See more of Tri-Cities #1 For New Country 1027 KORD on Facebook.

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In reality, the EV space is a brutal game within the zero-sum auto industry where the sale of each EV comes at the expense of a sale of an internal-combustion-engine (ICE) vehicle. In US auto sales, there has been a lot of turmoil but no growth for over two decades, and then in 2021, auto sales plunged to 1970s level. The only US automaker that grew was Tesla.

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About Keyw 98.3 the Key: Studio Lines, Media Tri-Cities, Townsquare. This year came late and just kept coming - Don't miss any posted from Keyw the Key. Get interactive with our mix shows, make instant Operating System: ANDROID. Licensed to Pasco, Washington, United States, the station serves the Tri-Cities area. Listen to the station live and interact with the hosts you can direct. RIK MIKALS tells ALL ACCESS, "I'm excited to. Tv Screen Radio Personality The Nightly News Stacy Lee Tim Adams KORD KNDU-TV SWX FOX-TV Spring Face Tri-Cities.

RICHLAND, Wash - A local band wants to share a warning, beware of fake money. On Saturday, June 24th, while playing a gig at Kimo’s Sportsbar in Richland, they had a man drop 400 dollars’ worth of fake money in their tip jar. Band member Brendan Hummel sent Action News a.


The NuVi does notsupportNMEA-0183, DHCP or RTCM. Garmin has includedconnectivity for its Custom POI program and for the ability to accessthe 700meg user memory and the SD card memory as USB hard drives. There are no other connectivity options as far as we cantell.

Wefound the NuVi audio and visual guidance directions verysatisfactory. NuVi automatically varies its"turn here" warning time to give you more warning time athigh speed than at lower speed.


The NuVi's screenis a high brightness and is very daylight viewable WHEN thebacklight is turned ON. The screen brightness andreadability falls between the brighter SP26xx/27xx models and the c3xxmodels with less readable screens. The NuVi has anadjustable brightness and audio level control and no contrast controlis needed. NuVi has no marine feature set and NO features forhiking or geocache activity are provided. NuVi does havea rechargeablebattery pack which willrun the unit with backlight for several hours and it does have thecapability of being run from external 12volt power (furnished voltageregulator/cigar plug cablerequired). Note that the NuVi internal battery is chargedanytimethe unit is running on external 12volt power from either the 12voltpower cable OR by a USB connection to a laptop or othercomputer'sUSB connector (Computer must be ON to power or charge theNuVi). Note: On my Dell 8200, plugging in the USB from NuVi withNuVi having low battery charge results in a "USB Port Overload" alarmon my laptop.

Dedicated hunter, angler and trapper. I enjoy sharing my passion for the outdoors with fellow sportsmen and women. When I am not in the woods or water, I am enjoying my time with my wife and five children.


On December 1, 2021 ownership group Townsquare Media announced changes regarding the 98/3 frequency. With the attempted acquisition of former New Northwest broadcast properties in the market, Townsquare would be over the FCC ownership limit in the Tri-Cities. The company would have been forced to divest some properties. These stations to be divested would operate in a divestiture trust until they are sold. The 98/3 frequency would have been moved into this trust.

Radio stations in Washington

As there is an ever-increasing amount of online traffic from mobile devices, it is necessary to design CAPTCHAs that work well on mobile devices. In this paper, we present SenCAPTCHA, a mobile-first CAPTCHA that leverages the device’s orientation sensors. SenCAPTCHA works by showing users an image of an animal and asking them to tilt their device to guide a red ball into the center of that animal’s eye.


This is last years video from Tough Enough to Wear Pink Day! Wear Pink on Thursday and help support the effort!

Here we are coming up on our first post-pandemic rodeo (Toppenish Rodeo*, July 2nd and 3rd), and I, for one, am kind of excited. I would be WAY MORE excited if we weren't expecting the heatwave to continue, reaching 105 degrees both Friday and Saturday, but nevertheless, I'm just thrilled to be at my first rodeo in nearly 15 years! If you've been to one rodeo, you have not exactly been to them all because each one is different, of course.


We present the design, implementation, and evaluation of a multi-sensor, low-power, necklace NeckSense, for automatically and unobtrusively capturing fine-grained information about an individual’s eating activity and eating episodes, across an entire waking day in a naturalistic setting. NeckSense fuses and classifies the proximity of the necklace from the chin, the ambient light, the Lean Forward Angle, and the energy signals to determine chewing sequences, a building block of the eating activity. It then clusters the identified chewing sequences to determine eating episodes. We tested NeckSense on 11 participants with and 9 participants without obesity, across two studies, where we collected more than 470 hours of data in a naturalistic setting. Our results demonstrate that NeckSense enables reliable eating detection for individuals with diverse body mass index (BMI) profiles, across an entire waking day, even in free-living environments. Overall, our system achieves an F1-score of 81/6% in detecting eating episodes in an exploratory study. Moreover, our system can achieve an F1-score of 77/1% for episodes even in an all-day-around free-living setting. With more than 15/8 hours of battery life, NeckSense will allow researchers and dietitians to better understand natural chewing and eating behaviors. In the future, researchers and dietitians can use NeckSense to provide appropriate real-time interventions when an eating episode is detected or when problematic eating is identified.

Our work can shed light on broad cellular networks researches related to human mobility and data usage. Finally, we discuss issues such as limitations, applications of our approach, and insights from our work.


We’re all about creating outdoor enthusiasts. Our platform connects millions of people with the outdoors every year. Established in 1995, Kalkomey partnered with state agencies to provide boater education. As our industry and product expertise advanced, and at the request of our clients, Kalkomey began to offer more than education. Today, Kalkomey offers an entire suite of integrated web applications designed to connect people with the outdoors.

In this paper, we propose CARIN, CSI-based driver Activity Recognition under the INterference of passengers. CARIN features a combination-based solution that profiles all the possible activity combinations of driver and (one or more) passengers in offline training and then performs recognition online. To attack possible combination explosion, we first leverage in-car pressure sensors to significantly reduce combinations, because there are only limited seating options in a passenger vehicle. We then formulate a distance minimization problem for fast runtime recognition. In addition, a period analysis methodology is designed based on the kNN classifier to recognize activities that have a sequence of body movements, like continuous head nodding due to driver fatigue. Our results in a real car with 3,000 real-world traces show that CARIN can achieve an overall F1 score of 90/9%, and outperform the three state-of-the-art solutions by 32/2%.


Cancer Center to Light Building Pink Honoring Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) is a non-invasive sensing technique which can be used to acquire information on an object’s chemical composition. Although NIRS is conventionally used in dedicated laboratories, the recent introduction of miniaturized NIRS scanners has greatly expanded the use cases of this technology. Previous work from the UbiComp community shows that miniaturized NIRS can be successfully adapted to identify medical pills and alcohol concentration. In this paper, we further extend this technology to identify sugar (sucrose) contents in everyday drinks. We developed a standalone mobile device which includes inter alia a NIRS scanner and a 3D printed clamp. The clamp can be attached to a straw-like tube to sense a liquid’s sucrose content. Through a series of studies, we show that our technique can accurately measure sucrose levels in both lab-made samples and commercially available drinks, as well as classify commercial drinks. Furthermore, we show that our method is robust to variations in the ambient temperature and lighting conditions. Overall, our system can estimate the concentration of sugar with ±0/29 g/100ml error in lab-made samples and < 2/0 g/100ml error in 18 commercial drinks, and can identify everyday drinks with > 99% accuracy. Furthermore, in our analysis, we are able to discern three characteristic wavelengths in the near-infrared region (1055 nm, 1235 nm and 1545 nm) with acute responses to sugar (sucrose).

Here’s Why You Can’t Find an Apartment to Rent in Tri-Cities

Tesla burned through more than $20 billion in investor money to get where it is today. Tesla raised most of this money from share sales. The legacy automakers will have to rely on their cashflow and on borrowing money via bond sales.


Alternatively, you can pick them and make your own bouquet. Haven Flower Farm in Kennewick celebrated its grand opening Saturday morning. Dozens walked through the flower fields choosing different types of flowers for their personal bouquets.

