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Here, he worked with writers Heck Allen and Rich Hogan and their efforts hold up. Droopy Dog and Spike are also represented here. Standouts include “Cuckoo Clock”, “Magical Maestro”, “One Cab’s Family”, “The Cat That Hated People”, and “The First Bad Man”. Given changing social mores, the disc comes with a disclaimer that the disc is intended for Adult Collectors and may not be suitable for children to which I say, phooey.

THE BEAT: Now, you talk about developing properties and obviously Locke and Key is an example of a new series that was excellent and the readership reflected that excellence. But, it’s a little trickier obviously, selling a new property.


Think of customer support, for example. Will Recover Keys show Office // product keys? View inventory by item name, description or ID number as well as unit price. Learn more about these crimes and other legal topics by visiting FindLaw's section on Criminal Charges. Monday through Friday. Best Credit Cards of 2020 Rewards Cards 101 Best Rewards Credit Cards Credit Card Reviews Banking. Scroll down to content.

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The mind of a racist part 4: Steve Sailer, VDARE &

It’s almost kind of like it’s the era of Uber-licensing, like you’re saying, with all the crossovers between all of these kinds of media. Obviously streaming now is such a huge part of that with everyone housebound or housebound to come. Looking at the success of The Boys and Old Guard, Umbrella Academy and Locke and Key, comics are very much still in the media mix.

Nicholas Christakis recieved a similar brow-beating because his wife responded to an email that she didn’t realize was an ultimatum insisting that people do not wear any halloween costumes that could be perceived as offensive. The SJWs demanding justice from him ironically disallow any kind of resolution. They have put their foot down (his throat), but he maintains professionalism. Like Weinstein, Erica Christakis spent a career engaged with social justice issues, so the absolutist rejection of her constructive criticism about the authoritarian risk of making costumes a matter of institutional policy amounts to a form of SJW self-sabotage.


The first volume brought brother Patrick back to town, to join his siblings Richie and Tara and parents Patti and Peter — and, most importantly, brother Tommy, who died in 1993 but has been haunting the entire family, in very different ways, ever since. The second volume went back to ’93 to show the week of Tommy’s death, and now the conclusion brings in a new, unexpected family member and brings everything to the final crisis.

Microbiology lecture notes ppt

Sebastian O is set in a steampunky alternate-Vistorian world that doesn’t seem to have any real reason to be alternate. The title character, a melange of Oscar Wilde, Charles Baudelaire, and Jack the Ripper, is supposedly a genius, but we only see him run around, murder people, and talk about his clothes. He escapes from jail at the beginning of the story, where he was incarcerated for what seem like vague and trumped-up “being gay and subversive” reasons. We readers would thus be on his side, if not for the randomly violent ways he does escape, and rampages through the secret gay-cult society that apparently betrayed him.


What the Intellectual Dark Web Gets Right

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As always, this is fun and zippy and does not take itself entirely seriously. It is a comic set in a superhero universe featuring a young woman who is a bit zaftig, has sensible hair and a reasonably sensible costume, and prefers to talk to people rather than punch them.


Now, if the CSA isn’t enough of a problem, Joe West and Dinah Drake, Black Canary, are on the hunt for crimes seemingly perpetrated by the Bug-Eyed Bandit, but they also encounter Irwin Schwab. Yes, Barry has managed to integrate Ambush Bug into the narrative and it makes the reader chuckle.

I am among a handful of Americans left to have never seen the film before now. One of the first things I noticed was that the film luxuriates in al the little touches, the background conversations, leisurely aspects of American summer, and variety of types. We’re welcomed into the community of Amity, which could be Anywhere, USA. Then, once the horror is revealed, the focus shifts to the trio of unlikely allies.


THE BEAT: Let’s talk a little about the comic shop market because, again, in 15 years, it’s really evolved a lot, even just the makeup of the retailers. I can tell you from personal experience that in the ’90’s when I was working with Friends of Lulu, we went to retailers and said “Why don’t you promote The Simpsons comics?

Download Free Version. Can i use the product keys and find their product ID's as the 10th laptop doesn't have office installed and therefore i have 2 copies of office not being used at the moment. In case you were asked to enter a serial number, use this one: MR49R-DRJXX-M6PX2-V96BF-8CKBJ; Enjoy. Joe, " "Revolutionaries, " "Star Trek/Green Lantern" and the return of Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez. EDraw Max Free Download is an application which will let the students, teachers and business professionals create as well as publish different diagrams easily and professionally. Comment: This copy has light creasing to reading-side corners of front cover and a few interior pages. I do create and edit the already created projects.


I think this is Hurd-McKenney trying to construct a plausible secret history based on real history, and not quite succeeding, to my mind. It’s also possible that the original conception of a longer, fuller story would have had more room to make that conflict clearer and stronger. But, as it is, it feel like the Brontes, as they each sicken and get near death in turn, make random choices about who they feel about Angria and Heaven without quite saying what those choices are and what the stakes are.

He jumped through the bank’s front window. Spidey suggested the crooks work together, listen to each other, and act as a team.


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Warner Archive has just released Silicon Valley: the Complete Sixth Season on DVD. While the show was about technology and corporate America, it was also, at its core, about friends so it’s no surprise that through the start of Pied Piper through the final episode we still have Richard Hendricks (Thomas Middleditch), Bertram Gilfoyle (Martin Starr), and Dinesh Chugtal (Kumail Nanjiani).

ADAMS: Yeah, and it’s growing even from there. And obviously I think it’s kind of our strategy in general. We were sort of out front [in digital] before everyone else was there. But my goal as a comic book publisher is to try and get my content in front of as many readers as possible. The best place ultimately for me to have long term readers is the direct market. But I want to try and get the content in front of as many readers as I possibly can, so I felt like digital seemed like a pretty obvious place to get our content in front of people who didn’t know comic books existed.


Pinker understands the contradiction that 18th-century philosophes could be great universalists and humanists, but also racist, sexist, slaveholders. He contends that we know better today though, and aren’t repeating the mistakes of the past. He empirically shows that almost all measures of human well-being are generally improving around the world.

