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In my last post, I made the argument that determining whether or not a substellar object is a “planet” or not should be based on size and size alone. Gamania maplestory maple patch 136137. In this post, I outline my sliding scale of planet size classification.

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Description: If an object this collides with Earth, it will create a very bright fireball. Part of it will survive entry and impact the surface, creating a small crater or pit. The largest object to hit the Earth in a given year is typically about 4 m.

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Exoplanet Examples: More than a dozen Super-Earth Class exoplanets have been discovered to date. These include four of the planets around red dwarf Gliese 581: Gliese 581 c “Ymir” (5/6 ME), Gliese 581 d “Zoso” (5/6 ME), Gliese 581 g “Zarmina” (3/1 ME) and Gliese 581 f “Bangalla” (7/0 ME). The last two are speculative right now, but if future data confirm the existence of Zarmina, it will be the first exoplanet discovered in its star’s habitable zone.


Fictional Examples: From Star Wars, we get the moon of Endor (4,900 km), home of the Ewoks from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, and Mustafar (4,200 km), the volcano planet from Episode III. From Firefly, this class includes resort planet Pelorum (5,700 km). Mogo (5,824 km), the sentient planet and member of the Green Lantern Corps from DC comics, is also Mercury Class.

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Fictional example: Wookieepedia lists Yavin Prime from the original Star Wars as 198,500 km in diameter, which indicates that it is either size-A or size-B. I lean towards the former, as this might explain why the Empire bothered going around it in the first place to get to the Rebel base on the moon Yavin IV, rather than just blowing up the planet and taking out its moons along with it: Yavin Prime was just too immense for even the Death Star’s massive firepower.

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Description: Luna Class planets are massive enough to potentially dominate a near-star orbit, but not much further than 1 AU. They likely have differentiated interiors, but their atmospheres are tenuous at best. The diameter of these planets is less than the width of the United States (roughly 4,200 km from New York to San Francisco).

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Description: Cosmic dust is relatively plentiful throughout the Solar System and interstellar space. These objects are small enough that they float to the surface of the Earth rather than incinerating, adding more than 30,000 tons per year to the Earth’s mass.


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Description: Planetoids larger than 1 km in diameter are massive enough to be held together by gravity. There are roughly 750,000 planetoids of this size in the Main Asteroid Belt alone. An object this size or larger would cause global catastrophe and a high death toll if it struck the Earth.


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Description: There are roughly 9,500 planetoids of this size in the Main Asteroid Belt alone. An object this size would cause catastrophic mass extinction if it struck the Earth. This size class includes the asteroid that created the Chicxulub Crater in Mexico and killed off the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, as well as the largest near-Earth asteroids known today (Ganymed and Eros).

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Fictional Examples: Several of the terraformed moons of the Firefly universe fall into this size category, including the smallest, Ita (965 km). In the Dune universe, this was the size of one of the two surviving moons of Arrakis, Krelln (976 km).

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Description: Titania Class planets likely have differentiated interiors, but no permanent atmosphere. It is doubtful they could dominate any orbit, although it may be possible for a super-close, “star-skimming” orbit. The diameter of these planets is roughly equal to the size of Texas (1,060 km wide x 1,270 km long).

Description: Like other gas giants, Neptune Class planets are massive enough to retain light gasses like hydrogen in their atmosphere. However, unlike Saturn Class and larger planets, Neptune Class planets are not massive enough to condense hydrogen into a metallic state at their cores. Instead, they have cores that are mainly ices (water, methane, ammonia) mixed with some rock and gas.


Exoplanet Example: PSR B1257+12 d “Boq” is unconfirmed, but may be the first dwarf exoplanet every discovered. It appears to be very small, less than 20% the mass of Pluto, or about 4/10,000 the mass of Earth.

There was a method to my madness in choosing nicknames, but my rules were not the same as the IAU’s rules for determining official names. They see Pluto as the Roman god of the underworld and stipulate that all similar objects (“plutinos”) be named after mythological underworld entities as well. To me, though, Pluto is a cartoon dog.