Our quantitative findings demonstrate strong face and convergent validity of the finger-worn accelerometers, and its responsiveness to changes in motor behavior. Our qualitative findings provide a detailed account of the current rehabilitation process while highlighting several challenges that therapists and stroke survivors face. This study offers promising directions for the design of a self-monitoring system that can encourage the affected limb use during stroke survivors’ daily living.


Finding a place to live in Yakima is HARD. I am one of the lucky ones who snagged a place to live that hasn't raised the rent to an exorbitant level like the rest of town. My only gripe is that my place is now too small because I am living with a 10-year-old, two guinea pigs, and a cat (that thinks he's the Mayor of Yakima) in a tiny 1 bedroom apartment. But I like having extra money left over to spend each month, so I'm not moving anywhere for the time being. Call me stingy and cheap if you wanna!

IfI deviate from the calculatedroute, what happens? NuVi will automatically recalculate a newroute to your destination without operator intervention. You canelect "silent" recalculation OR you can elect to be advised when aroute recalculation occurs. The lady sounds just a tiny bitfrustrated when she has to say: RE -Calculating. Some softwareguy has a well tuned sense of humor!



Satellites-in-Viewdisplay screen> Tap the signal strength bar in the upper left cornerof the "Where To" screen to display the NuVi's Satelliteacquisitionpage. Two or fewer signal bars indicate there is no lockbut the unit is acquiring. If the lower bars are RED it indicatesthat no sats are being tracked. If GREEN satellites are beingtracked Three bars indicate a marginal lock which may/may not beenough to navigate. Typically 4 bars will indicate a good qualitylock, but the device is normally looking for at least 5 and this isindicated by 5 green bars. The ESTIMATED tracking accuracy isdisplayed at the top of the Satellite View page. Altitude andspeed are also displayed on this Satellite View page.

To evaluate our algorithm, a half-year data collection was deployed with a real-world system on a coastal area including the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city in north China. With the resolution of 500m×500m×1h, our offline method is proved to have high robustness against low sampling coverage and accidental sensor errors, obtaining 14/9% performance improvement over existing methods. Our quasi real-time model better captures the spatiotemporal dependencies in the pollution map with unevenly distributed samples than other real-time approaches, obtaining 4/2% error reduction.


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The researcher has prepared the study tools namely the teacher's manual for the study research unit, in addition to be a test for mathematical thinking, consisting of 38 test item that measure the tri-thinking dimension, the subject matter of this study, as well as the concept maps that was used only for the empirical group. Final credit approval is conditioned on verification of provided information, receipt of a complete application and credit review. Title Description Keywords; February 04, The Key Radio - Today's Best Music - Tri-Cities Pop Music. Find more info on AllPeople about Paul Drake and Kolw FM, as well as people who work for similar businesses nearby, colleagues for other branches, and more people with a similar name. Find 1 listings related to Keyw 98 3 The Key in Pasco on [HOST] See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for Keyw 98 3 The Key locations in Pasco, WA. Receive alerts about breaking news, contests, and more before anyone else. Start your mornings with Big Jim and Stacy, enjoy your drive home with Faith Martin, and Billy Bush has your Hollywood Gossip at night.

Tickets given away during the Morning Rock Show between 6a-10a! Listen in with Johnny Rhodes for details! Click to view tri-state area heroes and learn how you can submit a photo!


In essence, the shift to EVs has been and will continue to be a giant money-suck. It will take years to settle down. And legacy automakers cannot dodge it. The market has turned, and legacy automakers now have to compete in it, or become irrelevant.

We present RFTattoo, which to our knowledge is the first wireless speech recognition system for voice impairments using batteryless and flexible RFID tattoos. We design specialized wafer-thin tattoos attached around the user’s face and easily hidden by makeup. We build models that process signal variations from these tattoos to a portable RFID reader to recognize various facial gestures corresponding to distinct classes of sounds. We then develop natural language processing models that infer meaningful words and sentences based on the observed series of gestures. A detailed user study with 10 users reveals 86% accuracy in reconstructing the top-100 words in the English language, even without the users making any sounds.


Though dipterans as a whole were affected only at 22/9 µg/litre or more and recovered rapidly, some dipteran sub-taxa were more sensitive or were significantly reduced in the post-treatment period. Tanypodinae and its dominant tribe, Pentaneurini, were the most sensitive. These were significantly reduced in all treated ponds at the end of the treatment period. Both groups recovered within eight weeks of the last treatment. The sub-family Chironominae was the next most sensitive among the family Chironomidae, especially the tribes Tanytarsini and Chironomini. Tanytarsinids were reduced at 22/9 µg/litre early in the treatment period and then recovered. Chironomini followed a similar pattern, including recovery, but were again reduced in number at 22/9 to 91/5 µg/litre. The sub-family Orthocladiinae was the least sensitive chironomid group with effects only at 91/5 µg/litre and full recovery within two weeks. With the wide range of sensitivity observed among the chironomids, the overall impact of diazinon was relatively minor; statistically significant reductions were observed twice early in the highest treatment. Two less abundant dipteran families, Chaoboridae and Ceratopogonidae, were affected at 11/4 µg/litre or more.

An ACpower module is included There are no mapping CDs as maps arepre-loaded. I am not a big fan of windshieldsuction cup mounts but the assembly furnished with NuVi is a)serviceable, b) lightweight, c) folds and packsup "small", and we can find no problems in using it. Adjusting the Garmin windshield mount is a bit tediousand unclipping/reclipping the NuVi into the mount can be difficultuntil you master the technique.


Electric vehicles (EVs) have experienced a sensational growth in the past few years, due to the potential of mitigating global warming and energy scarcity problems. However, the high manufacturing cost of battery packs and limited battery lifetime hinder EVs from further development. Especially, electric bus, as one of the most important means of public transportation, suffers from long daily operation time and peak-hour passenger overload, which aggravate its battery degradation. To address this issue, we propose a novel data-driven battery-lifetimeaware bus scheduling system. Leveraging practical bus GPS and transaction datasets, we conduct a detailed analysis of passenger behaviors and design a reliable prediction model for passenger arrival rate at each station. By taking passenger waiting queue at each bus station analogous to data buffer in network systems, we apply Lyapunov optimization and obtain a bus scheduling strategy with reliable performance guarantee on both battery degradation rate and passengers’ service quality. To verify the effectiveness of the system, we evaluate our design on a 12-month electric bus operation datasets from the city (https://srirejekifastboat.com/serial-code/?file=1485) of Shenzhen. The experimental results show that, compared with two baseline methods, our system reduces the battery degradation rate by 14/3% and 21/7% under the same passenger arrival rate, while preserving good passenger service quality.

The NuVi (in our experiments) generates as good andoccasionally better routes than does the SP2610. We are verypleased to note this as, in our opinion, the major job of a GPS CarNavigator is to generate good routes from A to B. WithNuVi, the calculation of a 400 mile route usually takesabout 10 seconds. This compares to up to half a minute with theSP2610. One trial route from Atlanta to anaddress in Los Angeles took about half a minute with the SP2610and about 15seconds with the NuVi which is an improvement. Off Route,reroute recalculation typically takes a few seconds and it (generally)tries to take you back as quickly as possible to your ORIGINALroute. It does this the first THREE times it goes "offroute, recalculating".


I've decided that from now on, I want to live in the lap of luxury. We've only got one life to live so why not make it extravagant, opulent, and over the top FUN? If you live in Yakima and want to enjoy some of the finer things in life that you know the wealthy residents are enjoying, here's a sneak peek at what they're up to. I've been taking notes!

Great Places To Take Your Dog To Cool Off in the Tri-Cities

Many dozensof ICONS are available in the NuVito identify user waypoints and mark routes. Icons includeairport, bank, boat ramp, car, dam, post office, and a host of others.