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Co-Creator Mark Waid Narrates and the hour is moderated by John Siuntres Of The Word Balloon Podcast. Jika teman-teman ingin mendapatkan info software dan games terbaru dari blog gigapurbalingga ini, silahkan teman-teman klik tombol suka on facebook di bwah ini. Nowadays, multimedia plays a significant role in every field of life. Talking about how to recover screen time passcode, most iOS users don't know how to do that. AutoCAD adalah Software terbaik yang dapat dikatakan sebagai pemimpin dunia dalam. The Ideal Protein Ketogenic Weight Loss Protocol is a medically developed 3 phase protocol containing 2 key components – weight loss and weight maintenance. ESET Smart Security (Legacy product) for Windows.

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The term IDW was casually coined by Eric Weinstein (in January) to describe himself and this cohort of intellectual pariahs. Surely it is not a homogenous group and they did not ask to be bundled as such, but as they run with it they have to be prepared to hold each other accountable (and some do) or go down with groupthink. Amazingly, one from the list, Alice Dreger, has already publicly defected in a beautiful article in The Chronicle of Higher Education titled “Why I Escaped the ‘Intellectual Dark Web’: Pissing off progressives isn’t intellectual progress,” which I return to later.

ADAMS: Those are real big numbers. I would guess the month that we released the Fun Packs that we outsold whatever the best selling direct market comic books significantly—I wouldn’t be surprised if it was probably 2 to 1.


We energize the lives of 170 million people. Every day

But I could see how New Atheism would and eventually did regrettably fail as a movement (and so could Peterson, predicting New Ageism was more likely to succeed)— that is to say, I think it should have prevailed, but their cool calculated atheism and male dominated forums was too easy to dismiss by spiritualists, feminists, and fundamentalists alike. The world was just not ready for secular humanism, and/or the movement failed to appreciate how their concerns are actually intersectional with social justice issues.

Don't rush it—Mom deserves nothing less than the best, anyway. This DIY apron only requires a bit of sewing and 20 minutes of total manpower, yet hardly looks it.


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In this case, you did — if “you” are DC Comics and “the creator” is writer and self-proclaimed chaos magician Grant Morrison. And you probably made a bit of money out of it, which is the whole point of the exercise.

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Each is there for a different reason, and while they train together, they’re not precisely close allies. Jagger betrays them all when he attempts to open the gates O-Sensei has been guarding, killing Jade in the process. The demon Nāga is nearly freed, and four of his servants escape until the O-Sensei sacrifices himself.

Beaver understands exactly how extreme his positions are. But Beaver's delivery is "less callous" than Wright's even when Beaver appears, twice, on the YouTube channel of white supremacist Stefan Molyneux to promote his biosocial criminology theories to a very receptive Molyneux.


There is so much I knew about the film before sitting down with it, I was concerned it would spoil the experience. Not so, for there is much I never had seen before. There is obvious loving care taken the producing this new disc with a stellar 2160p/Dolby Vision UHD transfer. The first thing you notice is the grain, something immediately connoting age these days, but you quickly adjust and appreciate the clarity. This is a leap beyond the previous Blu-ray disc. It is accompanied by a fine Dolby Atmos soundtrack, letting you enjoy Williams’ work all over again. The DTS-HD Master Audio 2/0 track is equally good.

We need the whole truth, not a partial one, and perhaps that can’t even been done in the NY Times; it’s just a large newspaper after all, that occassionally supports war and amplifies untenable views for the sake of diversity. It is not actually the intellectual clearinghouse it aspires to be. In this instance, it’s much better than this “Daily Mail”-level bad take being published by the outlet that once broke the Snowden revelations.


We offer individuals and institutions access to our strong investment capabilities across all major asset classes and solutions aligned to growth trends. Our diverse expertise in Active, Passive and Alternatives asset management – as well as our deep environmental, social and governance focus – complement each other when creating targeted solutions for our clients. Our expertise and on-the-ground-knowledge of our economists, research analysts and investment professionals are brought together in one consistent global CIO View, which guides our investment approach strategically.

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But most importantly, almost all of these disastrous conflicts can be chalked up to misunderstanding or poor mediation, not just irreconcilable viewpoints or expired ideas. Regrettably, both parties leave disgruntled and still thinking that they are right. In The Quantum Turn in Social Science, I advocate for Bohm dialogues, open group conversations moderated in such a way to produce a new level of collective understanding and inter-subjectivity.


The other place that I think is a great feeder system for comics but doesn’t get talked about much is the Scholastic book fairs and book clubs. We’ve had tremendous success with them over the years, most recently in the current Scholastic catalogue there are three IDW products, My Little Pony, Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. One each of those books in the current catalogue. I just got the sell through on those and it’s also extraordinary, it’s through the roof. And it’s the same thing, if a kid gets a Transformers graphic novel through this Scholastic book club and likes it he’s not getting anymore through the book club. The only place for him to go is either to his Ebook device or the direct market. And I think that there’s no question that that has to be a good feeder system for comic shops.

We pick up at a pivotal time for tech as Congress has seemingly woken up to their existence and we find Facebook, Google, Amazon, Pied Piper, and their archnemesis Hooli speaking to a Senate Committee about data mining. It’s timely and important to see them playing with the big boys. Despite Richard’s protestations that Pied Piper would never collect user data, he is disabused of the dream when Colin (Neil Casey) confirms that it is exactly what they’re doing.


We open with a jarring reminder of the 1921 Tulsa, Oklahoma race riots that, just last week, is finally getting addressed with recommendations for overdue reparations to descendants. The racial tensions evident here are projected decades ahead, to a time after Ozymandias failed to scare the world straight as seen in the climax of the graphic novel.

Thus, quite demonstrably the details in their favourite source material contains the seeds of their own undermining, just like Nathan J. Robinson pointed out with Peterson’s misreading of Orwell’s socialism. Marx(ism) is not someone(/something) to be feared irrationality, like a phobia. Indeed, to do so is anti-intellectual, and yet polarization has made so-called intellectuals over-commit to untenable theory-phobia. No serious “Marxist” academic advocates it as a supreme political program; it is only a method of critique now. To say it is not even that is idiotic, and yet this is the koolaid that IDW devotees are mainlining, plugging their ears for certain trigger words.


The mind of a racist, part 1: Steve Sailer, promoted by Steven Pinker

To make: Cut individual egg cups from paper egg cartons. Notch and cut decorative edges with scissors. Dye or paint cups desired colors. Attach cups and craft paper leaves to a painted craft ring with hot-glue.

