Next power the Xbox 360 on with the eject button.

But I did not dump my original retail nand. A guy from a store that no longer exists did the hack. Xbox controller key mapper firefox.

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  • I recently installed windows 8.1 on my laptop and totally forgot to back up my nand-x drivers
  • I dumped the nand, but then realized I dont have the xebuild files for dash 7357
  • Search only AutogGG 0.9 - All in one Jtag / RGH app - CPU key / Xell / Hacked Nand
  • Updating a xbox 360 XBR 8955?
  • And I DON'T HAVE THE CPU KEY so xebuild won't generate new nand

Then with the CPU key entered, click the Re-Init button

Now you need to solder the wires coming out of the LPT connector to the Xbox 360’s motherboard. Below is an image showing the same seven colors on the JTAG headers. Solder the LPT wires to the matching colored JTAG port holes. It should look something like the image above when done.

Author Topic: Xecuter RGH2.0 Official Release

Make sure you still have your NAND dump from (https://srirejekifastboat.com/serial-code/?file=3672) the second step selected, and that your dash version, Glitch2, and CR4 are all still selected. Then with the CPU key entered, click the Re-Init button. A message with the text of “Nand Initialization Finished” should appear in the message box. You can then click the Create XeBuild Image button. The image above shows the screen after pressing that button.


Back then I did not do anything on my console and did not know how to hack at all. I gave my console to the guy, told him I wanted to play backups, that's all. I played a few games, most would work, some wouldn't.

November 19th: A trivia-based Xbox Live game show, called 1 vs 100 (based off of the show of the same name), begins it's first of two seasons. The game consisted of a 2-hour long live game session twice a week for 13 weeks. A single person called "The One" was selected in each session to face 100 other people, with the rest of the present players on the game being "the mob". Prizes including Microsoft Points and games were given out, with the grand prize being 10,000 Microsoft Points ($125) if the One wins.


Now make some selections in the XeBuild section. Select your dash version, Glitch2, and check CR4. Now you can click on the create ECC button in the top left. You should see an ECC created message in the message log. Above is an image of the J-Runner program after doing all of the things listed above.

Flash Dump Tool V0.1

April 28th: Grand Theft Auto IV is released, reaching over 3/6 million copies for over $310 million in sales on the first day. Within the week, $500 million was earned. This broke the records for first day and first week gross income for an entertainment product, previously set by Halo 3 and Pirates of the Caribbean respectively.


After getting your cpu key you can write your original nand image back to the board. Or go straight forward and install XBReboot or freeBOOT.

Driver lexmark e323n Windows 7 Download

With the USB to NAND-X update cable can you update with every PC / Notebook your NAND-X Programmer to the latest NANDPRO version and so you can use your NAND-X to program your CoolRunner over USB. MS Defender updates from Windows Update fail, other Updates successful in Windows Updates and Activation MS Defender updates from Windows Update in settings fail, other Updates successful, but MS Defender from Control panel can update the same definition updates without problems why, oh, why? There used to be more info about DIY nandx update cable online but i can no longer find.


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Corona v2) motherboard because this kind of console are not compatible with the older nand dumping hardware (USB SPI) on the market. Also when installing make sure you install everything(Add-ons/Plug-ins) Or the emulator might not work. It is essentially an open source implementation of the R-JTAG hack and achieves the same result through a different method. Thanks for any help, Joe joehacker, Feb 16, 2020. Discussion in 'Xbox 360 - Modding & Hacking' started by Nelmeco, May 17, 2020.

March 11th: Team Xecuter announces XODE, a complete DVD drive replacement ODE. This project would later be cancelled.


E-Code / Secondary Error code

Once there, download. You'll need to invest at least $50 to do the hack. Digital Signal Processing By Sanjit K Mitra 4th Edition. NAND so those will need to refer to the RGH section. It is very easy to rip off the solder pads too if the process is done with haste.

I found the Xbox 360 RGH process to be more difficult to the process of hacking other seventh generation consoles like the Wii, and the PS3, mostly because of the huge variety of hacking methods, and my desire to do it as cheaply as possible (it ended up being around $10). Doing another 360 now that I’ve done my first should be a lot easier.


13378008313500f26816F9ACF23FEEA4 is the cpu key

With your new image loaded in the "Load Source" section and your cpu key in the "Cpu Key" section click on the "kv info" tab. You will noticed that the info in there are obviously not from your console. So now would be a good time, for those who can, to extract your dvd drive key and patch the key vault with the appropriate dvd key.

