faith (Jupiter in 12th house) would be the first step in your transformation.


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Hi Mahmoud, the 12th house dynamic is unique to each person, so this is an area that’s best served by private consultation. The typical thoughts with Aquarius and 12th house would be helping others and contributing to the society somehow.


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The Britt is offering Toronto hospital and emergency service workers free rent and reduced rates for June and July. To apply, frontline health-care workers can call 416-929-5151 or go to brittluxuryresidences.com.


I am new to astrology and I am very confused with some of my placements. A lot of them point to success in career and success in love but it hasn’t been that way for me at all. I am 29 and really lost about what I want to do with my life. My Sun is 20° cancer in 6th house.

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Hi Larissa, thank you for sharing your experience with the 12th house Mercury. This placement suggests potential for intuitive thinking, but as you say, the mental radar can become too sensitive and manifest as worry instead of insight.

As a child I always felt different or destined for great things was a talented artist but extreme fear of rejection. Able to make and maintain friendships easily, my mother had a terrible pregnancy and growing up I tried to keep a low profile at home. My parents loved me but had a volitile relationship we had times of abundance and scarcity I had wonderful memories and support from. My grandparents, a bright kid a member of mensa at 8 but was not properly encouraged as a teen.


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Hi, I just found out that I have 3 planets in my 12th house (Sun, Mercury and Saturn). I don’t understand and what does it mean if I have an empty house in 3rd, 6th and 7th?

When i was young i always felt like a happy person, yet i was often told (especially my mother) that i looked sad. However now that I’m an adult, i seem to excel and content with dwelling within the melon collie realm and I’m happy with this. Has my happiness in environment change due to my mothers perception?


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I struggled with depression and codependent relationships until I found my confidence though adhering to a routine weight training schedule. Working out seems to help release my suppressed anger and frustration by getting lost in my music and battle of will with the weights.

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In a sense, 12th house can be viewed as a doorway to your unconscious, intuitive realm. Thus many artists and musicians have strong 12th house emphasis.


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Hi Matthew, thank you for sharing your thoughts with Jupiter in 12th house. Regarding the transits in your 12th house, that cluster tends to travel in groups once a year in your 12th house (activating your Jupiter), so it would be interesting to journal what gets activated (https://srirejekifastboat.com/serial-code/?file=2348) in your dreams, imagination as well as how you feel during that season.

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I have virgo ac and leo 12th house and south node leo 29 degrees conjunct. Juppiter is goigle to connect my south node. What is giono to be. Am i giungere to lern about my past and about limitation? Thank you very much for your answer?


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Hi IndigoRain, the suggestion is that there was a need to hide, protect or withdraw yourself from your surroundings. The reason for that varies, but most likely it is something you’ll recognize. This is just what comes to mind from your description, but a deeper discussion will need to be done within a private consultation.


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Talkspace is offering 1,000 free months of therapy for impacted healthcare workers. To access, download the app and register/provide your NPI.


Western NY: The state is planning to use part to provide free care for children of essential workers who are income eligible. The scholarship is open to eligible families who are looking for care and those who already have it through a licensed provider.

I have my Sun (in Taurus) in the 12th. It wasn’t until I was much older and understood astrology better that I realized what that could possibly mean in terms of my own self-expression/creativity and any accompanying blocks. Oh wait, did I mention my Sun squares Uranus in Leo in the 3rd! So as you you can imagine, I’ve spent a lifetime expressing myself while still feeling self-conscious about it a lot of the time!


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Hi Hong, If Uranus is within 2/5 degrees of Ascendant, you could consider it to be in 1st house. In either case, Uranus conjunction with Ascendant suggests a strong need for individuation, which means you’ll feel more at home with yourself and others once you find your unique path in life.


12th House Planets: Transform Self-Limiting Patterns

My Venus & Mars (in Cancer) are conjunct in the 12th house (cusp Gemini), and Mars is conjunct the Ascendant Cancer. My Leo Sun is in the 1st house ascendant. I feel this is a very very strong polarity, a complex dynamic that I would greatly value astrological insight on.

IRC log of #maemo for Thursday, 2020-08-21

Thank you for this grounded and uncomplicated view of the 12th house! I’ve been dealing with the 12th my entire life (Aries Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus all there) but now feel the tremendous shaking of the tree with transiting Pluto squaring all of these late in my 9th house, while opposing my Mars ruler at the same time.


Conjunct pluto or mars would absolutely point to trauma, pain, deep loneliness, along with that saturnian isolation. Saturn 12th house folks tend to also find sleep extremely restorative, can sleep for 17 hours at a go.

I was curious how the Malefic side will affect me. I am also Mercury Ruled. During a transit, will a Conjuction enhance my Mercury/12th house energy, or will it behave like it normally does?


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I have all planets in the 12 house, except Mars. And my partner has them except moon and mars.


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Hello Ani, “combust” is an old concept from horary astrology and doesn’t necessarily have the same ominous implication in modern astrology. In terms of psychology, the closeness of Venus or Mercury to the Sun often suggests a strong tendency for idealism that colors your thought, speech and relationship patterns.

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North Carolina: Buncombe County and Virtelle Hospitality partnered with Dogwood Health Trust to pilot a lodging program for healthcare workers, first responders, and other front line community members working to prevent communicable diseases and that require a safe residence to self-isolate if they were to contract the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19. Interested partners are encouraged to send an email to [email protected] or visit WNCready.org to explore opportunities.