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Morrison’s main character is a serial killer, and a deeply unrepentant one. Some of the people he kills “deserve it,” but he’s also happy to just slaughter anyone in his way. Since he’s incredibly shallow otherwise, it’s the defining characteristic of his personality.

Microbiology lecture 1 Bacteria structure and function

As the Martial Arts craze was beginning its descent, DC Comics optioned the novel and had O’Neil write and edit the adaptation as Richard Dragon, Kung-Fu Fighter. There, he introduced readers to Dragon, Ben Turner, O-Sensei, and most importantly, Lady Shiva.


And I don’t mean worse for the crooks. You’re supposed to make things worse for them. It used to be right there in the Comics Code. No, I meant worse for the poor victims.

The failure was also somewhat outside their control, as (neo-)conservative US politics and foreign policy was helping to foment fundamentalism both at home and abroad, undermining their very efforts. This is a key point you’d think Harris would understand, but he rejects Chomsky for making it. On the other hand, New Atheism not only suffered because of the resurgence of conservatives and religious fundamentalists, but because of liberals who uphold relativist values in the spirit of multiculturalism. In the same way that moderate Muslims of Christians inadvertantly provide cover for their own fundamentalists, liberals unwittingly put up a foil against secularism and progressivism in the name of tolerance.


How to Write Test Cases for Software (with a sample)

We then have Darkseid: New God / Evil Classic (14:57) as the creative team and others, notably Jack Kirby’s former assistant Mark Evanier, pay tribute to Darkseid, Kirby’s greatest contribution to DC in the 1970s. Other contributors include directors Matt Peters and Christine Sotta, DC Daily host Hector Navarro, and executive producer James Tucker.

So, it’s no fun, but thankfully Joel encounters Clyde (Michael Rooker) and Minnow (Ariana Greenblatt), who guide him. Nothing is as it appears from here on out and while predictable in places, it’s also heartwarming and fun. The overall story is fine, not demanding too much of its audiences, which we definitely could use.


Intrusion Detection With SNORT, Apache, MySQL, PHP, And

Geary runs through the whole story, through the death of William and the other major characters. That’s one of the benefits of his matter: you can end cleanly if everyone is dead, even if important facts (like actual proof of the murderer) are still in dispute.

Well, you can ignore them, and that’s what happens most of the time. You can also try to spiff them up a bit, and get them walking two by two, in hopes that they’ll look more impressive in company. If the creator is major enough and his backlist extensive enough, you might find yourself doing that.


Microsoft Access 365 16.0.12827.20336 - Download for PC Free

Crack + Product Key Free Download For PC Description. The industry standard just raised its standards with After Effects CS6. While there are many programs that can offer a greater range of tools for more specific requirements, YouCam can offer a broad range of tools to cover all needs. In Sleeping Beauties #1, a strange illness is. It is also known as Programs EZ-Activator over the internet. The detailed activation process is well explained at the end of the given post. This thread is locked.

ADAMS: Yeah certainly, one of the things I’m proud of is that we, Locke and Key is a great book and it’s unarguably just a terrific book Joe [Hill] and Gabe [Rodriguez] are amazing creators. But, part of the reason that book was successful was because of the way we got behind it. We promoted that book every way possible and every opportunity possible. I think that was a really solid combination of a publisher that got behind a book and two creators who were working at the absolute top of their game, and it was successful of course for all of us. The last volume was the New York Times best seller for the last two weeks and I expect to be selling those books for the rest of my life.


Medical Microbiology PPT Video Lectures PDF Downloads

A couple of years ago, he launched a series called By Night, with many Tacklefordian flourishes, set in, as I said, the distant town of Spectrum. The comic was drawn by Christine Larsen and colored by Sarah Stern, who also provided variant covers.

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The fact that the IDW has now tentatively conglomerated as a predominantly white male demographic, while also criticizing identity politics and groupthink, is richly ironic, although not the strongest case against them. It is a tired critique, and I myself am a ‘white male,’ who by happenstance with a lot of other white males. The difference is that I’m read in the literature critical of ‘whiteness’ and such, whereas Peterson rejects that ‘white privilege’ is even a valid concept. He is the examplar of emasculated ‘white fragility’, yet refuses to even pick up the book. Leave it to the shitrag Quilette to publish “The Problem with ‘White Fragility’ Theory” — an article that of course doesn’t even mention the word ‘black’, the war-on-drugs, or the incarceration epidemic.


Unsurprisingly, these successful shows have inspired theirown spin-off series in various forms, the latest being the Crossover Crisistrilogy by Barry Lyga. I was given a chance to have a look at the first book,The Flash Crossover Crisis: Green Arrow’s Perfect Shot, thanks to Abrams Booksand its imprint responsible for the book series, Amulet.

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A little later, the crooks all had sacks full of money and were walking out the door thanking Spider-Man for making it the easiest job they’ve ever done. Meanwhile, even though the alarm had been going off for some time now, the police still hadn’t arrived. Apparently this bank wasn’t close to any donut shops.


The 4k Ultra HD 2160p is pristine, capturing the colors and shades perfectly. The Blu-ray companion disc in the Combo Pack is equally good at retaining the palette and details. The DTS-HD 5/1 Master Audio is fine, if unexceptional.


Mac and PC. It plays all your digital music and video. ID TECH is your payment solutions provider for a variety of payment situations. SAP Crystal Reports 2020, Full version [Download] for PC & Mac, Windows, OSX, and Linux. Save time and increase work agility with automated alerts that notify you when inventory is low. A free 30 day trial is now available. New Car Pricing; Used Cars for Sale; Car Reviews; Appraise My Car. They can use those test.

I find my ‘fun times’ running the Beat are a pleasant respite from my spare time watching the news sometimes [laughs]. So yeah, obviously IDW has been in the news quite a bit, not always for the reasons you want it to be in the news, but just over the past four weeks they’ve made some really fantastic hires, brought on some great people, promoted some great people. So can you talk about what is the structure at IDW right now? I know there’s Publishing, there’s Entertainment and it seems like things have been rejiggered a little bit.


Las Vegas is stranger than fiction. So is the fact that these pilots are bombing people halfway around the world from the safety of air-conditioned trailers just outside the city.

Microbiology Lecture Notes and Study Guides - Chute

And the snide and hypocritical attacks against the left and the conceptual foundations of social justice are hardly “dark,”; in actuality are more of a “lark” at the expense of vulnerable students and the global precariat (subsistence class). The more esteemed and prolific of IDW members should leave or raise the rest of the group to their standards. They all need to begin engaging more in the broader discourse with both contemporary leftists and metamodernists, or everyone will continue to suffer and complain for it.