Unfortunatly if you are ordering a USB2SATA cable? The Xecuter NAND (check out this site)-X & JTAG Kit - RGH Edition with the improved V3 Code is the best solution for repair centre and JTAG developer. Use your NAND-X to program the Xecuter CoolRunner with the latest firmware over USB. Settings fail, 2 programmable USB to update cable? Xecuter Nand-X Console Modding Tutorial Using a CK3 to a nand. Xbox NAND xecuter nand-x, do multiple installs without problems why?


JTAG tool appeared to make a good dump (https://srirejekifastboat.com/serial-code/?file=9812) after a bit of coaxing. Run the installer and then the program.

Xbox 360 unban method discovered
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4 Easily update your Jtagged or RGH Xbox 360 to Kernel 4%
5 Updating a xbox 360 XBR 8955? 30%
7 Yuzu - Nintendo Switch Emulator 98%

This is a very important step for 360's with the 7371 kernel. Some of these 360's have been patched already to stop the JTAG hack.

Joined May 2, 2020 Messages 11, 022 Reaction score 5, 423 Location The Moon. Xell is used to grab your CPU Key for your console. When I started looking for a way to hack my 360 I heard about the jtag method only to find out that my dashboard was newer then 7371, but in early September a hardware exploit was developed know as the RGH. V. vRuffus Junior Member. KV - This is your KeyVault, it holds all the data of the such as your DVD Key, CPU Key and various other data regarding your consoles region and settings.


With RGH2, a cpu_key is necessary for building the NAND image. The reason for this is because cpu_key encryption starts at CB, and in RGH1 there was only one CB which meant that CD was encrypted with cpu_key but CB could be "zero paired" which meant that the cpu_key would not be applied. When split-CB was added, they started the encryption at CBA and removed the zero pairing option, which means that cpukey encryption on CBB is mandatory. Because of a vulnerability in the way they use RC4, if you have a stock NAND image that already has a CBB encrypted on it, we can derive the keystream used in that image because we know what the CBB looks like decrypted (we have already decrypted that version before). Because of this, we can embed the older vulnerable CBB into the NAND image using the keystream.

January 13th: Robinsod discovers a way to modify kernel patches in order to downgrade to the base kernel version (1888). This is soon patched in kernel 4552. Muslix64 obtains the HD-DVD decryption keys.


If you are going to use RGH2/0 please give credits to the Team Xecuter RGH development Team. Don't be lame and try to claim the work as your own.

Driver nand x usb update cable for Windows 10 download

Choose from our wide selection of colors and designs. The Acer Aspire 5 A515-51G-53V6 is a mid-range 15. X360run X360run V1. Here is the Acer Aspire 5 A515-51-50Y5 configuration sent to TechRadar for review: CPU: 1. Purchase includes -Ace V4 Chip-Adhesive. Regions (but reading is possible) - perhaps this is done on the 360 HV and user encryption probably different HV static user: bit in pagetable - claim is: routine that hashes, tests key code. The thing i wanna ask you is when he/she said ' I do not have the original nand dump so I did it with the nand i extract from. This guide will show you a quick way to update your Jtagged Xbox 360 to the latest Freeboot 0.032 (9199 Dash / Kernal) without opening the console up again.


Load your DVD dump as source in Jungleflasher and load a stock firmware as the target. Select XBR / Freeboot / Xell file you want to write onto your NAND 4. Done, XBR now should boot in your console. There are 12 fusesets and they form the fundament for the Xbox hypervisor security. How to Dump the Xbox 360 NAND Alright now that you have the JTAG connections out of the way its time to install the LPT cable. Flashing the new nand to the Xbox 3. Quick Note: If you are a Jtag user upgrading from XBR 8. Free.

This guide aims to cover everything required to update your Jtagged Xbox 360 to the latest 12611 Kernel / Dashboard. I have tried to make the guide as detailed as possible so people still learning about all this can follow it, if you want a guide that is more to the point have a look at slimwadey's.


Xell is used to grab your CPU Key for your console. Which is a good thing to have in case you need to open your KV. Install Xell is easy and takes little to now time. This is not needed to install XBR. XBR already has Xell integrated with it. This is for the people that just need their CPU key to decrypt their KV to get their DVD key.

All Phat consoles have now been defeated and are totally glitch-able without having a previous NAND dump or CPU KEY (the same applies to Slim Trinity that have been updated to 14717/14719). Corona V2 needs a special method of dumping the 4GB NAND. Why am i not getting the blue screen with the cpu key? Guide how to dump the flash using Infectus; Linux. It's noob-friendly and filled with helpful information - FenixConsoles/360wiki.


Source File field and. Added support for new ISD chip (Sonus 360) Patch kv OSIG list updated; Patch kv Serial and Console ID added; Added rev option on Advanced XeBuild Options; Lots of various enhancements, bug fixes, optimizations; Download HERE. Also ensure your CPU key is correct. This is done in CB and CF too (but your CPU has the key). Satellite Download Center.

