Balinese Dance, One Of The Most Beautiful Dances In The World

Balinese Dance, One Of The Most Beautiful Dances In The World

Everyone who goes to Bali should watch Balinese Dance performance. Why? Balinese Dance is one of the biggest factors why tourists love Bali. Its beauty, its soul, and its movements, are the reasons why you should not miss it.

It is an expression of the human soul which is realised through movement of all the body in a beautiful way, accompanied by music and rhythm based on the character and theme of the dance.

In Bali, the art of dance finds its foundation in ceremonial dances which are always connected with rituals, such as those to the gods, ancestors and the forces of nature. There is no word for ‘art’ because art is considered to be a natural part of everyday life and is never specifically verbalised as one word. Balinese translated the word dance as ‘sesolahan’ and a dancer is referred to as a ‘pragina’.

Balinese dances are intimately connected with the surrounding environment. Nature has been a source of inspiration to composers and choreographers resulting in many different movements. Apart from nature, daily human body movements have also been added to the extensive vocabulary of Balinese dance, adding to its scope and beauty.

Balinese dance is very unique, dynamic and highly stylised. A dancer must be able to move every part of their body in a dance, from head to toe.

Basic Balinese Dance Movements

In general, basic Balinese dance movements can be put into three categories:

1. Agem is the basic posture that carries a certain meaning that doesn’t alter from one posture to another.

2. Tandang is a way of transitioning from one basic posture to another, joining the movements together.

3. Tangkep determines that depth of a dance; without it, it lacks soul.

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