Warner Home Entertainment sent out the 4k Ultra HD, Blu-ray, and Digital HD combo pack for further examination. The feature itself is just lovely to watch on 4K, both audio and video are superb.

As IDW (https://srirejekifastboat.com/serial-code/?file=3663)’s current General Manager and Head of Operations, she achieved a series of increasingly important positions within the company’s production, digital production and digital publishing teams highlighted by her work as Digital Publishing Director. In her new position, Cahalin will oversee and integrate all operations and business activities. Office 2020 activator idws er.


Also by way of introduction, some of my relevent work that precedes this article, includes a defense, a critique, and a synthesis on Jordan Peterson, the surrogate dad of the IDW. His narrative continues to (d)evolve along the lines I anticipated, for better (for him, his fans) and worse (for sociology/ society). I’ve contextualized further how he’s at odds with, and oblivious to, metamodernism, in The Metamodern Condition: A Report on “The Dutch School” of Metamodernism, and that this matters because it’s an intellectual movement that happens to help me and others directly address what (and how) he’s protesting, and how the IDW is missing the bigger picture.

Peterson is a fine psychologist but truly just another a dilettante outside his field on certain issues, which is why nobody who actually understands social theory can take Peterson very seriously as a social critic. But it’s not his fault that sociologists are not fighting back and speaking up in the media. Maybe they are the ones being ignored/silenced, or are media shy. Indeed, Peterson rises and thrives in the void left by the lack of public sociology. Peterson is also a climate change skeptic along with Camille Paglia, full stop.


Now, the world changed after we obliterated an oncoming asteroid, without factoring in how the fallout would alter the ecology. Animals, fish, birds, and insects all grew to mammoth proportions and mankind was no longer atop the food chain. Instead, they fell to the bottom as their ranks were depleted by the hungry hungry wildlife.

Hey, Spidey, maybe you should have paid better attention to that improv class. The purpose of, “Yes and,” is that you’re supposed to agree with what the person before you said then build on that to make things go smoothly.


Geary’s self-published books are a bit less “finished” than the ones he publishes through others (mostly NBM, the last twenty-five years or so). The front covers are simpler, there’s less text on the back, and the spine is really minimalist. The art is comparable in style: one or two largeish panels, fully drawn with watercolors to add depth and tone.

A quick glance at a Five-Thirty-Eight data form on global consanguinity by country indicates that Iraq is not the most consanguineous country in the world. It's number 16. Meanwhile Kyrgyzstan is number 7 and has a Presidential Republican form of government, like Bangladesh, which is only number 33 on the list. Croatia, which has the same form of government has a cousin marriage rate of 0/1% - less than the US with 0/2%.

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Part 2: How to Recover Screen Time Passcode on iOS 13/12/11

It’s unfortunate that the story is such bullshit, because Muth delivers stunning work here — moody painted pages with stunningly real faces, a fantastic mix of levels of abstraction. Every single page here is absolutely gorgeous, and a masterpiece of the comics art. Shame about the words thrown on top, though.


Biology 103: Microbiology Course - Online Video Lessons

It means at least shutting the hell up for a long time and taking in the entire world. Sam Harris should understand this well, as he’s spent inordinate amounts of time in silence.

HyperTerminal Private Edition - Free download and software

You definitely need to know your DC lore to fully appreciate the Easter eggs scattered throughout the novel. Thankfully, Lyga pauses to explain al the television continuity references, especially as they relate to characters and previous episodes.


Drones #1 is now available in Previews with the order code FEB150450 and FEB150451 for the subscription cover. If you like surreal creator-owned, please share this to your local retailer. You can find Chris Lewis on Twitter @relicswish.

Then we’ll go out and sell the rest of the world the same content. Essentially we’re going to go and actually produce the shows ourselves and sell off specific pieces of the rights to be able to finance that show. Then whatever the gap is on that production budget, we’re actually going to finance ourselves. So we’re going to own the show [we’re creating] and we’re going to finance the actual show. It’s a different way—this has been done in a big way for features, but as far as TV, there’s not to my knowledge anybody doing it specifically the way that we’re doing it. And so it’s a pretty revolutionary way of looking at it. The response so far has been great. Certainly the creative community is excited because now there’s a new buyer for scripts and somebody that’s willing to pay. And then from a distribution standpoint, we’re taking the financial risk. So if you’re a US network and we come to you and we say hey, we’re taking the majority of the risk here, it’s a good opportunity for them as well.


Not even close to the terrors endured by Larry Summers before he joined the Obama administration. Although I am surprised that Beaver hasn't been asked to join the Trump administration, his views on race would not be out of place there.

Resource for MGP Site Characterization and Remediation

Indeed, but this is not to say that the regressive liberals that chased Bret Weinstein away are driving the conversation either, or should be. Although when I was in their place I felt the same pent up rage at elites and fantasized about channelling it at them. These students are simply at the end of their rope — subconciously feeling the existential dread of knowing you are going to graduate into nothingness — and found an excuse to ironically demand systemic justice from a single individual.


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While it has an appeal with live-action, seeing this with Harley Quinn is disturbing. Seeing her animated form cavort through corpses, mass destruction, and friendship reminds us of her WB debut on Batman: The Animated Series, over 25 years ago. So, the first season of the new show, out now on disc from Warner Archive, is aimed at those who grew up with her, not their children.

The creator-owned side of the business is a very important part of our business. This year we have four books that were launched that I think all have a chance to be big hits for us. The first one is V Wars which is by Jonathan Maberry and Alan Robinson. We actually did a Free Comic Book Day book for V Wars. It spins out of a series of prose novels that we’re doing that were edited by Maberry. It’s a terrific comic and the orders for the FCBD edition were great, way more than I expected. So it’s been in a big launch there.


