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Hello, some programs lock my computer up. I am not sure if it's hardware, or software based. My computer literally locking up, forcing a hard reboot. Programs like Skype, Crysis Warhead (Regular Crysis runs fine), fallout 3 with an update higher than 1/4. I also have problems with GTA IV, The new Red Faction, and various other programs, not all being games. If anyone can help me, that would be fantastic.

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This however is requried as I could use newer mice on this system. I'll see if there is a BIOS setting required.

Lightening stuck the utilities pole across the street. Fried my modem, took mercy on my router and fried my LAN jack. Inspection of the mobo revealed a small dot of melted plastic on the ethernet chip.


So, we get to the gist of the phrase. One of my finished builds was suffering of an unknown problem. The PIII-550 build was losing its BIOS settings once it was unplugged from the mains.

I found something interesting with my MA790XT-UD4P. I'm running the F8b bios, and if I have my Western Digital external HD, model WD2500I032 plugged in, I can't move around the BIOS screen. A little bit of a nuisance, but obviously pretty easy to work around.


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What do you have on sidebar - where did you get gadgets from? Is you RAM or CPU spiking - or excessive hard drive activity?


Even without incendiary rounds and a sniper scope, while playing on Delta, it is still quite easy. Remember: this is not a 'run and gun' type of game.

I'm trying to get a 550 unlocked and stable but having issues with a core. First the CPU unlocks to a quad and boots, no freezing or crashes. However, almost every program crashes to the desktop. I ran Prime95 and core 2 fails immediately. So, I'm trying to figure out how do disable that core but i'm not given that option in the bios. Only option is core 2 and 3, which I've disabled both with no luck.


FbBuild 0.32. Now supports kernel 13599

Thus I run the game from Steam, get a black screen for say 30 seconds, and it returns to the Steam Library window. Verified the files already, all is good.

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The sixth Slot A CPU - a 750 MHz one, is dead and I'm still pissed about this fact. It is down right USELESS aka a corpse aka a shadow of its former self. DAMN YOU VANDALS FOR DESTROYING MY CPU!


ReactOS is still not at the point where you can use it as a production OS. Maybe for testing but not for actual full time usage. Linux is now your best bet to get a working OS on your laptop. However, if you can find Windows 7 RC with a key, then I also recommend using that. Just note that Windows 7 RC will start restarting ever two hours in March 2021 and you won't be able to use it after June 2021.

I would delete those last 3 lines. The 1st two are all that is in the original HOSTS file (preceeded by comments). The majority of users HOSTS file that I have seen have the original Vista date on it of November 2, 2006. The exceptions have been related to infection and those who edit it themselves. I have never seen these Adobe entries before. They should know better as this is something that a rogue product would do - maybe Adobe is getting paranoid about users who don't register.


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Make sure your RAM timings are running at the OEM specs. And bump CPU NB VID and Vcore a bit - should stabilize things. I'm thinking +0/100V for NB and +0/250V for CPU.


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If i'm looking for real-world gaming performance, what should i still try to change or increase? Also, do some voltages seem to high?

I went to the repair center and I asked politely if they could help me. I talked to a gentleman and I said that I need a few SMD capacitors 10uf 16V. I said in exchange I would offer a good price.


I have the MA790XT-UD4P and was planning on getting a 1055T soon here. I upgraded to the BIOS F8C and I get random BSOD's that I can't really explain. Finally I flashed back to F7 and the problem went away. Anyone else have this experience?

I have no problems at all with a cold boot no matter how long the PC has been sitting. Even if I shut her down and instantly turn her back on it starts up, but restarting from Win7 or a Linux Live CD all cause the same issues and loose ACC Settings doing so. But if I turn it off via the power button and turn it right back on she is back to being an unlocked CPU.