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Free yoga classes for healthcare workers from Zia Yoga & Wellness. Simply email us at [email protected]


Hi Matthew, the pattern suggests strong idealism, which is not easy to share with others in a direct manner. You may need creative vehicles to express it fully.

Hi Tina, it seems to suggest an interest in (and sensitivity to) otherworldly matters, whether fictional, occult or spiritual. For a detailed analysis of your horoscope, please consider scheduling a private consultation, thanks.


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Hi Tammy, I’ve deleted your planetary positions, as this isn’t a place for a full reading. Your birth chart is not weird, and there isn’t anything to worry about – the patterns of your birth chart reflect tendencies and potentials, not any mystical influences upon your life. Please consider scheduling a private consultation if you’re interested in a real discussion regarding your horoscope.

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I am drawn to physical and spiritual healing too. But my north node is in Leo in the 11th house so I know it might take on a different flavor.

Things and feeling guilty,and out of balance more than I can say. In the last month, I lost several thousand dollars while shopping, car rolled out of driveway into neighbors yard due to my carelessness and tonite while in Safeway getting supplies for a serious storm someone smashed my window and stole my purse,phone and laptop (among other things) as well as planner bills and critically important notes. Lastly, I should prob mention all of this comes at biggest crisis of my life (and narcissistic/elderly mother’s as well.


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How does this apply to those with no planets in the 12th (mine being in Taurus)? Is it still possible to somehow utilize some of this to uncover self-limiting patterns and heal them? I have a 1st house Chiron, Saturn in the 7th, the Moon in the fourth and a Sun in the 9th. For some reason I feel that the 12th is a missing piece of the puzzle in my healing journey but I’m not sure how to begin unraveling it myself.


Hi Brenda, thank you for commenting. Meditation is a great way to increase self-awareness and find the hidden patterns operating within your life – awareness gives possibility for change, so it’s a positive practice.

Jupiter in 12th house

Should I travel to move Jupiter to my SR ASC? That will make my moon go in to the 8th.


Headspace Plus: FREE access through 2021. You can redeem your subscription using your National Provider Identifier (NPI) and email address.

Forest Bathing Hawaiʻi offers free virtual forest bathing walks, based on the evidence-based wellness practice from Japan, first walk free to healthcare and essential workers, and first responders. Participants can join the online walk from wherever they are - a green space near them, a backyard or park, or even from inside their home near a window. Via Zoom, the certified forest therapy guide will be outdoors and sharing her view of Hawaiʻi’s beautiful and healing natural world.


I have sun mercury venus and jupiter in the 12th house. When i was little i knew there was something about me, sth not very nice but challenging. Everyone saw me strangely, my mum thought i had dyslexia, my teachers (until now) say that i don’t talk at all and it’s not healthy for me. I can go hours with out talking to anybody maybe even day but then i burst, i can’t accept loneliness no. It’s also hard for me to concentrate and i have low self esteem.

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I have Venus, Mars, and Jupiter stellium in 12th House (in Sagittarius); which all trine Moon in 8th House (Leo) and square Saturn in 3rd House (Pisces). I have tons of energy and positivity whenever I don’t feel restricted/burdened by responsibility. The Sagittarius-Leo energy is so strong.

Masks are IN STOCK and are available FOR SALE. And we are offering a discount code: HERO18 for 18% off, especially for healthcare professionals and first responders.


My whole houses chart is much more difficult to swallow, which is why I wished to dismiss it at first. I realized my bias and decided to look into it more closely through the whole house lens and begrudgingly began to experience more growth as I accepted the new placements and the shift. I like how you use the word ‘lens’ to describe the different methods.

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I am a highly spiritual person whom likes to service others — sometimes for Free when I should charge 😂 but I am just like that. I am comfortable with Jupiter in the 12th. But wondering if that will actually affect my plans in launching.


The American Hotel & Lodging Association introduced Hotels for Hope, which has identified more than 6,500 properties nationwide located near health-care facilities that are willing to provide temporary housing to the health community and first responders. Fill out the form, but give it 2-3 days for them to process the request.

Hello, I have Saturn and North node in my 12th (Virgo), Sun – Cancer, Ascendant – Virgo. All I can say, although I see Virgo qualities in myself (idealization, perfectionism), yet I am sooo emotional, Im expert in feeling/expressing/overexagerating emotions (South node Pisces) and am lacking keeping attention to details, and keeping myself and schedule/job organized (I have Saturn square Mars).


Hi nestamook, thank you for sharing your experience with the 12th house stellium. Yes, meditation would be quite beneficial to recognize and sort out the unconscious patterns. Any other possible expressions would have to be considered by looking at the whole horoscope.

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As a child I just felt paralysed and in incredible amounts of pain, not knowing what the heck was going on in my life, and in myself. I experienced constant internal sabotage and developed low self-worth that made me feel isolated. My life has been about dedicating myself to learning about vulnerability and the innocence of it, the power of it, and the destruction created when people suppress and ignore their emotions and don’t express their needs. About celebrating and liberating the inner child. My south node capricorn and capricorn sun has found it incredibly hard to allow this passage of pain and rebirth. I feel drawn to help others heal through communicating positive ways of relating with others, through words and creativity, like images.


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