And then after about nine years, I kind of hit the wall and/or ceiling from the comics industry side of things and jumped ship over to Disney Publishing where I was for about 12 years in a handful of different capacities. I worked on some sequential stuff here and there when I could talk people into it or when it aligned properly with the franchises or characters. But the large majority of what I did was kids or all ages publishing, usually heavily illustrated, just because it was my background and what I was always super into. So I like to think I was one of the first people to always be like, okay, that sounds like a great book for middle grade, but wouldn’t it be better if we had a lot of original illustrations that would probably be a giant pain in the neck, but also make for a really cool unique product. People would either be very excited or facepalm or some combination of both. But it meant that we could be inventive with a lot of the stuff. And that was with almost everything that the Walt Disney company can bring to bear, which I know is itself a large statement, but I think over my 12 years there, I’ve worked on every brand size that was possible with the exception of the Lucasfilm stuff, although I was on a sister team with a lot of that. Whether it was the live action movies, studio features, animation, Pixar, TV animation, TV live action, Marvel Studios — I worked with creating original and extension books and franchises for a lot of existing properties. And also a lot of new IP development concepts that were just kicking around.

There was the Treasury of Victorian Murder, the Treasury of XXth Century Murder (which may officially be ongoing), the Little Murder Library (which is definitely ongoing), and various one-offs and other things. The one thing they all had in common: murders that got a lot of media attention at the time, so they had enough primary and secondary sources for Geary to sift through to make his comics.


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To be perfectly honest, I was really burnt out on comics. I started at Eclipse and I worked for Dark Horse, I worked for WildStorm and then when we were starting IDW I was working for Todd McFarlane running his comics line and I was unbelievably burnt out on comics.

They’re very happy with the success that we’ve had and certainly we’ve had tremendous growth, sort of unbelievable growth since they bought out the other partners. Certainly they’re there if we need advice or we’re looking for their opinion on something, they’re certainly there to give us a hand. But they don’t know the comic book business or the publishing business and they allow us to be the experts that we are.


The trick has been keeping her likable enough for us to root for her and here, the writers have done a fine job. Aided by Cuoco’s assured delivery, this is a Quinn who stands up herself and is ready to commit larceny, carnage, and other crimes to achieve her goals.

Spielberg lets the tension build with the first few shark incidents while letting the scenes play out. The longer scenes and tight editing combine to draw you in, and keep you glued to your seats. Verna Fields was a brilliant editor, and her touch missed; while Williams, two years pre-Star Wars, reminded us of the importance of the score. Both earned Academy Awards for this picture.


Meanwhile, a critique of postmodernism was also already implicit in New Atheism via Richard Dawkins in his review Postmodernism Disrobed. Since they had no replacement paradigm, it was simply put on ice. That some postmodernists persisted in their nuanced diminishing-returns research rather than conjoining social justice with the cause of secularism and humanism is a missed opportunity for all. Now, when a figure like Peterson surfaces to rehash 20-yr old critiques of postmodernism, it serves only to widen the schism rather than realize how much social justice and secularism have in common.

Because what they did violated section 140/20 of that same penal code by trespassing in a building in order to commit a crime there in. And that’s burglary of the third degree. Moreover, both robbery and burglary of the third degree are Class D felonies in New York. So Spidey could have gotten them convicted of the exact same class of felony without having to wait until they actually touched the money. Which would have made everybody – Spidey and the bank employees – happy. Okay, it wouldn’t have made the crooks happy.


I can acknowledge that most of Jonathan Haidt’s actual work is impressive enough, but when it comes to his more opinionated pieces he is defensive against valid criticism, much like Peterson. As a social psychologist, I’d ballpark that Haidt is about 80-90% psychologist and 10–20% sociologist, so to me, he gets a lot of the latter wrong, even if is a ‘top global thinker’ according to Foreign Policy and Prospect magazine. But that is still plenty that he gets right in his own wheelhouse. Still, Haidt and Peterson seem conflate their own political analysis with the hard scientific research they do in the lab. What they get right about their expertise is undermined to the extent of what they each get wrong about social critique. Here, Emily Pothast breaks down exactly what’s wrong with Haidt’s centrism.

So as not to dwell on Peterson, the question remains: what does the rest of the IDW actually think about their apparent canon, their misappropriation of it, my quick and easy interrogation of it, and their popularity among ‘deplorables’? If one of your members truly can’t hack it, does he still get to keep the public intellectual status (and in fact fail upward for it) or get demoted?


This is about Harley’s growth as a woman; a strong, capable woman charting her own destiny. She has outgrown the Joker’s psychological hooks and has clear goals for herself. The buddy-buddy relationship with Poison Ivy becomes something more in the second season, streaming now. Those who remember her as the dependent, damaged lovesick companion clearly haven’t paid attention to her New 52 comics incarnation or the alterations seen in the feature films.

It’s a direct critique of capitalism, and to a large extent a description of what I call systemic-conspiracy, and none of the IDW are really big on that. However, to his credit, while IDW-coiner Eric Weinstein is a Thiel-toting economist on one hand, on the other hand he can acknowledge generally that “Capitalism Is in Trouble. Socialist Principles Can Save It,” and in effect, some type of hybrid economy is necessary, as he presented via Big Think.


And would niceness even ensure that they listen to your critique? Certainly doesn’t work with Donald Trump, who needs it more than anyone. There is nothing to stop the recipient of critique to saying “thanks” to the first compliments, and then ignoring the rest. That seems to be the status-quo in today’s intellectual discourse.

Meantime, the isolated/imprisoned Ozymandias is scheming. His threat simmers throughout the series. On the other hand, when we bring Doctor Manhattan back to Earth, his role feels disproportionate to his powers, accepting things as inevitable as opposed to knowing the odds and refusing to change them. His love for Angela is tender and provides the series with some heart and soul.


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When did Comics Experience and IDW approach you about publishing Drones? What role have they played in its development?

The animus is deep seated, because many of these popular writers have been personally fighting and slandering each other for years. I’m trying to get ahead of this problem before the web becomes saturated with more leftist overreaction (“laugh at it” is not the only thing to do with the IDW, because it is not “JUST A BUNCH OF WHINY RICH PEOPLE”) or banal right-ist plugs like this one: I Was Liberated by the ‘Intellectual Dark Web’.


10 challenging books from the Intellectual Dark Web

There’s plenty of rising action, plenty of fighting with Ultraman, Superwoman, Johnny Quick, and Power Ring, but what’s real interesting is the hidden, growing menace posed by Owlman. We get this through Earth-27’s James Jesse, who is not the Trickster, but deathly afraid of the costumed criminal.

And they still rushed Spider-Man. In a straight line, no less, so he could punch one and turn them into human dominoes. I’m betting they were also dumb enough to have rushed Spidey if he told them he was going to stop them before they touched the money.