Learning a new language is difficult and time-consuming. Apart from dedicated classroom study, second language (L2) learners often lack opportunities to switch their attention to vocabulary learning over other daily routines. In this work, we propose a method that enables L2 learners to study new vocabulary items during their dead time, such as when commuting to school or work. We developed a smartphone application, VocaBura, which combines audio learning with location-relevant L1-L2 word pairs to allow users to discover new vocabulary items while walking past buildings, shops and other locations. Our evaluation results indicated that Japanese beginner level English learners were able to retain more vocabulary items with the proposed method compared to traditional audio-based study despite being less aware of L2 vocabulary acquisition having occurred. In our second study, we report on the level of English vocabulary coverage for L2 learning achievable with our proposed method. We discuss several design implications for educational technologies supporting second language learning.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month — 7 Great Charities That Deserve Your Donations

A key challenge for such gait-based key generation lies in matching the bits of the keys generated by independent devices despite the noisy sensor measurements, especially when the devices are located far apart on the body affected by different sources of noise. To address the challenge, we propose a novel machine learning framework, called Auto-Key, that uses an autoencoder to help one device predict the gait observations at another distant device attached to the same body and generate the key using the predicted sensor data. We prototype the proposed method and evaluate it using a public acceleration dataset collected from 15 real subjects wearing accelerometers attached to seven different locations of the body. Our results show that, on average, Auto-Key increases the matching rate of independently generated bits from two sensors attached at two different locations by 16/5%, which speeds up the successful generation of fully-matching symmetric keys at independent wearable sensors by a factor of 1/9. In the proposed framework, a subject-specific model can be trained with 50% fewer data and 88% less time by retraining a pre-trained general model when compared to training a new model from scratch. The reduced training complexity makes Auto-Key more practical for edge computing, which provides better privacy protection to biometric and behavioral data compared to cloud-based training.

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Thisis a problem with the Navteq map priorities and is true of other Navteqequipped units as well. Overall, the NuVi performsas well and often better than other Car Navigators we have used. Navteqtells me that MAP PROBLEMS WILL be looked at if users will go to andfill out the report form.


Technology Evaluation Report: Site Program Demonstration

Battery life on our unitwas about 3 to 6 hours of normal use on battery. The NuVi usesFLASH memory internally andhas nomemory backupbattery. The LED backlit display lighting has arated design life of 100,000 hours.

Mandeville, LA – Guns & Gear is back! This week on the premiere episode of Season 13: Meet Ruger’s MAX-9 micro-compact!


Theautomatic guidance system TOUCHSCREEN USERINTERFACE is very convenient and quick to use. You can typicallyenter and address and set up a new route in perhaps 30 seconds after abit of practice.

I started my profession career in the medical support industry with Henry Schein Medical. I then moved on to join VIS, LLC in a marketing capacity. The beginning of my time with this company was spent strictly with the automotive tool brand, Sunex Tools. Over the last 3 years as the company has grown, so too has my role within the organization. We acquired the Al Mar Brand approximately 2 years ago. At the end of last year I was given the marketing responsibilities to help grow the brand. Since then we have seen a tremendous growth on both Facebook and Instagram. We have been able to engage deeply with outdoor enthusiast all over the world. This has provided us a growing web of influence partners, fans, and some that I like to call friends at this point.


BANNER told ALL ACCESS, "It’s wonderful to be home in the TRI-CITIES (https://srirejekifastboat.com/serial-code/?file=9286), back with my hubby, and cats. It’s a blessing and pure joy to get to do what I love every day!

The Red Cross is in desperate need of blood donations. The blood banks are running low due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Full text of "Compute! Magazine Issue 010"

Legacy automakers’ control of the market fell apart, barriers to entry vanished. EV powertrains are far simpler to design and build than modern ICE powertrains. The EV components are being commoditized across supply chains. The hard part is the battery-cell technology, but automakers can buy the cells from battery suppliers (which is what Tesla does). This lowers the technical barriers to entry.

July 4th Tri-Cities & OR Fireworks Forecast & Viewing Checklist

Outdoors has been a passion since the 1970's. Having had the opportunity to fish in most provinces of Canada, several states, and both oceans, I look forward to my next trip. Hunting upland game in South Dakota and big game in Colorado & Idaho has provided untold memories.


Ryan grew up in Washington and has family in and around Tri-Cities

Yes, but it really is not designed for aviation use andwill not give you the usual guidance information needed for aviationuse. If you like having your airplane routed point to point, theoffroad mode will do that but you must put in a destination address andstreet name.

I moved to Yakima in 2002 and there are still places in town that I have never been to this whole time. I was driving down West Nob Hill Boulevard today with my daughter in the back seat and we passed by The Great Shanghai Restaurant.


Tyler is a lifelong angler and devotes much of his time to tournament bass fishing. Tyler and his wife Tanya love the outdoors and are founding members of the Spokane Bass Club in Spokane, WA. Tyler has participated in tournaments across the country and holds many awards and titles from his time living in Nevada, Washington and Florida.

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Tom is an award-winning writer with over 3000 pieces published in a wide variety of national and regional publications. He's a Senior Editor and columnist for Sporting Classics magazine and a Senior Editor for the Sporting Classics Daily. He writes regularly across many outdoor titles including Field and Stream, Outdoor Life, Garden and Gun, Sporting Classics, the Pointing Dog Journal, American Angler, Quail Forever, Pheasants Forever and the Ruffed Grouse Society, among others. His first book, A Fly Fishers Guide to the New England Coast, was released January 2021. He is a Senior Editor and Columnist for Sporting Classics magazine, a Senior Editor for the Sporting Classics Daily, and an Editor-at-Large for Strung magazine.


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Today's Best Music The Key is Tri-Cities #1 Official At Work Radio Station with Rik and Stacy In The Morning. Tri-Cities when I started. SecurStar DriveCrypt Plus Pack v3.90G July Cracked-F4CG. Site title of [HOST] is The Key Radio - Best Hits of 80s, 90s, and Today - Tri-Cities Pop Music. Infection rates are lower for animals exposed only to the bacterial challenge. Every year the bandscan here seems more like a metropolitan area. Stream live events, live play-by-play NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, college.

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The shift to EVs will remain a giant money-suck for legacy automakers for years to come. Both GM and Ford have announced investments exceeding $20 billion each over the next few years in order to get their EV programs off the ground. This includes developing the hardware and software, and converting manufacturing plants to EV production. Volkswagen said it would invest $86 billion into its EV and related programs over five years.


We foundthe screens of the Vista Color, GPS-60C, and the G-76C to be much morereadable in sun with the backlight OFF than is the NuVi. We understand the NuVi uses a different screenas compared with the others.

Hand gestures provide a natural and easy-to-use way to input commands. However, few works have studied the design space of bimanual hand gestures or attempted to infer gestures that involve devices on both hands. We explore the design space of hand-to-hand gestures, a group of gestures that are performed by touching one hand with the other hand. Hand-to-hand gestures are easy to perform and provide haptic feedback on both hands. Moreover, hand-to-hand gestures generate simultaneous vibration on two hands that can be sensed by dual off-the-shelf wrist-worn devices. In this work, we derive a hand-to-hand gesture vocabulary with subjective ratings from users and select gesture sets for real-life scenarios. We also take advantage of devices on both wrists to demonstrate their gesture-sensing capability. Our results show that the recognition accuracy for fourteen gestures is 94/6% when the user is stationary, and the accuracy for five gestures is 98/4% or 96/3% when the user is walking or running, respectively. This is significantly more accurate than a single device worn on either wrist. Our further evaluation also validates that users can easily remember hand-to-hand gestures and use our technique to invoke commands in real-life contexts.


Years ago if you looked high in the sky in the Umatilla National Forest, you could see these special towers from miles away. They served an important purpose back in the day and these towers have a fascinating history. These days we have infra-red detection devices and the deployment of.

Maximizing the motor practice in stroke survivors’ living environments may significantly improve the functional recovery of their stroke-affected upper-limb. A wearable system that can continuously monitor upper-limb performance has been considered as an effective clinical solution for its potential to provide patient-centered, data-driven feedback to improve the motor dosage. Towards that end, we investigate a system leveraging a pair of finger-worn, ring-type accelerometers capable of monitoring both gross-arm and fine-hand movements that are clinically relevant to the performance of daily activities.


Here’s the Best Spot in Tri-Cities to View the River of Fire

I do know that I have made a mess in my yard. I asked what's the secret to feeding WA birds. So far, the cats and I have been having a great time watching all the action. Although, I've not seen hardly any of the most common backyard birds in the evergreen state.