October 6th: The Australian Stevens v Kabushiki Kaisha Sony Computer Entertainment case is taken to High Court and it is ruled that Sony's PlayStation was designed to prevent illegal copies of games being played, and was not designed to prevent illegal copying. Because of this, it does not qualify as a "technological protection measure" (TPM) device as they claimed and thus modchips are declared legal in Australia again.


If yes, type windows update into the box > a popup box will appear > click Check for updates > You should be on Windows Update windows now. Whatever nand x programmer styles you want, can be easily bought here.

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September 14th: Halo: Reach is released, generating a record $200 million within the first 24 hours. The disc includes a brand new disc format called XGD3.


Those files are what basic fbbuild sometimes struggles to extract/generate from hacked dumps (why earlier versions called for the original NAND dump). You might be able to dodge this but have them anyway and do use them if you have them.

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Calculating CB LDV can be a little bit more trickier. You have to take the right-most "F" and calculate how many character it is from the left. In the example above the right-most "F" is 5 characters from the left so we have a cb lock down value of 5.

March 11th: Natelx releases a DashLaunch plugin to enable developer kit features on a JTAG/RGH exploited console. Lantus releases MilkyTracker, a music making application, for XDKs.


How to do the JTAG Hack/Dump NAND/Xell Tutorial

Copy this file to the root of a FAT32 formatted flash drive. Then shut off your console, put in the flash drive, and turn it back on.

Black Shark Activation Key. AEST chromium writes. Sharing; Share via Twitter; 01-02-2020, 05: 37 AM #1. X NAND Dump Checker by Swizzy, allows you to check each page of your Xbox NAND dump for ECC errors It does this by calculating the ECC data and comparing it to the one stored in spare. As the 360 DVD drives use a non-standard power connector, you will need some kind of adaptor.

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I have to say RGH2/0 is very unstable. I have done in my Falcon CB5772 and i have only seen the dashboard twice.


I have some general soldering tips on this page. For the X360Ace make sure your wires are as short and direct as possible, and that there is as little exposed wire on the ends that touch the board as possible.

Secondly, thanks to ikari and everyone else who has contributed to FreeBoot / fbBuild. It is great what you guys have accomplished, it is appreciated by myself and many people who want to use FreeBoot for homebrew & region locked games, not for cheating on Xbox Live.


March 2nd: The Xbox is discontinued in North America and out-of-warranty support is dropped completely. Halo 3 reaches one billion matches played.

Above is a hand drawn schematic of how you need to connect the LPT connector to the X360Ace chip. The LPT connector is being viewed from the side you solder to, and the X360Ace text on the image is where the text is printed on the actual chip. The image has two 1/5V AAAA battery cells shown to get the 3V output. You can use any 3V or 3/3V source, something like a couple of AA batteries works. Below is an image of how I wired everything together.


CPU Key retrieved you can now generate the RGH2 dashboard image. Da Historia, Teria como eu fazer uma nand com a cpu key, sem eu usar o sistema jtag depois do procedimento, pois queria deixa ele destravado sem o jtag obrigado. Now power the Xbox 360 console off and plug your USB drive in to the Xbox 360's USB port. User #158360 14738 posts. Pretty much every Slim 360 is emulated for it but some drives require extra steps.

As I'm sure all of you know by now, Microsoft has been actively banning users with modified consoles from Xbox Live for the past 1-2 weeks now. The bans have spanned all drives and firmware revisions and the cause (or causes) is not known as of this writing.


[JTAG/RGH] How to build a new NAND when you lost

Xell will also automatically give you your cpu/dvd key at the end when you boot it up so you have plenty of time to write it down without taking a picture. Switch Push Key High Filter). Get a camera and wait for an area the shows a bunch of fuse sets and take a picture of it. If you have an older Freeboot and XeLL, wait until it reaches the bottom for the CPU key. Select RGH2 as the type and also we suggest 15574 as the dashboard, also make sure the Glitch option is selected. Thanks in advanced for any help with this.

Updating your hardware hacked

March 20th: tmbinc creates Xenon Linux Loader (XeLL) which allows any retail console to run Linux using the KK Exploit. The first game with native 1080p support, Virtua Tennis 3, is released.


This post covers the process of doing an RGH2 mod on my Xbox 360 S Trinity console as cheaply as possible. Most guides mention buying expensive NAND programmers, glitch chips, QSB’s, and other specialized parts. I’ll be using a cheap $7 modchip, along with several dollars worth of electronics that you might already own.