While he is spreading a lot of personal empowerment and myth appreciation, he detracts from social theory and the paradigm shift (and metaxis) of modernism-postmodernism-metamoderism. He sows just as much discontent as he does salvation, but he won’t see his negative downstream effects in the twinkle of his fan’s eye. At any rate, until my critiques reach a wider audience and Peterson himself, there is no impact to be measured, no litmus test for metamodernism, or abstraction. Whenever that may happen, it’s never too late for metanoia, even if one thinks they’ve already been through it.

Collectively the IDW have too much non-controversial work for the left to dismiss. They write books and articles, and produce lengthly podcasts, much of which contributes to human knowledge and flourishing. They are right that political correctness can be a slippery slope. They are right to try to understand and respectfully engage and understand the students who confront them (their response is not a mere defensive measure). And truth be told, Eric Weinstein’s intelligence and particular expertise is outside my scope.


The DC Comics Guide to Writing Comics

Beyond the thousands upon thousands of unsung heroes in academia, and notwithstanding the merits and credentials of the remaining IDW, below is a list of 75+ more thinkers, scientists, activists, and media figures that I think are more critical and outside the mainstream than the IDW. They’re more in touch with the darkness, and yet much lighter and enlightened. They’re more deserving of attention and investment than the spotlit IDW. They’re more ‘centred’ leftists than the supposed ‘centrist’ IDW.

Our titular character is Angela Abar (King), dressed all in black and kicking ass as Sister Night. She and her fellow Tulsa officers (https://srirejekifastboat.com/serial-code/?file=2837), including the wonderful Looking Glass (Tim Blake Nelson), are now engaged in battle with the white supremacist Seventh Kavalry, improbably inspired by Rorschach, which goes to show that even in our fantasy fiction, things rarely seem to change.


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The writing style is simple, and this is a quick, easy read,but it isn’t dumbed down. I imagine it’s much like reading a script for one ofthe shows. Also, as someone who is familiar with both shows but hasn’t watchedin quite some time, I wasn’t lost or struggling to figure out who was who orwhat was going on. There is backstory peppered throughout, and for people whoare caught up, it might seem a little redundant, but for someone like me, itwas very helpful in allowing me to follow along. I really liked the story andam completely intrigued by the concept of the alternate timeline – I kind ofhope that comes up at some point in the series.

We successfully achieved again higher net flows of EUR 10/5 billion in the third quarter of 2021 (ex Cash: EUR 6/2 billion), generating total net inflows of EUR 16/7 billion in the first nine months of 2021. Based on their strong performance, ESG-dedicated funds accounted for more than one third of the flows in the first nine months of the year. The very strong inflows in the third quarter were primarily driven by Passive (EUR 6/3 billion) and further supported by Cash products (https://srirejekifastboat.com/serial-code/?file=4432) (EUR 4/3 billion) and Alternatives (EUR 0/8 billion), while Active (ex Cash) saw reduced net outflows (minus EUR 0/9 billion). All three coverage regions, Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific, recorded net inflows in the third quarter as well as in the first nine months of the year.


As a result, the final two episodes raise moral and ethical issues that truly challenge our team and we can see that despite all that has happened, Richard and Gilfoyle remain true to themselves. In a final bit, similar to the coda at the end of The Deuce, which ran concurrently, we jump ten years into the future to learn what becomes of everyone. It’s prescient and feels just right.

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The International Association of Media Tie-In Writers released their nominees for the 2021 Scribe Awards, recognizing the best in media tie-in writing. Winners will be announced on July 15 in a manner to be announced.

To make: Blow up a large and a medium balloon. Cover each with white papier-mâché craft paper, leaving bottom quarter to third uncovered and edges rough.


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Because now I know how soul-crushingly expensive it is? Trying to self-publish single issues of a miniseries wasn’t a good strategy for me. For that to succeed you’ve got to have huge print runs and hit up a ton of conventions. I hauled those three issues around to one or two conventions, and people were naturally most interested in the first one.


One thing I noticed and appreciated was that Lyga does notappear to talk down to his audience. The book is officially classified as YA byAbrams and Amulet Books. Sometimes this means that existing stories arerepackaged and reduced to the simplest terms. Lyga does not seem to be afraidof challenging his target audience and regularly throws high school vocabularyin as well as high school math (to his credit, he takes the reader through themath as succinctly and clearly as one probably can, though it still filled mewith dread because, you know, math). He is also great at presenting examples toexplain these ideas, again, without talking down to the reader.

Peterson’s belligerent anti-postmodernism went to the desperate extent of trying to dissuade students from taking classes on it, before retreating. I wish I could say that my critique influenced Peterson’s decision, because these excesses were one of many bad ideas I was warning against. His own circle of confidants is part of the problem if this is the only thing they could get him to relent on. The bottomline is that he does have critics close to him that he trusts, but to the exclusion of everything else. So his circle is part of the problem to the extent that they share his ideology and ignore or deny critiques.


I always say in places that report to BookScan this is what sold, but this is not what sold everywhere. But talking about the Scholastic numbers, I think it’s important for people to know that you could sell six figures of a graphic novel if it’s the right material and it’s in front of the audience that it’s aimed at, especially kids.

In part 2 of The mind of a racist

But I have two objections that are related to each other - the first is that they agreed that Quillette isn't technically a pro-phrenology publication. The second, I felt they struck an overly optimistic note on the current status of "human biodiversity" in Academia.


I’m astonished that Pinker doesn’t see the key fallacy here (and he states the point several times, so he has not just made a careless slip): “complex design” does not equate with “complex adaptive design” (or what I preferred to call “eminently workable design”). Complex design forms a much broader category than adaptive design—and has many other potential evolutionary causes. Which brings us to the subject of “spandrels”—just one of the nonadaptive ways to build crucial parts of complex designs (but incomprehensible as a concept to Pinker because he conflates complexity with adaptation).

Anyway, Sebastian murders his way out of prison, murders his way through his former friends, and finds the fiend behind the whole thing, who frankly seems somewhat unpleasant but not nearly as bad as Sebastian. There is a Shocking Revelation at the end, which, as often with Morrison, doesn’t actually make any sense, and which is ignored anyway. So we’re left with the story of the murderous rampage of a Victorian dandy — if you’re looking for that, you are in luck.