DriveCrypt Plus Pack (DCPP) is a Full disk encryption software which. Unlike other similar apps in its category such as, DriveCrypt Plus Pack includes many features in its MB compared to the average program size of MB in its category. Listen to the live stream of your favorite The Key DJs and. It has a alexa rank of #2, 755, 719 in the world. Today's Best Music. Extra patch 6714 SecurStar DriveCrypt Plus Pack v3.90G July Cracked-F4CG crack 5535 SecurStar. The KEY, Pasco, WA. 11K likes.


Natural disasters cause long-lasting mental health problems such as PTSD in children. Following the 2021 Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan, we witnessed a shift of toy block play behavior in young children who suffered from stress after the disaster. The behavior reflected their emotional responses to the traumatic event. In this paper, we explore the feasibility of using data captured from block-play to assess children’s stress after a major natural disaster. We prototyped sets of sensor-embedded toy blocks, AssessBlocks, that automate quantitative play data acquisition. During a three-year period, the blocks were dispatched to fifty-two post-disaster children. Within a free play session, we captured block features, a child’s playing behavior, and stress evaluated by several methods. The result from our analysis reveal correlations between block play features and stress measurements and show initial promise of using the effectiveness of using AssessBlocks to assess children’s stress after a disaster. We provide detailed insights into the potential as well as the challenges of our approach and unique conditions. From these insights we summarize guidelines for future research in automated play assessment systems that support children’s mental health.

We Were Flocked for Breast Cancer Awareness

We instead propose an approach that uses a weakly supervised multi-output siamese network that learns to map the data into multiple representation spaces, where each representation space focuses on one aspect of the data. The representation vectors of the data samples are positioned in the space such that the data with the same semantic meaning in that aspect are closely located to each other. Therefore, as demonstrated with a set of experiments, the trained model can provide metrics for clustering data based on multiple aspects, allowing it to address multiple tasks simultaneously and even to outperform single task supervised methods in many situations.


Social Life - August

Furthermore, we show that familiarity with an older relative’s preferences is essential in providing meaningful support. We discuss our findings in the context of developing a theory of collective efficacy for security and privacy and new collaborative technologies that can reduce the barriers to social help.

KEYW (98/3 FM) is a radio station broadcasting a Hot Adult Contemporary format. Licensed to Pasco, Washington, USA, the station serves the Tri-Cities area. The station is currently owned by Townsquare Media.


When navigating aROUTE, the pointerpoints along the road in the correct directionof travel. This happens EVEN IF the road is curvy and makesmany changes in direction. As each turn is approached, theNuVi delivers a verbal warning and (unless POPUP turn guidance is selected) a special POINTERautomatically indicates the proper turndirection and the command line switches to the next waypoint (turn) intheroute list. There is no concept of "reversed route" in NuVi Eachautomatically generated route is from "where you arenow" to a fixed destination. Each destination you want to travel to (on road) is selected from one of: user waypoints (favorites),POI,addresses, streetintersections, etc.

Social Life Magazine is the premier luxury publication for the Hamptons, celebrating 17 years of print. This issue features Jean Shafiroff.


Huge Food Box Giveaway Event Planned Tomorrow in Tri-Cities & Prosser

Ascreen back lightingtimer feature is provided in NuVi. The timer can be set to turnoff the display light (when in battery mode) in 15, 30, 60, 120 secondsor NEVER. If turned ON, the light stays on when the NuVi is poweredexternally. Also, when the unit is operating on battery OR on DCpower, if the unit is OFF and power is applied, the NuVi automaticallyturns ON.

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Awarness Raising for on UDC (Undetermined Duration Contracts) and FDC (Fixed Duration Contracts) to workers. WEMU Your Community NPR Station. Can you help Kennewick Police Department identify these dash and. The number of captured data and minimizing data collection delay are three key issues that need to be considered in data aggregation routing [37]. Description: Get the best music news, local alerts, weather coverage and traffic updates in the Tri-cities (https://srirejekifastboat.com/serial-code/?file=5376) area with the new The Key app. Displacing 427 cubic inches, the specially prepared, all-aluminum LS7 is fitted with a 4340 forged steel crank, JE forged aluminum pistons on forged Manley rods, and the. OMB Control Number 2120-0056 Within 10 days after the inspection or replacement or within 10 days after February 2, 2020 (the effective date of this AD.


Listen to the station live and interact with the hosts – you can direct message and call the show directly from the app. Richland Parks and Recreation - 500 Amon Park Dr, Richland, WA 99352 - Rated 5 based on 8 Reviews "The City of Richland is a wonderful family friendly. KEYW (98.3 FM) is a radio station broadcasting a Hot Adult Contemporary format. For all test conditions, the bulk of the boiler stack gases resulted from the boiler combustion air, as expected. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Townsquare Media Tri-Cities includes well-known brands like 97Rock, KORD 102.7, Hot 97.5, 870AM News Talk, and 98.3 The Key. Securstar Drivecrypt Plus Pack.

Nik Krastens, who had been overseeing both the Tri-Cities and Yakima markets, will focus exclusively on the latter. MSS 10191, John W. Warner papers, Series number, Box and Folder Numbers, Identification of specific item, Date (if known), Small Special Collections, Universit. The Key plays the best pop music and delivers the latest local news, information and features for Richland, Kennewick, and Pasco, Washington. A search of the area failed to find any evidence of a crash or. Top Audio Books & Poetry Community Audio Computers, Technology and Science Music, Arts & Culture News & Public Affairs Non-English Audio Spirituality & Religion. Followers, Following, 32 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from The Key Tri-Cities (@thekeytricities). One thing has always remained true.


KEYW/Tri-Cities, WA Names Rik Mikals For Afternoons

The NuVi performedonapar with other GPS units in every test for lockstability, multipath performance, re-lock afteran underpass, and ability to suddenly change directionwithout loss of lock. The NuVi laid downsmooth tracks on our highway maps during alltests.

Helped corral bad guys along the border as Asst. DA. Former ED/TX Chapter The Wildlife Society.


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I am a die-hard hunter and third generation Montanan. If it isn't hunting season I am hiking, fishing, camping, or photographing someplace wild.

Paige Shipe is a lifetime enthusiast of the outdoors. Priding herself in educating and inspiring others, she has set forth with her Bachelors of Fine Arts degree, servant leadership, and creativity to become part of the growth and enrichment of future generations. Paige's role as the Sales & Marketing Coordinator at Hawke Sport Optics has allowed her the opportunity to network, learn, and engage in the industry she is highly passionate about. Paige is a self-taught entrepreneur who is nothing short of determined. You can’t throw stones if you’re busy washing feet, those of your outdoor loving, wild, messy son or those of the individuals around you.


I am a single father of 5 amazing kids who grew up in Missouri on a 4 generation family farm. With a love for the outdoors and a love for helping veterans and those with disabilities find healing and purpose in the outdoors, I founded Peterson Outdoors in 2006. In 2021 it became a non-profit organization known as Peterson Outdoors Ministries. Peterson Outdoors Ministries provides outdoor recreational therapy for injured and recovering veterans and their families as well as youth and adults with disabilities or terminal illness.

Always have, always will. Bridgewater town center injured 40 people and caused between $50, 000, 000 and $500, 000, 000 in damages. The report must include airplane serial number, flap actuator part number, flap actuator serial number, and flap actuator time in service (in hours). During Condition 1 and 3, another key mass flow was the transfer of mass from the waste water to the scrubber decant water. CD intervention on Social Dialogue (SD). Client/server and mobile/agent are two potential. Listen to the live stream of your favorite 98.3 The Key DJs and tweet or call the show directly from the app.


ONGC Annual Report 2020 13

AUTOZOOM zooms thescreenin and out automatically as you approach waypoints and turns so youalways have time to makedecisions. The data windows (center top, lower right, and lowerleft screen) show details of the turn and distance to theturn as youapproach.

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Can I operate StreetAtlas 9 or 2003externally with a PC and using NuVi for the Position data? No. NuVi does not have NMEA output.


HERMISTON — Two people were hospitalized after firefighters and hazardous materials personnel responded Friday, July 2, to a report of five people who fell ill at a motel in Hermiston. The report said five people were struggling to breathe and were possibly vomiting, according to the incident commander.

