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After this 48 hour period, Nacon allegedly purchased The Sinking City from Gamesplanet (where only developer Frogwares is listed as the publisher (https://srirejekifastboat.com/content/uploads/files/download/publisher-2020-product-key.zip)), and uploaded it to Steam as though it were the Steam version of the game. Frogwares claim this is against the law and against their contract. Publisher without product key.

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The relationship between Frogwares and Nacon has been tumultuous since the two companies began to collaborate on The Sinking City. Originally, the companies signed a contract in which Nacon would be a licensee that could commercialize and sell the game, while Frogwares would receive funding for development, profit from hitting milestones, and would retain the rights to the IP. Issues quickly arose, with Frogwares claiming that Nacon was missing development payments. Soon after, Nacon allegedly demanded that Frogwares hand over the source code for The Sinking City, which the developer refused to do. Frogwares also claims that upon the game’s release on June 27, 2021, Nacon canceled a part of their deal that would pay the developer profits for hitting milestones. This decision prompted the start of a legal battle between the two companies.


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Frogwares discussed the matter with Steam, preventing the game from being formally released. This had allegedly also occurred previously in February 2021 with a version of the game from Utomik.


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Through its post, and the video accompanying it, Frogwares points out the differences between its Gamesplanet version of The Sinking City and the version uploaded to Steam. According to Frogwares, the only way Nacon could have made any changes to the game was by decompiling it using a key made by Frogwares.


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Frogwares claim the modification of both the config and executable files was so Nacon could hide their tracks; with the executable also lacking Frogwares digital signature; something Nacon could not falsify. The Steam achievements were also deleted.

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Frogwares then used their encryption key to open up the Steam version of the game, wherein the config file allegedly features references to Gamesplanet, and using the same filename for the Gamesplanet logo image (replacing it with the Nacon logo). The internet connectivity was also allegedly removed; something that would have triggered non intrusive security measures.


Despite all of this, The Sinking City ended up back on Steam last week on February 26. This was apparently a surprise to Frogwares, which had terminated its contract with Nacon on April 20, 2021, taking away any rights to commercialize the game the publisher (useful link) held. According to Frogwares, Nacon accomplished this by stealing, hacking, and changing the source code of The Sinking City.

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We previously reported how The Sinking City had been pulled from major retailers including Steam due to a legal dispute with publisher Nacon. In an open letter, Frogwares accused Nacon of withholding royalties, presenting incomplete sales data, and misrepresenting The Sinking City intellectual property as belonging to Nacon among other allegations. Product key publisher 2020 gratis.

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