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I'm still having problems when the system restarts. Once in a while does the machine die when restarting (never from a cold start). Nothing happens when pressing the power button and I'm forced to clear the bios settings. An old power button hanging out of the case from the rear is saving me a a lot of time. The machine could die on high settings as well as low settings - what's going on? For some resaon does the 1,9 volt mem setting not work at all.


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According to IceHandz, and i agree, if they hear the shot, then the alarm WILL go off. And when he suggested taking out the Tower guard, he was pointing out that the Tower guard can be killed if nobody hears ur gun shots. And there won't be any alarms set off as a result. But ONLY because when the Tower guard is killed no other bad guys ever see his dead body because it remains up on the tower and total hidden away from site.

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Don't be too quick to toss those non or mis working CPU's. The Irongate boards even with the correct bios were picky about what processors were supported and supported correctly.


Something similar for me with the first Voodoo (ie not Voodoo2); and maybe the only time when i could barely wait to get home, tempted to open it up on the way, just to look inside. Usually it'd be the opposite, had a proper ritual for this.

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Uhh dude, most HDD scanning apps do detect HDDs on a RAID or storage controller. Have you tried switcing to IDE mode in the BIOS for the SATA mode?

Certain programs lock my computer

It's quite possible to get through a phalanx of dozens of patrolling soldiers using a combination of the nanosuit and standard stealthy techniques, and never once triggering an alert or having to fire a single shot, even when playing on Delta. The approach to the KPA compound, where the first hostage is being held, is one example of this. Try moving through that heavily-patrolled forest without being detected on Delta.


But only when I use a specific bios (f3l). The other bioses I've tried works like a charm.

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Ok, testing the CPU was a success, and Furmark was also a success. CPU only got to 130F with the Intel Burn Tool, and the GPU only got up to 70c With Furmark.

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Did you get your NVIDIA drivers from you system manufacturer or NVIDIA web site? When I went to NVIDIA, it said to go to HP as they are modified somehow.

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This would fit nicely w/ bugchecks, resource contention possibly, too. Adobe has been horrible w/ x64 - look at flash player.

Seems I was not the only one with Lan problems on this board. We have another discussion going on here.


It hasn't given me any problems so far, all my previous settings for my bios work fine. I'll play around with the voltages and see if there's any major bugs. Right now, the best thing IMO that they fixed is that the northbridge actually shows the voltage in BIOS beside the place to change it, not what it did before.

I have a single video card, it has a PCI Express x16. I "had" this card in the blue pci-e slot and decided to try it in the orange pci-e and when I did the Lan powered up and connected. Could this have been my whole issue all along?


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I have not tried installing win7 x64 and vista x64 on my x25-m hdd, newly formatted, and set to active with diskpart, and I CANNOT install either when it is set to AHCI. I have tried loading drivers first from a usb drive, and still no go. Vista told me "windows is unable to find a system volume that meets its criteria for installation" and vista gave me some error code. As soon as I got and set the bios to IDE I can install to the drive no problem. Anyone have any idea whats going on?


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The only other ones I can think of at the moment are the following: always try to keep a FULL rocket launcher handy, if and when a KPA gunship shows up, and reserve it only for that. Use the grenade launcher for jeeps and such, instead. Also, always refill your grenade supply whenever you can find them, including the flash grenades. They come in handy in tight quarters sometimes.

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In the future I'll have a place where they will be used more. For now I really have no plans for them besides looking good and working flawlessly.


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Careful with those voltages, my DS4 was overvolting (1/975V Bios set -> 2/06V DMM Measured). Some ram don't like high voltages also. Try lowering to the voltage that the ram kit's are spec'd.

Wish I could find out what is going on with Gigabyte, it looks like they are forcing some of us to buy new motherboards to get support for Thuban. Example the 790XT-UD4P has had bios support since 4-6-10 for Thuban but the 790X-UD4P (DDR2) board has yet to get any support for it.


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I watched a YouTube video and I saw there is no big deal with the soldering of an SMD capacitor. The hardest part is to remove such a capacitor because to do it right you would need a soldering station with a heat gun and I dont have one.