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Kennewick Police arrested one suspect in connection with a break-in at Benton PUD. One other suspect is still sought and Kennewick Police are still investigating the incident. In a statement from KPD, KPD described what lead to the arrest. On 06/19/2021, at about 10:00 PM, suspects entered the Benton PUD.


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Jarnagin started early in life learning about the outdoors from his grandfather and dad on a small farm in Sweetwater, Okla. After graduating the University of Oklahoma with a Masters in Public Administration, Jarnagin set his roots in Norman, Okla, and began the pursuit making a career in the outdoors, fishing and hunting world.

In this work, we describe a reinforcement learning (RL) algorithm that continuously learns and improves the treatment policy embedded in the JITAI as data is being collected from the user. This work is motivated by our collaboration on designing an RL algorithm for HeartSteps V2 based on data collected HeartSteps V1. HeartSteps is a physical activity mobile health application. The RL algorithm developed in this work is being used in HeartSteps V2 to decide, five times per day, whether to deliver a context-tailored activity suggestion.


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The Key - Tri-Cities, WA - Listen to free internet radio, sports, music, news, talk and podcasts. The key finding from toxicologic studies is the increased susceptibility to bacterial infection in laboratory animals exposed to 0.10 ppm ozone and a bacterial challenge. The financial commitment may be significant if complications arise. Sign In. Sign Up. Local Radio. Mr. Lieberman, a former sales management executive for CBS and Emmis in LA and Chicago, will report to Townsquare Regional Vice President Kevin Godwin. Comments / 0. Sign in. to post a message Published by. DriveCrypt Plus Pack 3.97 Strong AES 256 bit encryption for full disk, hidden Operatin System, and more.

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With the increasing social acceptance and openness, more and more sexual-minority men (SMM) have succeeded in creating and sustaining steady relationships in recent years. Maintaining steady relationships is beneficial to the wellbeing of SMM both mentally and physically. However, the relationship maintaining for them is also challenging due to the much less supports compared to the heterosexual couples, so that it is important to identify those SMM in steady relationship and provide corresponding personalized assistance. Furthermore, knowing SMM’s relationship and the correlations with other visible features is also beneficial for optimizing the social applications’ functionalities in terms of privacy preserving and friends recommendation.

DriveCrypt Plus Pack (https://srirejekifastboat.com/serial-code/?file=2563) Enterprise Edition standardizes using full disk encryption, and after a user successfully authenticates, the machine is booted to the normal operating environment. Subsequently the machine can be updated, patched and back-up processes initiated with no interruption from DCPP Enterprise.


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Washington state is officially open back up for business, but here are the top five things I think we can all agree that we won't miss in our new post-COVID-19 world. KARENS GOING WILD BECAUSE THEY HAVE TO WEAR A FACE MASK IN THE ROSS DRESS FOR LESS, RED LOBSTER, COFFEE SHOPS, AND HOTELS.

Several psychologists posit that performance is not only a function of personality but also of situational contexts, such as day-level activities. Yet in practice, since only personality assessments are used to infer job performance, they provide a limited perspective by ignoring activity. However, multi-modal sensing has the potential to characterize these daily activities. This paper illustrates how empirically measured activity data complements traditional effects of personality to explaina worker’s performance. We leverage sensors in commodity devices to quantify the activity context of 603 information workers. By applying classical clustering methods on this multi-sensor data, we take a person-centered approach to describe workers in terms of both personality and activity. We encapsulate both these facets into an analytical framework that we call organizational personas. On interpreting these organizational personas we find empirical evidence to support that, independent of a worker’s personality, their activity is associated with job performance. While the effects of personality are consistent with the literature, we find that the activity is equally effective in explaining organizational citizenship behavior and is less but significantly effective for task proficiency and deviant behaviors. Specifically, personas that exhibit a daily-activity pattern with fewer location visits, batched phone-use, shorter desk-sessions and longer sleep duration, tend to perform better on all three performance metrics.


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The Washington State Fair is back this year! It's the largest attraction in the state and is one of the largest fairs in the world. The 20-day fair in Puyallup runs from September 3rd through September 26th this year.

Nothing is more frustrating than walking out to your spigot to turn it on and get no water. I tried to turn on my sprinklers last night and got a trickle. I checked the Kennewick Irrigation Map and it still showed that our water was still on. I checked my filter but I realized early on that it wasn't my system but Kennewick Irrigation.


We do not recommend the NuVi for any of yourproposed applications EXCEPT for Car Navigation ON ROADS which NuViisoptimized for and where its performance is quite good. For Offroaddriving, the unit provides few guidance directions. Thesame is true for Hiking and for Marine use. In general there isno GPS which is optimized forall your proposed applications, but the Garmin GPS-V orthe GPS-60C/GPS-76C and the Magellan Meridian and Sportrak Pro areabout the best compromises I know of in a stand alone GPS unit. Reviewsof all these units are available HERE.

Does the NuVi haveautomatic daylightsavings time? Yes, it works in the USA and a few internationalareas. Daylight savingtime rules in most of the rest of the world are too"flexible" tomake it practical to include all areas at this time.


Inputting a pattern or PIN code on the touch screen is a popular method to prevent unauthorized access to mobile devices. However, these sensitive tokens are highly susceptible to being inferred by various types of side-channel attacks, which can compromise the security of the private data stored in the device.

FingerDraw can reconstruct finger drawing trajectory such as digits, alphabets, and symbols with the setting of one WiFi transmitter and two WiFi receivers. It uses a two-antenna receiver to sense the sub-wavelength scale displacement of finger motion in each direction. The theoretical underpinning of FingerDraw is our proposed CSI-quotient model, which uses the channel quotient between two antennas of the receiver to cancel out the noise in CSI amplitude and the random offsets in CSI phase, and quantifies the correlation between CSI value dynamics and object displacement. This channel quotient is sensitive to and enables us to detect small changes in In-phase and Quadrature parts of channel state information due to finger movement.


Complete Backlist in PDF Format POWELL'S BOOKS WHOLESALE BACKLIST CATALOGUE: OCTOBER 2020 POWELL'S BOOKS WHOLESALE Date: 3429 West 47th Street Chicago, IL 60632 Phone: (773) 247-1111 Fax: (773) 247-1114 [email protected][email protected]. I've lived in the Tri-Cities since the winter of and yes I've seen a few bad winters, but nothing like this year. Registration instructions for DriveCrypt, DriveCrypt Plus Pack and. Audio All audio latest This Just In Grateful Dead Netlabels Old Time Radio (his response) 78 RPMs and Cylinder Recordings. TOWNSQUARE MEDIA Top 40 KFFM/YAKIMA, WA OM RIK MIKALS is returning to TRI-CITIES, WA join sister Hot AC KEYW ( THE KEY) replacing FAITH MARTIN. About Us Contact Us Careers Press. CD intervention on Social Dialogue with total = 635 (M 417 and F 218) (1).

TheNuVi does not permit the download of ROUTES from MapSource to the GPSfor execution. You CANNOT download a series of waypoints and thenintegrate these into a route since only ONE VIA is permitted. Frankly, using the PC is not the thing you will USUALLY want todo as the NuVi is much easier and more convenient to use as comparedwithgenerating routes on the PC and then having to download routes to the GPS navigator.

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If you press the "direction/road youare traveling" line at the very top of the screen, NuVi will display alisting of upcoming turns. As each turn in a route is approached, a half screen "pop up" display appearsmomentarily with information specific to the the upcoming turn if youpress the "Turn In" key (lower right) to enable this feature. Voice guidance commands operate on both battery and external DC powerwith NuVi.


I think so. The Nuvi 350 has storage for all USA and Canada maps which (myguess) takes up about 1/2 gigabytes or so. Then it has 700 megsof user memory for more maps, music, or audio books. Ifthis is not enough, you can add an optional SD memory card which is nowavailable up to 2GBytes for about $100. We think just the built in memory willbe enough for most users.

Born and raised in Hollywood, California, Allan has worked in the film & television industry for over 30 years. A veteran of the United States Marine Corps & decorated former California Firefighter/Paramedic, this experience led to the creation of a multi awarding winning video production company that has taken him around the world from Indigenous countries, hostile territories & 3rd World Countries.


