Things To Do In Lembongan Island

Things To Do In Lembongan Island

Crystal blue waters, white sand beaches, great foods and scenery. Those are excellent words to describe Lembongan Island. Lembongan Island is a beautiful island which is only 30 minutes away from Bali if you go there with fast boat, and you can enjoy the beauty of the sea while the boat reaching Lembongan. Although the island is much smaller than Bali, Lembongan has its own magical things to experience, and maybe, you will love it more than Bali Island itself. There are many activities you can choose to do in Lembongan Island, and we will reveal some of them.


1. Discovering best beaches

Do you like to go to beaches? If yes, then Lembongan is a perfect place for you! There are many hidden beautiful beaches just to relax, enjoying day, and of course, swimming. Dream Beach and Jungutbatu Beach are the most famous beaches here. You love to surf but do not like big waves? Dream Beach maybe your dream beach!

2. Visiting seaweed farm

Nusa Lembongan seaweed farm sitting in the channel between two islands is one of the places you must visit. The suspended bridge along with small boats and seaweed plantation are just picture perfect. We spent an almost entire day here at one (of many) restaurants overlooking this magnificent place and watched farmers at their work until sunset.

3. Watching dolphins

Yes, you can see dolphins at Lovina, SIngaraja. But you can see another in Lembongan! Prepare your eyes, they are regularly seen at the cliff side of the island.

4. Eating

Eating! This is a MUST, MUST, MUST thing you have to do in Lembongan! Try some Balinese or Western food there, Lembongan has MANY restaurants to check. There are some recommended places to eat: J. Hai Bar & Grill (prawns), Sandy Bay Beach Club (BQ Tuna or Mahi Mahi), Panorama Restaurant (Nasi Goreng), Dream Beach Restaurant (Curry), and finally Bali Eco Deli (salads).

5. Massage

Tired of walking around the island? Why not try one of the best and cheapest massage that you can found?

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