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I'm assuming this means you can now choose which cores you want to use on your multi-core chip similar to the ASUS boards. I'm not sure though as I haven't checked myself yet. Just thought I'd let you guys know.


I didnt play a game with the V1 but I say it is OKAY! I'll run some demos at a later date.

Still some issues that needs to get ironed out. So much for support telling me "board under validation will release bios in couple of weeks".


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TURBO - OFF showed some unexptected results. The CPU frequnecy went from 133MHz to 125MHz. The memory bandwidth went from 28MB/s to 20/35MB/s. The VESA memory speed went from 19376KB/s to 13975KB/s.


Did you look at the perfmon HTml FILE? Either this service is disabled or is crashing.

Windows memory test doesn't mean anything. Again, besides RAM, CPU, and GPU, you have not done any testing that determines whether or not the mobo, PSU, or HDD are the problem parts.


You keep doing this for evey thing that can be changed to OC the Chip such as the HT/HTT settings. Id start with Stock on the 1066 or 800 divider.

The built in network card have just did on my 790xt-ud4p i think. Had it running vista and after i got back home i wasnt connected to the internet anymore. Tried reinstalling drivers but it wont even detect the network card and tells me to insert it and try again - Any solution to this except a rma? Also reinstalled with XP and the same problem.


Wish my DDR2 Ran @1600mhz:D Those Golds are good bang for buck. I grab em for all my friends when they setup new rigs and or usually Patriot when i cant get Golds for em.

Went to see why it was doing that and I got some sort of SMBus controller error or not found message. I have absolutely no idea what this means, and I didn't try Memtest on F5 before flashing. All I know is it was effing weird.


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I just got this board, and have a weird issue with it. I tried installing win7 ultimate x64 on my x25-m with ahci enabled in the bios, and everytime, no matter what sata port I plug the ssd into, the installer tells me it cannot install to the drive and gives me an error 0x8030024. Tried googling that error but didnt find anything. I was only able to get it installed by setting it to IDE, then i reenabled ahci on the drive.

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You were right, win 7 driver did not work. For whatever reason, I did connect a few times, then would not connect again. I'm using the Vista 64 driver and it connected, at least for now.


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I separated all the ribbon cables and I also found a longer floppy cable to really make this build my masterpiece. We are talking about my first PC, after all.

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To think one could buy the New RMA from you. Then you can use that dough on new Mobo.

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Just this week end I ran into a problem with not being able to move around in bios. At first I thought it was the need to enter a password to enter Bios(I have kids and they like to change thing on me, shouldn't taught tham about bios), but when I removed it, rebooted I still could due or almost due nothing in bios.

Is it possible for high HTT to take out my SSD? Or did it get messed up due to too many quick shutdowns?


Go for a full 24 hours if you want to be completely sure that the RAM is not a problem. If you start seeing errors, than your RAM is defective or you have incorrect settings for the RAM.

I changed the s/b voltage as you suggested and for some reason my thuban need more CPU voltage than most to hit 4/0ghz. I think thx max voltage is 1/5v but I'm not sure.


It doesn't say put in that slot but my manual shows one x16 pci-e 100 slot and the manual said nothing about the other slot. I had mine in the one closest to the cpu and had Lan issues, I moved the card to the lower slot and it fixed my issue.

I have hope, but if they drop support for all the higher end 790x/fx DDR2 boards then i am going to be real pissed. Specially when they already had a bios for the DDR3 board and low end DDR2 boards based on 740g at the beginning of april.


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I'm having trouble with voltage not being seen or being adjusted in my bios. I set it to 1/475 and only reads 1/408. I tried bunch of diff programs all read same, also tied F8B bios same thing, that bios increases my temps 5c load and idle.

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Anything over 240 HT and it drops the cpu multi to default. Anything over 1/825v core causes a grey screen/freeze.