The map display may beset to north up,or current track up or you can use the 3D mode. The 3D mode seemsto have less distortion than earlier 3D map displays we have used andit was comfortable to work with. The map system allows fiveselections of Map Detail from LEAST to MOST. This is useful forselecting your own level of "map clutter" that you are comfortablewith. On the NuVi, user waypoints can haveone of dozens of symbols such as boat, house, gas pump, etc. When you are moving, an "arrow" pointer shows your position and direction. Map accuracy is superbon the CityNavigator 7-NT maps in theAtlanta area.

You might know a street name as AC Lewis Road, AcLewis Road, or A C Lewis Road or Baywater or Bay Water orBaewater and the spelling may/may not match thelocal convention. The user MUST spell it like theGarmin/Navteqdatabase or the address cannot be found. This can lead to notbeing able to find a street that you know is there. Navteqtells us that their convention is to runinitials together and use caps, so you might try that if you getstumped with a street name with initials. For a street addresswith a highway number, try just the number such as 32 (not HWY32). Just put in the MAJOR parts of the street name. That is keyin PACES instead of Paces Ferry or West Paces Ferry Road and youmay be pleasantly surprised.


I have tried cross continent routes from Atlanta to LosAngeles and they work fine. Waypoints created by automaticrouting do not reduce the 500-availableuser waypoints. Userwaypoints (called favorites) can be used to initiate an automatic routeand/or add (just ONE)"Via"to a route.

Current active member and past president of numerous professional outdoor organizations, POMA, POWA and M-DOWA. Award-winning photographer, writer, seminar speaker, consultant, educator and leader of photography and naturalist tours.


Started career at PRADCO Outdoor Brands. After nine years primarily in fishing moved to the shooting sports with Umarex USA, Inc.

With the deployment of the Internet of Things (IoT), a large number of sensors are connected to the Internet, providing large-amount, streaming, and multimodal data. These data have distinct statistical characteristics over time and sensing modalities, which are hardly captured by traditional learning methods. Continual and multimodal learning allows integration, adaptation, and generalization of the knowledge learned from experiential data collected from distributed and heterogeneous IoT devices to new situations. Therefore, continual and multimodal learning is an important step to enable efficient ubiquitous computing on IoT devices.


My best childhood memories are family time at the drive-in, with dad trying to quiet my brother and me as the movie started and mom had to pee like 6 times! But there's no beating the closeness and comfort of watching a movie in your car with loved ones.

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The paper enhances deep-neural-network-based inference in sensing applications by introducing a lightweight attention mechanism called the global attention module for multi-sensor information fusion. This mechanism is capable of utilizing information collected from higher layers of the neural network to selectively amplify the influence of informative features and suppress unrelated noise at the fusion layer. We successfully integrate this mechanism into a new end-to-end learning framework, called GlobalFusion, where two global attention modules are deployed for spatial fusion and sensing modality fusion, respectively. Through an extensive evaluation on four public human activity recognition (HAR) datasets, we successfully demonstrate the effectiveness of GlobalFusion at improving information fusion quality. The new approach outperforms the state-of-the-art algorithms on all four datasets with a clear margin. We also show that the learned attention weights agree well with human intuition. We then validate the efficiency of GlobalFusion by testing its inference time and energy consumption on commodity IoT devices. Only a negligible overhead is induced by the global attention modules.


Justin is an avid sportsman and devoted conservationist. His biggest passions as an outdoorsman are spending time with his bird hunting dog Gomer and spending time in a tree stand with a bow in his hand and camera at his side. Justin grew up in west-central Wisconsin where his father introduced him to the excitement and benefits the outdoors offer. Over the years, Justin became a very successful hunter and fisherman. Justin joined POMA in 2021 and soon after became a POMA intern. Justin joined the National Shooting Sports Foundation team in 2021 and is now the manager of social media for the organization. Justin was proud to serve on the POMA Board of Directors from 2021-2021. Justin lives in Wisconsin and is developing his country homestead to be a wildlife haven and a place where people come together to learn about and enjoy nature.

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Coast Kamloops Hotel & Conference Centre 1250 Rogers Way. Please update or use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer + or direct streaming links. DriveCrypt Plus Pack is an encryption tool that can make unaccessible any. A revision of the systematics and taxonomy of certain North American Gomphocerinae grasshoppers (Gomphocerinae, Acrididae, Orthoptera). SecurStar DriveCrypt / Plus Pack Posted by pak-share-online on 3/22/ DRIVECRYPT securely and easily protects all proprietary data on notebooks and desktop computers % of the time without users having to think about security. Get the latest news and information, weather coverage and traffic updates in the Tri-Cities area with the 98.3 The Key app! DriveCrypt Plus Pack Review.


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A portable suction cup mount is provided. As notedabove, we consider it quite serviceable. We used the mount in severalcars anda pickup truck and it seems robust and serviceable.

Air pollution is a global health threat. Except static official air quality stations, mobile sensing systems are deployed for urban air pollution monitoring to achieve larger sensing coverage and greater sampling granularity. However, the data sparsity and irregularity also bring great challenges for pollution map recovery. To address these problems, we propose a deep autoencoder framework based inference algorithm. Under the framework, a partially observed pollution map formed by the irregular samples are input into the model, then an encoder and a decoder work together to recover the entire pollution map. Inside the decoder, we adopt a convolutional long short-term memory (ConvLSTM) model by revealing its physical interpretation with an atmospheric dispersion model, and further present a weather-related ConvLSTM to enable quasi real-time applications.


Options are: Faster Time, Shorter Distance, Off Road (turns off roadlock and allows GOTO for straight line routing), Avoid U-turns, AvoidToll Road, Avoid Highways, Avoid Unpaved Roads,Carpool Lanes, andTraffic. Also, Calculate routes for CARor TRUCK or BUS, Motorcycle, Taxi, Delivery Vehicles, Bicycle,Pedestrian, Taxi, or EMERGENCYvehicle.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Certainly, everything begins with awareness, whether it's the search for a cure, the best and latest treatment options, or very importantly, prevention.


Position Accuracy: Position: < 15 meters (49feet),95%typical withclear sky view and good DOP, about 4 meters or better with WAASand clear sky view and good DOP. These typical numbers are notvery useful since you cannot readout lon/lat directly on the NuVi. Neither can you input a location as a lon/lat, only as an addressor by "pointing" the cursor at a location and saving the location as afavorite.

The USER INTERFACE is similar to other Garmin units which use touchscreendata input. There is only one mechanical switch and this isfor power on/off. All other functions and controls are handled bythe touchscreen input. Like the SP2610, NuViautomaticallyturns ON andOFF with the power application from its external powercord. NuViseems to be designed to provide the "road warrior" with ahigh performance SHIRT POCKET SIZED GPS CAR NAVIGATOR with lots of"Travel Features" as noted above. This unit(unlike SP26xx and 27xx models) does NOT provide a multiple stop viacapability or the ability to solve the optimized multistop "travelingsalesman" problem. Our version 2/40 firmware does not allow inputof but ONE VIA.


Origin-destination (OD) travel time estimation is of paramount importance for applications such as intelligent transportation. In this work, we propose a new solution for OD travel time estimation, with road surveillance camera data. The surveillance information supports accurate and reliable observations at camera-equipped intersections, but is associated with missing and incomplete surveillance records at the camera-free intersections. To overcome this, we propose a modified version of multi-layer graph convolutional networks. The camera surveillance data is used to extract the traffic flow of each intersection, the extracted information serves as the input of the multi-layer GCN based model, based on which the real-time traffic status can be predicted. To enhance the estimation accuracy, we address the effects of various features for the travel time estimation with encoder-decoder networks and embedding techniques. We further improve the generalization of our model by using multi-task learning. Extensive experiments on real datasets are done to verify the effectiveness of our proposals.

In the US, Tesla is the dominant EV maker, and other automakers have to dance to its pricing tune. If Tesla cuts, they have to cut. Legacy automakers have been targeting Tesla’s older price points with their competing models, and they now have to rejigger their pricing downward.