Step 2 – Dumping the Xbox 360 NAND

August 14th: SKFU releases XBLM Browser, an application that allows you to see the information of every game or app on the Xbox Live Marketplace and PartnerNet. He later updates it to allow downloading of the content, and viewing of Microsoft employee-only data including pre-release and beta dashboards.


FreeBOOT v0.02 and XBReboot v0.05 released

C4eva has announced that he is working on new firmware for all drives that will be called iXtreme LT (Lite Touch). This firmware will have minimal patching, only what is required to allow backup discs to boot. There will be little (if any) security checks done on the discs by the firmware, meaning that running your backup images through abgx360 and ensuring that they are properly patched and verified will become even more important than it already has been. The idea behind this firmware is to remove as many differences between stock and hacked firmware as possible. Lite-On and Hitachi 1/61 have been canceled and will be replaced by iXtreme LT instead. There is no ETA on the new iXtreme LT firmware so don't ask, we only know that it is in the works.

Samsung V-NAND SSD maintenance features like TRIM. How To CoolRunner Update Cable Description, 8. Tutorial Using a CK3 PRO/CK3i to upgrade your Nand-X Console Modding Tutorial Using a CK3 PRO/CK3i to upgrade your Nand-X. All that is required to use the Maximus AVR USB v1/2 programmable USB key is a PC running Windows XP, Vista or 7, a USB cable is not even required. Nandpro3/0a - All in one - Nandflash, Xilinx CPLD flash, and PostMonitor Download Nandpro 3. Built-in Programmer for future NAND-X firmware upgrades Windows app available * Proven technology - based on NAND Pro desig. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Use your NAND-X firmware over $25 shipped by Amazon.


Flash Dump Tool 0.97

I'll be going over what each program is good for. Add the Cpu key of your console with "add CPU-Key" and click on OK. So now would be a good time, for those who can, to extract your dvd drive key and patch the key vault with the appropriate dvd key. If you have a NAND-X you can find the diagram HERE. The "Virtual Nand" file can be read or be programmed, as if it where a device.

You need your CPU key for this. Notify me when this product becomes available. This is not needed to install XBR. I have successful dumps of my nand, but don't know how to extract/read that info. If they match what you have then it's good.


Driver Scanmaker E3 Windows

Well it appears during the update process from 4532 to 4548 the CG data for 4532 was deleted but the list in CF is still valid. This is odd since 4548 was not a lock down version was it?

Step 1: Use the following diagram to solder your USB SPI Programmert? Boot 9. 19. If you are on 8. 95. If you are on 9. 19. How to dump (backup) your current Freeboot nand: We are going to take a copy of your consoles existing nand, xe. Open in flashtool and click [patch], check the "patch keyvault. Superman's X-ray Vision Challenge - Duration: The Action Lab 2, views. So please only order if you have a way of dumping your original firmware.


Calculating CF/CG ldv is fairly simple. Just count the number of "F" in fuseset 07 to fuseset 11. So in the example above we have a cf/cg lock down value of 2.

Search only freeBOOT v0.02 and XBReboot v0.05 released

Out of the three seventh generation consoles that I have modded, I found the Xbox 360 to be the hardest to hack, mostly because of how hard it was to find current tutorials. Forums are filled with outdated information, and there are just so many different modchips, console revisions, and methods of hacking. I wanted to know how I could mod my Trinity console into a Trinity RGH console.


When finished it will say “image written, shut down now”. You can then restart your console. The output is in the image above.

Type this string into the CPU Key field in J-Runner

To program the X360Ace chip plug in the LPT connector into the LPT port on your old computer, and open up J-Runner. Make sure you have selected LPT, and entered the port number, into the CoolRunner programming section, and then click on advanced, and then custom NAND/CR functions.


Press Settings and then options. The main one you want selected is "extract ibuild compatible files".

From getting nand-x to running freeboot step by step

You have now created a fake original nand image. Even though you won't be able to boot your console with this image it would still be a good idea to keep it somewhere safe.


July 14th: The NXE dashboard is revealed with screenshots during Microsoft's E3 conference adding avatars, the ability to install games to the hard drive, and an upgraded Xbox Marketplace interface. Microsoft declares partnership with Netflix.

Enter a CPU key at the left hand side of the program and click create FB. It will ask you for a NAND dump and then it will more or less go from there until it asks you to find a place to save the new file. It might have an error at some point (freeboot failing to extract a file- remember the hassle with 360 Flash dump tool. This is why we did that) but in my test it came through none the less (or at least it looks good in 360 flash dump (you can try here) tool).


This requires Xell data (CPU Key) and two files from your NAND. It is sucessfully running the jtag hack (well partially). Noobert Sep 18, 2020; 27 28 29. Replies 569 Views 122K. Prototype NAND Image Editor - Click "RGLoader. The CPU key (also 1br but that is the same for all s).