Nor do I want to play devil’s advocate for Weiss and her own controversial cohort. This was their victory lap, and now the silly intellectual race should be over. We are all so tired of the dog and pony show, the pomp and circumstance, so sick of politics, its social media (black) mirror, and this IDW wannabe superhero team-up crossover event.

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Definitely not an entry point so if you liked the series of interconnected films, this is for you. Others can wait for the next standalone.


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Drones is bizarre, in the best way. Everything about Drones, from the premise to the script to the art to even the lettering, gives off a sense of unease. What were you trying to accomplish by making the reading experience so surreal?

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Even still, as I said before, I have respect for these intellectuals and can learn a lot from Pinker and others. Given the recent Bari Weiss NYT Opinion peice on these ‘Renegades’ and the resultant leftist backlash on Twitter, I will probably not easily find an audience that appreciates the nuance in between. Both sides seem to enjoy serving cheapshots — and I’m no exception — rather than trying to analyze the substrate of the cognitive culture wars (here, though, I am an exception). I had started thinking about this piece long before Weiss weighed in her opinion, triggering the current scrimmage, but now that she has and some have replied it seems the timing might be best for a teachable moment (or to be drowned out in the noise).


The mind of a racist, part 2: Steve Sailer's fear

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I Was Liberated by the ‘Intellectual Dark Web’

Another upside–or possibly downside, depending on how youlook at it–of this book is that I found it a relatively fast read. As I saidearlier, I found it as vibrant as reading actual comics, and sat down with itin the same way, reading it in just two or three longish sessions. A recurringthought was that if the book was a comic, I would already be waiting for thenext issue to continue the story.


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The art is still excellent: Sauvage’s issue in particular is a delight, in a much more comics-realistic style than Zarcone and making me think she would be awesome for a new Millie the Model or some other high-fashion book, centering on attractive women wearing attractive clothes and doing something interesting. Zarcone still works in what looks to me like a modern version of Bachalo’s Shade look from the ’90s, a nice bit of visual continuity. And Fitzpatrick’s colors are still vibrant and eye-catching, essential in a book all about “the Madness” and what it does to people.


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Being a pirate wasn’t easy and it was harder for women. In both cases, Bonny and Read had to discuss themselves as men to fit in, with all the complications attendant to that. At the time, Bonny had left her husband and married Jack, only to fall for Read, thinking she was a he. After that, speculation remains whether or not there was bisexual hanky-panky going on.

Nevertheless, Dennett’s humble respectful approach is what I’ve already attempted to embrace, demonstrated by my 3-Part series on Jordan Peterson. My critiques are generally against systemic forces, not individuals. With Peterson, because of his academic fixation on “abstraction” that only someone as obsessed as I also am with it could pick up on, I made an exception and directed the only critiques at an individual that I have authored, at him. For my critique of the IDW in general, it is mostly at no particular person, but the group(think) as a whole.


A sweet-smelling lavender sachet will brighten up Mom's purse or drawer. To make, cut a 2-by-4-inch rectangle from a handkerchief. Fold in half crosswise with the pattern facing inward. Stitch two sides closed with a sewing machine; turn pouch right-side out.

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In our timeline, the Bronte siblings created several fictional worlds — they started with Glass Town, which grew (mostly from Charlotte and Branwell) into the somewhat separate Angria, while younger siblings Emily and Anne invented the entirely separate land of Gondal. All of those were explicitly set in odd, “exotic” corners of the real world they were familiar with, and peopled with various lords and adventurers and such. And, of course, the three sisters all published novels set in the real England of their day, all beginning with debuts in 1847.


Sam Maggs has carved out a fine career writing imaginative young adult fiction and graphic novels. Here, she teams with artist Kendra Wells to tackle the two best known female pirates: Anne Bonny and Mary Read. They are sailing the high seas along with Calico Jack and having a grand old time.

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These seven episodes nicely round out the series. The DVD transfer is perfectly fine if unspectacular and there are no special features included with this.


DeMatteis wrote a fine tale, tragically updating the story of the archeologist who found himself becoming the hero of distant Rann. We see Adam (Charlie Weber ) on Rann, too late to stop a Thanagarian attack that seemed to kill his wife, Alanna. A Zeta beam transports him back to an asteroid mining colony located cheekily in Space Sector 24601, where he succumbs to despair and alcohol.

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They both held deep passion and empathy for the victims of hate, but went about it in competing ways. Affleck’s logic was on a more personal visceral level, completely discounting Harris’ more abstract analysis, visibly aggravated at even being in the same room with Harris. Sam has a perfectly skeptical take on the Iraq and other wars too, even if his views on guns and profiling are questionable.

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ADAMS: I love those articles that you post, because it reinforces what I keep trying to say over and over and over which is that all of us it’s just tapping a small percentage of the potential of this audience. The potential audience is gigantic and it’s on us to figure out ways to provide our content in a way that can reach those people. And so for us it’s the Ebook business, it’s the Fun Packs, it’s the comics and the toys. But as far as Tumblr culture and all those kinds of places, I mean, honestly, we’re all still figuring it out, I think. Clearly every publisher at this point has a good Facebook page and has somebody that’s in social media, if you don’t have a social media marketing person at this point then you’re sort of hopeless.

So what exactly does the deep social structure of Iraq have to do with science and nature? Clearly Steven Pinker believed there was something to do with science or nature there.


DWS Q3: Continued Strength of Business – Key Medium-Term Targets To Be Reached this Year

THE BEAT: There’s my headlines for this interview! I was just looking at the BookScan end of year came out and Brian Hibbs had his analysis of it. It’s amazing that even with all the difficulties of book publishing, that this market is still growing is incredible.

If you’ll forgive the long tangents, I want to get back to Big Think again; they also offer 10 challenging books from the Intellectual Dark Web, “that I feel fit into this category,” says the author of the list. It is not evident how this list was chosen, other than that only 3 of the 10 books are from IDW authors themselves, and some are of their favorites. For example, Denial of Death, by Ernest Becker, is also on Jordan Peterson’s top 10. That book also happens to be one of Bill Clinton’s favorites, as well as my own, albeit probably for differing reasons. So it would indeed be a very good prompt for actual discussion, but it is rarely talked about.