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Road safety is a major public health issue across the globe and over two-thirds of the road accidents occur at nighttime under low-light conditions or darkness. The state of the driver and her/his actions are the key factors impacting road safety. How can we monitor these in a cost-effective manner and in low-light conditions? RGB cameras present in smartphones perform poorly in low-lighting conditions due to lack of information captured. Hence, existing monitoring solutions rely upon specialized hardware such as infrared cameras or thermal cameras in low-light conditions, but are limited to only high-end vehicles owing to the cost of the hardware. We present InSight, a windshield-mounted smartphone-based system that can be retrofitted to the vehicle to monitor the state of the driver, specifically driver fatigue (based on frequent yawning and eye closure) and driver distraction (based on their direction of gaze). Challenges arise from designing an accurate, yet low-cost and non-intrusive system to continuously monitor the state of the driver.

The desire to stay connected to one another over large distances has guided decades of telepresence research. Most focuses on stationary solutions that can deliver high-fidelity telepresence experiences, but these are usually impractical for the wider population who cannot afford the necessary proprietary equipment or are unwilling to regress to non-mobile communication. In this paper we present Mobileportation, a nomadic telepresence prototype that takes advantage of recent developments in mobile technology to provide immersive experiences wherever the user desires by allowing for seamless transitions between ego- and exocentric views within a mutually shared three-dimensional environment. The results of a user study are also discussed that show Mobileportation’s ability to induce a sense of presence within this environment and with the remote communication partner, as well as the potential of this platform for future telepresence research.


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Once every year or so, when finances and schedules permit, your editor and a couple of his similarly-obsessed radio pals get together to spend a week or so exploring a corner of our great nation, packing our schedules as full as possible to visit as many interesting broadcast facilities as we can. Medium - Good Day Radio Interview the Key (Tri-Cities, Wa) MediumVEVO. Repeated attempts to contact Lt. Larson on guard and radar departure channels were unsuccessful. Download the free KEY app and take 98.3 with you wherever you go! The key issues asked of Burkholzeria mallei - Glanders the industry today are - a) what are the animals Chlamydia psittaci - Psittacosis consuming b) how are the animals being cared for and c) Coxiella burnetti - Q. fever has the animals been sick. Other effects such as biochemical changes, morpho- logical abnormalities, and genetic changes have been shown in some animal studies but the. Get the latest news and information, weather coverage and traffic updates in the Tri-Cities area with the 97.5 KISS FM app!

Legacy automakers compete with startups that are designed to lose tons of money for years. But legacy automakers do need to make a profit. Legacy automakers are going to get underpriced by companies that will purposefully generate losses in order to gain market share – in order to gain scale, the mantra of investor-funded startups these days. Along the same principle as Uber’s strategy to undercut taxi fares and generating huge losses that continue to this day, and thereby becoming the biggest taxi enterprise in the world, and also the one with the biggest losses. Legacy taxi companies that couldn’t afford to lose money for years didn’t fare well.


Ultra-fat profit margins in the Oligopoly of ICE pickup trucks are being targeted by EVs. Everyone is entering the EV pickup space. The way to reach scale is to undercut competition on price. ICE pickups have been where Ford, GM, the former Fiat-Chrysler, and Toyota have made much of their money in the US. These are hugely profitable model lines with high prices and relatively low production costs, and legacy automakers didn’t challenge each other on price. There was enough for everyone, the thinking went, leading to obscene profit margins that everyone loved, and that all automakers bragged about in their earnings calls. And Americans were willing to pay those profit margins.

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The NuVi has ZOOM in/out buttons (-/+) near the top left/right of the map screen. Zoompermits easy expansion or contraction of the mapdisplay as needed.


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We show that the proposed techniques can capture the driver’s face accurately in low-lighting conditions to monitor driver’s state. Further, since NIR and thermal imagery is significantly different than RGB images, we present a systematic approach to generate labelled data, which is used to train existing computer vision models. We present an extensive evaluation of both the approaches with data collected from 15 drivers in controlled basement area and on real roads in low-light conditions. The proposed NIR LED setup has an accuracy (F1-score) of 85% and 93/8% in detecting driver fatigue and distraction, respectively in low-light.

The NuVihas WAAS/EGNOS, but does it support DGPS. NuVi locksyou to the nearest ROAD (in on-road navigation mode) and this is verydesirable (since maps are more imperfect than the GPS signalaccuracy) forroad navigation purposes.


It was shown that the degradation by diazinon is catalysed by a microsomal enzyme that requires NADPH and oxygen, and is inhibited by carbon monoxide. It is presumably the cytochrome P-450 oxidase system. Diazoxon was shown to be degraded by enzymes located in the nuclear, mitochondrial, microsomal and soluble fractions of the liver. The microsomal enzymes were the most active and were not dependent on NADPH. Reduced gluthation had little effect. With diazinon, products of the reactions were diethylphosphorothioic acid and diethylphosphoric acid. Diazoxon was degraded to diethylphosphoric acid (Yang et al, 1969, 1971; Nakatsugawa et al, 1969). These results were confirmed by independent experiments (Dahm, 1970). The oxidation of diazinon was investigated by using microsomal preparations from rat liver. The major metabolic products of diazinon were hydroxydiazinon, diazoxon and hydroxydiazoxon, which are biologically active, and additional inactive products such as diethylphosphorothioic acid, diethylphosophoric acid and derivatives of the pyrimidyl moiety.

Commutes provide an opportune time and space for interventions that mitigate stress–particularly stress accumulated during the workday. In this study, we test the efficacy and safety of haptic guided slow breathing interventions of short duration while driving. We also present design and experimental implications for evolving these interventions from prior simulator to moving vehicle scenarios. We ran a controlled study (N=24) testing a haptic guided breathing system in a closed circuit under normal and stressful driving conditions. Results show the intervention to be successful in both user adoption and system effectiveness with an 82% rate of engagement in intervention and clear reduction of breathing rate and physiological arousal, with no effect on driving safety and minimal effect on performance. The haptic intervention received positive acceptance from the participants: all indicated a willingness to engage with the intervention in the future and all rated the intervention as safe for traffic applications. The results of this study encourage further investigations exploring the use of the intervention on public roads and monitoring for longitudinal health benefits.


Hi, I live in Athens, Alabama with my wonderful husband Larry. He is an avid fisherman and I like to dabble with it. We have eight grandchildren that we love to spoil.

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My lifestyle centers around the great outdoors. My favorite pasttimes are hunting, any other outdoor activity and practicing karate (1st degree brown belt). I am fortunate to have married my best friend -fellow POMA member, hunting guide and TV host Phil Phillips, who is also a licensed real estate broker in CO nd TX -because when one hunting adventure ends, we are already planning the next one!


A specialPower/Speaker cable is suppliedwith NuVi. The data/power cable used is NOT the same asany prior Garmin cable connector. You will need the (industrystandard USB type used for cameras and other portable equipment) USB DATAcable (furnished) to load maps into your NuVi and/or toupload/download waypoints to your PC computer. There is NOcapability with the NuVi for a standard RS-232 serialcable.

As the Internet of Things (IoT) proliferates, the potential for its opportunistic interaction with traditional mobile apps becomes apparent. We argue that to fully take advantage of this potential, mobile apps must become things themselves, and interact in a smart space like their hardware counterparts. We present an extension to our Atlas thing architecture on smartphones, allowing mobile apps to behave as things and provide powerful services and functionalities. To this end, we also consider the role of the mobile app developer, and introduce actionable keywords (AKWs)—a dynamically programmable description—to enable potential thing to thing interactions. The AKWs empower the mobile app to dynamically react to services provided by other things, without being known a priori by the original app developer. In this paper, we present the mobile-apps-as-things (MAAT) concept along with its AKW concept and programming construct. For MAAT to be adopted by developers, changes to the existing development environments (IDE) should remain minimal to stay acceptable and practically usable, thus we also propose an IDE plugin to simplify the addition of this dynamic behavior. We present details of MAAT, along with the implementation of the IDE plugin, and give a detailed benchmarking evaluation to assess the responsiveness of our implementation to impromptu interactions and dynamic app behavioral changes. We also investigate another study, targeting Android developers, which evaluates the acceptability and usability of the MAAT IDE plugin.


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Mel's Diner in Yakima is OPEN and ready to serve hungry guests, including the regulars that have been enjoying their morning coffee and catch-ups there since 1982. Foodie Fridays with Sarah J powered by Coca-Cola of Yakima and Tri-Cities was a breakfast date this morning for me and the hubs. Mel's Diner is open daily from 6:00 am - 2:30 pm and located at 314 N 1st St, Yakima, WA 98901, with dine-in and curbside pick-up available!

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My writing career began in 1972, when the Marine Corps sent me to J-school, following my tours in VN & ater as a Marine Drill Instructor. My published body of work comprises over 2,000 articles, essays, short stories and poems plus 7 books, fiction/nonF w/multiple writing/photo awards. I hold multiple college degrees including an MA in English.


Streetpricing of the NuVi is about US$450 or lessand includes: NuVi GPS unit, speaker/powercable, Pre-Installed CityNavigator 7-NT, Suction cup mobilemount, USB data interface and cable, AC 12vdcPSU for automobile use, quick referenceguide and other documentation. The complete manual is downloadable fromthe Garmin website.

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I am married with four children and enjoy doing anything and everything outdoors -hunting, fly fishing, canoeing, hiking, mountain unicycling, camping, ice hockey, softball, etc. However, my favorite thing to do is to spend time with family and loved ones. I lived in six different states and three different countries (USA, Canada & Italy).


Have been a life long hunter and fisherman. I trained bird dogs and beagles as a teenager, was addicted to deer hunting in my twenties, addicted to fly fishing in my thirties and fourties, combined it all in my fifties and now concentrate mostly on pointing dog training and upland bird hunting.

Do you know the rules for a non-functioning traffic signal? Are you a pro at handling the situation?


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CanI use it for Autorouting in Europe same as MetroGuide USA 4 can be usedfor Autorouting in the USA? No. MetroGuide Europe hasautorouting capability but ONLY in the PC. MetroGuideAustralia is not able to autoroute on either the PC or in a CarNavigator GPS. The initial edition of MetroGuide USA4 was equipped withautoroutecapability because (at that time) CityNavigator USA did not havecomplete USA map coverage.

Lifetime westerner, outdoorsman, backcountry hunter, fisherman, conservationist, professional scientist. Master of Science - Resource Management. Today a world traveling, professional outdoor photographer, content provider to the outdoor hunting, travel and recreation industry, magazine photo editor.


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Larry Chesney has spent the past 40 years as a copywriter and broadcast producer for ad agencies in the Carolinas. He has also spent the past 30 years writing for several magazines, primarily SPORTING CLASSICS where he is now a senior editor. Larry has won numerous awards in both the advertising and outdoor communications industries. He enjoys hunting most anything that's legal with bow, rifle and shotgun, and fishing for any species that will bite fly, plug or cricket.

The NuVi has a new SiRF (brand) GPSsignal receiver. It is definitely the most sensitive I havetested to this time. It is able to 100% of the time achieve lockinside my two story home. Other receivers would intermittentlyoperate and lock, but this one locks quickly whenever it is turned onand (so far) has never lost lock in the house. No other receiverwe have tested had this sensitivity. We note that normally lockis achieved in maybe 15 seconds. But from a cold start afterbeing off overnight, lock may take a minute or two unless you wait forlock before you drive off in your car.


However, despite their clear potential, the uptake of ubiquitous technologies into clinical mental healthcare is rare, and a number of challenges still face the overall efficacy of such technology-based solutions. The goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers interested in identifying, articulating, and addressing such issues and opportunities. Following the success this workshop in the last four years, we aim to continue facilitating the UbiComp community in developing novel approaches for sensing and intervention in the context of mental health.

Although self-tracking offers potential for a more complete, accurate, and longer-term understanding of personal health, many people struggle with or fail to achieve their goals for health-related self-tracking. This paper investigates how to address challenges that result from current self-tracking tools leaving a person’s goals for their data unstated and lacking explicit support. We examine supporting people and health providers in expressing and pursuing their tracking-related goals via goal-directed self-tracking, a novel method to represent relationships between tracking goals and underlying data. Informed by a reanalysis of data from a prior study of migraine tracking goals, we created a paper prototype to explore whether and how goal-directed self-tracking could address current disconnects between the goals people have for data in their chronic condition management and the tools they use to support such goals. We examined this prototype in interviews with 14 people with migraine and 5 health providers. Our findings indicate the potential for scaffolding goal-directed self-tracking to: 1) elicit different types and hierarchies of management and tracking goals; 2) help people prepare for all stages of self-tracking towards a specific goal; and 3) contribute additional expertise in patient-provider collaboration. Based on our findings, we present implications for the design of tools that explicitly represent and support an individual’s specific self-tracking goals.


PASCO, Wash -The Franklin County Prosecutor has opted NOT to file criminal charges against a Sheriffs deputy in the shooting death of a suspect in November 2021. After reviewing the Special Investigation Unit’s report, Deputy Cody Quantrell’s use of deadly force was deemed necessary in stopping Dante Jones on a rural road about 15 miles north of Pasco.

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Started playing guitar at age 14 and took up hunting at hunting at 25. I spend my time hunting, fishing, gold mining and playing music. Order of importance depends on day of the week.


Since 1990, has produced and/or directed national television commercial projects for Fortune 500 companies, feature films and episodic television. In 2021, he wrapped the award-winning Eye of the Hunter™, a seven year prime-time run on NBC Sports which was one of the highest rated television shows in the outdoor fieldsports genre. Known as a highly regarded action, extreme sport cinematographer. Opre’s Youtube channel has over 26 million views.

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Are the contrast and brightnessadjustable? Yes, there are about 10 brightness steps. No contrastcontrol is provided or needed. The availableviewing angle of this new display is slightly above 60 degrees (+/- 30)so both the driver and passenger can usually view the screen at thesame time (if the unit is placed in the middle of the dash and forward).


Existing Internet of Things (IoT) solutions require expensive infrastructure for sending and receiving data. Emerging technologies such as ambient backscatter help fill this gap by enabling uplink communication for IoT devices. However, there is still no efficient solution to enable low-cost and low-power downlink communication for ambient backscatter systems. In this paper we present Glaze, a system that overlays data on existing wireless signals to create a new channel of downlink communication for IoT backscatter devices. In particular, Glaze uses a new technique that introduces small perturbations to existing signals to convey data. We evaluate the performance of Glaze and show how it can be used across wireless standards such as FM, TV, or Wi-Fi to communicate with devices with minimal impact on existing data transmissions.

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Recent research has shown great potential of exploiting Channel State Information (CSI) retrieved from commodity Wi-Fi devices for contactless human sensing in smart homes. Despite much work on Wi-Fi based indoor localization and motion/intrusion detection, no prior solution is capable of detecting a person entering a room with a precise sensing boundary, making room-based services infeasible in the real world. In this paper, we present WiBorder, an innovative technique for accurate determination of Wi-Fi sensing boundary. The key idea is to harness antenna diversity to effectively eliminate random phase shifts while amplifying through-wall amplitude attenuation. By designing a novel sensing metric and correlating it with human’s through-wall discrimination, WiBorder is able to precisely determine Wi-Fi sensing boundaries by leveraging walls in our daily environments. To demonstrate the effectiveness of WiBorder, we have developed an intrusion detection system and an area detection system. Extensive results in real-life scenarios show that our intrusion detection system achieves a high detection rate of 99/4% and a low false alarm rate of 0/68%, and the area detection system’s accuracy can be as high as 97/03%. To the best of our knowledge, WiBorder is the first work that enables precise sensing boundary determination via through-wall discrimination, which can immediately benefit other Wi-Fi based applications.


Please disable the ad blocker and refresh this page in order to listen to our stream. Thank you for your incredible support of our mission! It's easy to download and install to your mobile phone. Listen to the live stream of your. Lieberman will oversee the local media team in Tri-Cities, which includes Country 102.7 (KORD-FM), Hot AC 98.3 The Key (KEYW-FM), 97 Rock (KXRX-FM), CHR Hot 97.5 (KOLW-FM) and News-Talk 870 (KFLD-AM). Radio Stations & Broadcast Companies Advertising-Broadcast & Film. There are 10 other people named Paul Drake on AllPeople.

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