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In the hysteria of the moment, I can actually really sympathesize with this notion. I was anti-Clinton, and anti-Trump, but he seemed like a wildcard. Even Susan Sarandon though it could help usher in a socialist surge down the road. One could rationalize that you weren't voting for him based on the malicious campaigning, but rather just saw his provocations as means to an end that would peter out after victory. One could rationally believe in Trump, even though he’s patently full of shit. But Trump is still on the campaign trail, even though he’s President now. We should all be unified against the corruption he literally (physically) and figuratively embodies. So, the quote above actually captures nihilism in a nutshell — while Peterson claims to be providing a psychological solution to nihilism. The irony is as rich as $1M annual income from Patreon.


Originally scheduled to take place in Woodland Hills, California, a decision was made to create a virtual conference in light of the coronavirus pandemic. Aboard the virtual flagship zeppelin, The Nebula, on Saturday, May 30, 2021, Toastmaster Aydrea Walden presided over the award ceremony which featured a star-studded lineup of science fiction and fantasy luminaries as presenters.

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A strength the book has is easing readers into the Flash’suniverse. I’m more familiar with the Flash in his animated ventures, so I appreciatedthe economic explanations for things that appeared to be tied in with both hisand Green Arrow’s respective live-action shows. Towards the climax, there werea couple of new elements introduced quickly that I had trouble keeping up with,but not being too familiar with either live-action show, I’m not quite thetarget audience for this story. I imagine that a fan of the related showswouldn’t have this problem at all.

The notion of bringing Watchmen to premium cable was an enticing one, as people anticipated a more nuanced, expansive take on the Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons maxiseries. Then, we were staggered to discover that producer Damon Lindelof intended on going forward in time and exploring what came next.


Most apocalyptic films are dour and depressing, aimed at adults, or filled with adolescent wunderkinder rising against adversity, aimed at tweens and teens. This film, though, might be the apocalyptic film for the whole family.

If you look at the licensed books that we did when we first got into the game versus the licensed books that we do today, they just weren’t as good. And there’s that stigma that’s associated with a licensed book that I’ve never really understood. I think it’s starting to go away. Our Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles book is regularly on weekly Best Of lists. It was on a bunch of end of the year Best Of lists. The Godzilla book that we did with James Stokoe was critically acclaimed; the Transformers book that James Roberts writes for us is well received not just by people who like Transformers, but people who like well written comic books. And certainly if you look to our creator owned things like Locke and Key and the books that we’ve done with Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith and Ash Wood—those are all really good comics. We got past that stage where the one thing that was driving the sales was gimmicks and it got to a stage where people were buying books because they were actually reading these books and enjoying the books.


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Well, even with this fantastic opportunity I’ve been given, I don’t think I’ve broken in to the industry quite yet. Maybe my tapping on the window got a little louder, though. Fellow Comics Experience member Jeremy Melloul just wrote a really interesting blog post about breaking in vs. building a career. In it, he talks about the necessity for creators to cultivate readership and build up a network of other professionals. With Drones, I’ve definitely taken a step in that direction, and would advise other aspiring creators to do just that – create.

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The better way to expose abstract racism, in my view, is to make it more explicit by showing how it is abstracted. Bad abstraction (mystification, institutional racism) must be met with good abstraction (clear thinking, critical research) and accompanied by civil disobedience. Social justice advocates must continue to protest as peacefully and articulately as possible, not to ‘perform’ acts of resistance shouting to interrupt a speech or be surrounded by a campus mob.


Under this pretence of “free speech,” I’m encouraged by Fuller, Greenhall, and others, to go out and make my points. By all means, it’s a free world they say — ‘you do you’ — because they erroneously assume that the free market for ideas will make the best rise to the top. They gloat that as freethinkers they somehow have no intellectual obligation to listen to anyone they don’t like.

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So those are things that we’re passionate about and that we’re supporting in a big way starting with the V Wars for FCBD. We’re going to get behind these books in a big way. One of the things that we’re announcing today at ComicsPRO is that we’re going to create marketing collateral packages for the direct market. So these are going to be catalogues that stores can give away, they’re going to be window clings, posters—basically what we’re going to try to do is give the direct market the information they need to be able to sell these books to their customers. So instead of just taking the Previews and and letting that be the only communication that happens from a retailer to their customer, we’re going to give them information they need and marketing collateral they need to build to help sell these books.

We are reminded again how producers Richard Zanuck and David Brown took a chance on Spielberg, against Universal’s instincts and scored beyond anyone’s imagination. With summer upon us, and new films hard to find, this is a good time to revisit the one that started a trend.


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A single Detective Sergeant is sent from vaguely somewhere else, with no driver and no lines of reporting back to his superiors and no paperwork and no connections to the local coppers. This is of course A Whopping Great Clue, and only the dimmest readers will miss it. It’s also entirely stupid, and wouldn’t actually work for more than five seconds, even before “Detective Sergeant Frank Carpenter” spends all of his time in philosophical musings about God and the Devil.


Yes, the IDW gets many things right in the first place. Sam Harris, before he started mildly offending everyone, only offended fundamentalists and religious apologists. He was a boon for secularism, not to mention psychedelic science. And at the end of the day, Harris is right about Christakis’ case that an individual trying to dialogue with a large critical crowd who all want to be heard but can interrupt him is “a problem of spoken word geometry” (at 28:24 mark).

Reflecting the tense mood of the times, as people cast a jaundiced eye on the big tech, we could enjoy the antisocial gaffes, childish pranks, and antics of this crew. As the season progresses, we watch the growing influence and value of Artificial Intelligence, especially as Pied Piper comes up with something that is huge. So huge that AT&T wants it but as they learn the lesson that so many science fiction movies and novels have explored for decades, once AI gets smarter than humans, there’s trouble on the horizon.


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In the classroom and in life I’ve encountered similar arguments to what Harris recounts, because there is a paradox formed when one culture assumes moral authority over another, even if it’s justified. It is difficult to cognize a clear answer, so liberals err on the side of caution, neoconservatives err on the side of intervention. By the same token, it’s an intellectual cop-out to just say all societies are equal and relatively entitled to their beliefs and customs. Rather the opposite is true — that even the best most vibrant, wealthy, and peaceful societies also have some dark secrets and pathologies. All of it must be called out, and this ruffles a lot of feathers.

With Bruce the shark (the name given to the semi-successful mechanical version) as the real antagonist, Shaw’s Quint brings us to the darkness within the ocean and ourselves. His work was always strong and the 1970s was his heyday (The Strong, Jaws, Robin and Marion, The Taking of Pelham 1-2-3).